Saturday, September 22, 2012

Update: Research on Reincarnation

I was in on a long case, the patient was stable, and I pulled out my July/August/September 2012 Issue of Venture Inward the magazine of the Edgar Cayce organization called A.R.E.

This article resonated with me deeply. The photos in it are uncanny. Facial features reincarnate with marked resemblance. Plus, there is actual research that has been done on children who recall past lives, give data, and it turns out to be true. Children are studied rather than adults, because they have no other way to obtain this information. They can't read and are spiritually closer to Source than adults.

Here is the link to the article:

Ian Stevenson did an incredible body of work Reincarnation Cases. Here is a link to the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies in the Department of Psychiatry which has carried on his work since his death in 2007:
It makes this phenomenon seem more 'legit', in a way, that people would study it, and record cases. There are 'affinity cases', such as Dorothy Dandridge/Halle Berry, where the reincarnated one is inexplicably drawn toward the previous life persona. There are also some where the soul splits into two incarnations at the same time! It is fascinating, from both a scientific and a metaphysical perspective.

Here is a video that illustrates how memories, emotions and even physical traumas carry over from one life to the next. Consciousness is something separate from the brain itself, and these studies lend evidence to the existence of the soul.

This weekend, Walter Semkiw and Kevin Reyerson will present Soul Connection: Reincarnation, Past Lives, and Soul Groups Reunited, September 21-23 in Virginia Beach.  Visit or call 800-333-4499 if you are interested.

I shared this article with my mother and family over breakfast. Mom shared that all her life she has had memory of two prior lifetimes: the first as a daughter of a count, and the second of life in Egypt. The first memory she loved her dad very much, he was important, but she thinks she died young because 
'the memories stop after about age ten'.  We had never had this discussion before. I know of three past lives clearly for myself. And both my mother and I suspect my oldest boy, the Reiki Master, is her father come back. We both had been incredibly close to him in Life. And when he passed, I helped him cross over to the Light. He was surprised and angry at his sudden passing. For ten years I paid for flowers to be on his grave, every week, automatically by the cemetery. He was afraid of being forgotten. Now my son, and her grandson, looks like him, and acts like him, but doesn't know this. He loves pasta, meatballs, and canned peaches just like my grandfather did. He even makes the same slurping sounds when he eats! 

Mother shared with me something she had never told a soul: the moment she first lay eyes on me at birth, a flash of recognition went between us. 'I have known this one before!' she thought to herself with relief. I opened my eyes, looked into hers, and smiled moments after we met for the first time.

I hope this topic helps you find connections like it has for me.


Reiki Doc