Monday, September 10, 2012

Reiki and Anesthesia for L&D

Today I am on call for Obstetric Anesthesia. Today I learned a lesson on HowToWalkAwayFrom Negativity. Would you like to hear about it?

Waking up at four-thirty a.m. for the first time after vacation is not fun. I enjoy waking up early and writing. There was no time for that today. I did upload photos, and will add them to all the posts I had written while I was away. I tell you, the first one I added to the blog took **forever**! I looked at the time, didn't get upset, and just walked away. I knew I could always come back to it.

I dreaded seeing the pets this morning. Papa rat has not been looking so good. He walks crooked, breathes hard, and grinds his teeth. His eyes look more like they are sticking out. Last night he told me he was thankful for the home, and that he loved me. I walked in the room with a box lined with colorful napkins for him. He wants to be put in a box in the yard like his friend who died earlier. But he was alive! I gave him some carrot, his favorite, and he eagerly took it and wobbled over to chew on it. His wife, Mama rat, is with their twelve babies in the next cage. She is worried, and I explained to her what is up. Then I said goodbye and walked away.

Waking up the children for school at six a.m. is not fun. Today I was calm, and prepared. I dressed them even though they are old enough to dress on their own. And when they didn't want to eat their whole breakfast, did I get upset? No. I just put everything away and got us into the car.

At work, the board was full, the OR was scheduled. I walked to the call room and put the perishables in the fridge. It turned out most of the cases would deliver before eight, and I wouldn't get to share the fee with last nights' anesthesiologist. Did I get upset? No. I thought, that's how it goes! And I offered to complete the paperwork, all of it, including the part on the back that when the roles were reversed, this doc didn't do, and I had to stop by medical records three weeks later to finish it. This doc was both surprised and grateful for my offer.

My epidural was on someone thin. I placed it a little shallower because of it. But while pulling the needle out the catheter backed out one centimeter more. Did I panic? For the first time, I just accepted it and trusted it would work. And it did. Beautifully! The new grandfather, a dear Indian man about my height, swooped on me with a big hug of joy and thankfulness for keeping his daughter safe! I liked that. And I said thank you very much, smiled, and walked away.

You see, I wouldn't have ran into him. He was outside. But a negative person was trashing a coworker and I didn't want to be a part of it. I just walked away. It feels so good to walk away from negativity! I decided to go get some walking for exercise since the board was empty. It was on my laps I ran into grandfather. I wished him luck as he went to meet his new grand baby for the first time. He shook my hand and thanked me again.

Would you like to know a secret? I really don't like being in a call room and not being able to leave the hospital. I went to the Doctor's Dining Room for some company. But at lunch I chose to leave the negativity of the physicians there today(they talk current events and get all agitated). I ate in the only sunlit spot in the courtyard. I shared a table with a Pre op RN. It turns out her father started the junior lifeguard programs, her husband, son and daughter all are lifeguards! It was so nice to get to know her a little better outside of our work.

The best way to handle negativity when you encounter it is your own two feet. Just walk away. You will feel lighter and happier when you choose to walk away from the lower vibration of negativity. Then you have room for more fun and nice things in your world!


Reiki Doc