Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why I Write About Alternative Media News

Reiki practitioners across the globe are sensitive to healing energy that is not seen, and is likely multi-dimensional. The analogy has been made that the higher vibrations are like a propeller blade or fan going at high speed--they are invisible to the eye, but they are there. At the lower speed, everyone can see them, and it is not much of a mystery at that point.

If there are indeed changes that are going to happen across the globe, who else on the planet is going to be the first to notice them? People with their nose to the grindstone and plugged into society-as-it-is? Or someone with hands that are sensors and is aware of the energy that is used in energetic healing and has been for ages?

And if Reiki and energy medicine workers are going to be feeling things ahead of the pack, how are they going to be informed about it? Shouldn't they be prepared in advance so they can help the others?

I write that which resonates with me. It might not resonate with YOU. But if it doesn't, do not be concerned. Just follow whatever is on this potpourri of information that is on this blog. Whatever stands out to you, as important, that is the truth for you to follow. And you are going to be asked at some point to take that truth and help share it with others who are on the same frequency as you.

Take the best, and leave the rest!

There are two phenomenal new updates today for those of you that are interested:

The Discerning Angel, Ariel De Angeles:
breaking news just now

And this one from Cobra:

Plus a new breaking Montague Keen:

They all three kind of fit together. Remember, only you can decide what is true for you or not. I just want to expose you to what is out there so you can have this opportunity.


Reiki Doc