Thursday, September 6, 2012

Harbinger of Economic Collapse

Today I had the pleasure of whale watching. Out of Victoria Harbor on the EagleWing company's boat, The Serengeti. It is the fastest boat in the harbor.

On that boat was a researcher named Rachel. She helped us with the zippers on our parkas. An owlish looking woman with her dark hair, glasses, and weathered backpack, her blue eyes lit up with delight when we said how much we love whales.

I thought she was a student. She was a full-fledged marine biologist at her dream job. But the harsh reality: as of September fifteenth of this year, her organization will die. They have been operating off savings since last November, when they turned in their grant application. Usually they hear from the bureau in March. They didn't even get a rejection letter. They have no more boats, and have to hitch rides on commercial whale watching vessels to do research. The Warden function to protect the whales has been effectively shut down.

"I guess the government does not think whales are important" she said.

There are no Coast Guard Boats there any more either. I had heard on both excursions that by the time the official coast guard would arrive to the scene of trouble, your boat would be lost and you would be drowned. So the commercial boat captains look look out for each other, asVolunteerCoast Guards.

The system is teetering on collapse. Does the government think the Coast Guard is not important? I doubt it. I think with the money system and fiat banking systems being held together with chewing gum, toothpicks, and lint from the dryer in light of imminent collapse, the orcas and humpbacks of BC are the first sign of it to show. This is global, the oncoming collapse. If you stay informed with KP,,you will be in the know about what is really going on and the news is not saying.

Would you like to know more about the Cetus Society? And possibly help? Here is a link: As the economy 'transitions' to the new system, you can be sure that you are going to have the chance to help, and the opportunity to donate financially, to those in need until the new system is up and running. It might take days to weeks. It is going to be bumpy. But if you can, do help, whatever organization that resonates with you. This one resonates strongly with me.


Reiki Doc

P.S. you might want to check out the blogs on the Cetus website. Especially Rachel's.