Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alternative News in the Operating Room: Live!

I am in shock.
Today was everything I ever dreamed it could be: we talked about Alternative News Topics in surgery.

We always talk in the O.R. What else is there to do? Scalpel! Scalpel. Forceps! Forceps. It is not like that at all in surgery. Ever. Only when it is a difficult case and the surgeon has to pay super close attention. Most of the time, surgery is like when your stylist cuts your hair--the most attention is on the work at hand, but casual conversation makes it more pleasant for everyone involved.

Vaughn is like the big black guy from The Green Mile. He is a scrub tech, very professional, very respectful, and a little too into the Hollywood scene for me. He was once a body guard, then a guy who collects money for the loan shark, and somehow ended up legit as a dynamite-skilled surgical technician. (ed-he is not the one I had the crush on several weeks back).

Today was different. When the Libya stuff started to be brought out by the rep (for surgical equipment, this time, the ablation machine), Vaughn called him on it. 'There IS no ambassador to -(wherever)'.
The rep pressed on with the illuminati garbage-du-jour. But Vaughn, it turns out, was ON to conspiracy theory.

I backed him up. While the rep couldn't believe it could all be a scam, Vaughn brought up historical instances of the same thing. What started the Viet Nam war. I brought up the Spanish-American War being started by William Randolph Hearst to sell newspapers. Vaughn had better and better examples.

I just said, follow the money to find out who is behind the subterfuge.

Vaughn found out about the lies society feeds us when he was eighteen. He got upset, thinking, 'Damn! How did I not know this before when it is SO OBVIOUS to me now?!'

Vaughn knew about HAARP, chemtrails, Katrina, 9-11 (and WTC building 7), and several other things that are well-known to those who follow the Alternative News Sources.

He gave the rep some books titles to 'go read sometime'. I added Area 51 to the list. That one exposes black ops that are funded by secret funds funneled off from the government to innocuous-sounding bureaus. Vaughn was on to those too!

I learned something. Vaughn's grandfather was masonic. Vaughn used to sneak peek into the sacred books. One of the things at some point is that islam gets worshipped, he says. He also says that to move up in masons, you have to spit on a bible. If you don't do it, you don't go up to some high level.

He bragged about the hermetic mysticism that goes back to the Egyptians. I laughed and said, 'And who brought it to Egypt? It was stolen from the Irish!' Vaughn didn't know that, and was impressed.
'How did you learn all of this?' he asked, incredulously?

Everyone in my family is psychic. I am too. I followed my inner guidance, and made some new friends along the way.

How did the rest of the room react?
The circulator nurse is still trying to come to terms with the chance 9-11 was not legit. She is wrapping her mind around it, and it is giving her headaches. She wants to believe the lie.

The surgeon is a convert. Listened to Vaughn. Just bought a year's supply of food to store. Already has guns and ammo. (they are not going to need all that! just a week or two of food).

The rep is going to go home and flip on the T.V. and pretend like he had a bad day and that nothing really happened.

Scrub tech and anesthesia were on the same page. Well, I told him I was three steps ahead of him. He has no clue that I am Ground Crew! ; ) He is going to research Cobra, The Drake, and NESARA. : ))) I wonder what the patient will think when they wake up?

Anyhow, all is well and things are really happening to elevate the Consciousness of the Operating Room! Remember Vaughn's words--you don't feed steak to babies. Try not to overwhelm those who are new to the process of 'waking up' metaphysically.


Reiki Doc