Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mediumship with my Baby Daddy

Something just happened right now while I was laying out in the back yard. It is important to me personally, and I think it might be useful for you.

My children's father's voice popped in: I'm sorry.

(I will be C and he will be J)

C: ?
J: I am sorry for what I did to you.

(He left me during a pregnancy massage he was giving me at my home. I was four months along with terrible back pain. I laughed and shared with him how I was seeing angels, and they were telling me everything is going to be okay. He walked out the door. He is a massage therapist. He sees auras, and is psychic like me.)

C: ?!? Why are you talking to me like this? Why now?
J: (long pause) I..I treat my dog better than I treated you.
C: (silence)
J: I should have stuck around to see what a nice person you were. And how you needed a friend. What you do for our children is amazing. I was too wrapped up in my own issues to see I could have been a part of that. It is something I regret every single day.
C: (silence)
J: What would you have done if you saw me again, the first time, knowing what you know now?
C: I was not interested in you, personally. It was the past life that we had shared. I was interested in THEN. I thought it would carry over into this life. You can't go back like that. I was wrong. And I am sorry. I would have walked away.
J: You would have walked away? And been alone? And never had children? 
C: I probably would have had a relationship with someone else. I was dating others at the time before we got serious. But it probably would not have been the same. I adore our kids. And I wouldn't change what happened. I don't mind co-parenting with you. (long pause) I forgive you. I want you to go on with your life, with your spiritual development.
J: You would never go back?
C: No. Not with what I know now. Then was then (past life). Now is now.

(He went away).

How do I know this is mediumship? How do I know this is not my thinking? How can I have mediumship with someone who is alive?

This type of conversation is the kind I have with entities in Psychic Development Circle. I get impressions, but other people get them too, at the same time. We see the same thing, basically. When I was in Victoria, seeing ghosts, my oldest son was seeing them too. Slightly different, not the same image or words exactly, but very close. And what we picked up matched the stories the Ghostly Walks tour guides said, word for word, after the fact.

We have our Higher Selves. It is what I talk to with my patients when I am giving Reiki to them in the O.R. during their surgery. 'I am done. Tired. I want to die.' they say to me. And I talk to them, in this place where the information is, and words through the mind work just fine.  We pay each other visits. Just like when a relative comes to you in your dreams, someone who is deceased. But it felt REAL. It's that kind of thing.

Do not be afraid when you are Spiritually 'Buff' and things like this come to you. Always keep the physical separate from the other place of Spirit. The physical person whose oversoul has come to talk to you will never remember it, or recall the interaction. It is real. It is for the Highest Good for both of you.

I have a hunch that many of us are going to be 'working things out' in one way or another in the next three months. Just go with it. It is what it is. And it's all good!


Reiki Doc