Monday, October 31, 2011

The Why behind Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow!

What did Steven see as he said those last words?

Why was he looking up over the family's shoulders when he said it?

Do you get a sense of profound healing in that message? To Steve Jobs? To the family? To the rest of us?

What blew Steve away was the sight of something wonderful about three feet up from our Earth.

My dear ones, what Steve saw was as simple as that. Steve saw Heaven.

And he went.

His family felt it. I am sure everyone reading those words felt it.
"Heaven is for Real" said a little boy with glasses in a story that was popular about six months ago.

It is. I have seen it.

When my father was in the dying process, I whispered in his ear, "Dad, don't worry. I can see you after you pass. I can do that. It's okay."

He woke up from his stupor, scanned from right to left, blinking his eyes, looking up between three feet and the ceiling. I couldn't understand what that meant.

As the hours passed, the chaplain from the hospital gave him the last rights. At that instant, I saw what he saw too. Whiter than white, about three feet above our ground, a gate structure, like on a medieval castle. There were two tall angel guards with spears on each side, and a walkway lowered down to us. Everything glowed bright bright bright white, and looked like bricks. The architecture was a lot like the Mormon Temples.

I saw Blessed Mother (Mary) come down and take my father's hand. He got up out of his body, and went with her across the bridge. She looked over her shoulder and waved to me. And then he was gone.

He died right at that instant. I was the last to hear his heart beat, with my ear upon his chest.

Heaven is real. There was an energy to that vision that was not of this world. Steve saw it, and felt it, and was excited to go to his new adventure.

Angels visit unawares. I think Steve was not of this world, either. Just in it. Think different. And he finally had a chance to come back home.

Love is the answer.


Reiki Doc

Friday, October 28, 2011

Telepathic communication during Epidural placement

I was putting in an epidural with a nurse who is negative and doesn't have much confidence in me.

I had just finished a c section where spinal placement in a thin woman was a challenge. I got in three times with a pop but no csf return. The nurse, and each doctor were in a hurry and popped their heads in while I worked. I took twenty minutes, which is too long per their opinion.

Same nurse that poked her head in was holding my patient for the epidural in room one.

As I got in, the cath wouldn't thread, and I played with it.

Then, like my spirits and guides, I heard a voice. It was the nurses' voice! I heard her thinking, muttering she isn't going to get it, she's no good, etc.

I was shocked to see her thoughts had influenced my procedure without my being aware of it!

So...I made a conscious choice to turn it around. I jammed our circuit telepathically with love and Positivity. Thought of I love you, nurse x. Why are you thinking this of me? I love you. You are beautiful. You are more beautiful than you think...

And I pulled the needle out, got back in, and catheter threaded seamlessly with no drop in blood pressure as I loaded the epidural up.

Get over it, darkness. Light is here to stay. Light wins. It's that simple. There's a new sheriff in town.

This just happened one hour ago. I had to tell you. Woot! Woot!


Reiki Doc

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Be the one that heals your patient"

Today I went out to breakfast with a new grad from college, working for my alma mater, who wanted to 'find out what alumni need from the school'.

On the drive over, I realized two things:
A) he wants money for the school
B) he needs someone to justify his job as a liason for the alumni office.

I gave him twenty minutes. A nice kid, really. Bought me my spinach wrap and grande French Roast at Starbucks. A literature major. With a job right out of school in this tough market!

He asked many questions about 'how I got to be where I am' and 'what I do'. I told him get a big cup of coffee because it's a long story! : )

I could tell that he and the alumni office knew more about me than they let on. A young guy instead of a girl contacting me. He mirrored and anchored with his body language, getting the same coffee I bought, same size. The market is crumbling and alumni offices are scrambling for ways to get money where there isn't much (the state, the alums, etc)

He shared about another anesthesiologist. Was like me, tired of the hours and the craziness. Went into pain practice because 'he wanted to be the one that heals the patient', not the surgeon.

That statement resonated with me, as clear as a bell.

We ALL heal the patient. Everyone from the clerk in admitting, to the one who rolls you in the wheelchair out the door.

I don't want to be the one that heals the patient. I want to be the one that wakes everybody up, and realizes their true gift of humanity. And this gift of humanity is what heals the patient. Every layer of it, applied with a smile, adds to the overall effect.

What did I do yesterday?

I checked my billing summaries for the past two years. There is an audit internal pending. Senior partner wants numbers to check for someone skimming off the pot. OB was slow. So I filed and crunched numbers till my mind got fuzzy.

Someone in terrible headache pain after post-dural puncture from labor epidural needed a blood patch in ER. Had been a very hard stick for good hands of my colleague. I started Reiki on the way to the ER. It worked. Got that sucker in, cured her. On the first try. I had two extra kits waiting, just in case.

An ASA 3 was in main OR. I gave dinner break. And Reiki. I felt the breast cancer, energetically, although we were working on something else. Balanced the chakras, gave the 'Happy Trails' transition symbol. Patient is gonna need it. Also got a Reiki request for another Reiki Master having surgery tomorrow. I sent it, programmed ahead like a DVR, to her for her surgery date. Took about three minutes.

I gave Reiki, as a continuous source of Reiki, with a patient on L&D who was clearly not normal mentally. Anxiety or something organic (of the brain). Very frightened primip with NO husband in sight. Highly educated. Technically a challenge due to the ligamentous structure and also patient moving away from needle. Drove me crazy but I chose to do my job with a smile until time to go home. Woke me up often through the night. Said, "I need my OB! He needs to get up out of bed, brush his teeth, kiss his wife goodbye and come right here to me!" at four in the morning. Yes. Right. For someone not complete and a very high station. That's not gonna happen. LOL

Also last night, I sent Reiki to my son. He is with his father, who does not let me speak to him on overnights. Dad is on best behavior currently. He knows I am alert about what happened. Funny, Grandpa whose policy was 'hit first and ask questions later' with disciplining his son, and happens to work FOR THE COUNTY CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, looked at me with new respect last time I saw him. I am not gonna play that game. The one you know is not to be played in 2011. Yes you!

Reiki is truth. Reiki is compassion. Reiki is an end to suffering. Many Reiki people go vegetarian or vegan, partly because of the principles, but mainly because the terror in the animals is felt when consuming their meat, eggs, milk. I've compromised, and buy only organic, free-range, antibiotic free, happy everything. I spent $3.50 on a can of organic corn. Why? because it is RARE to get corn that is not GMO. The seeds are all GMO. I want to support the non-GMO seedline.

Reiki let me stand up to someone who was hurting a child. Reiki helps me stand firm and grounded when someone crazy, possibly full of dark entities, is abusing the system and calling on nursing and anesthesia way too much during labor. Reiki lets me trust that all is well. All is going to be okay.

In healing the patient, we are the ones who are healed ourselves.

We are one.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I had a telepathic experience in pre-op during routine patient care.

I thought to myself, I need to find out the blood sugar on the diabetic patient pre-op.

I didn't ask it.

The circulating nurse went onto the computer, looked it up, and told me the lab result as if I had asked.

It was so cool, I didn't draw attention to it. But I noticed.

Other psychic experiences today--the chronic pain lady who was saying Dilaudid didn't work for her in the ER a week ago, and had missed her daily dose of painkiller--"I will give you morphine--I can give you forty milligrams' and she said, 'Okay'.

I titrated it in to respiratory rate during the case. And that's exactly how much it took. Forty milligrams. I used all three ten milligram vials in my kit, and also a ten milligram ampule of Duramorph i.v.

Oh! And who got Reiki?  Two chronic pain patients. Who took lots and lots of meds both inside the hospital and at home. Two cancer patients. And a miscellaneous cosmetic patient.

Yesterday, I had a developmentally delayed patient. Very scared. Worried to wake up in pain. Older than me, but emotionally and mentally about the age of my son who is in first grade. Reiki helped to calm in preop and induction. Once asleep, the spirit came out, HAPPY, and started talking to me. "I like it better here", basically. I said, "this is not your time but enjoy where you are". I gave Deeksha, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and then was guided to attune to Reiki One. Due to the developmental delay, everyone in contact with them will feel the burst of bright loving energy coming through this soul. I asked for permission for everything first, on a soul level. It was out, I was talking to it! LOL It was okay. I did not foist my beliefs upon anybody.

Business is busy in the Spirit World in my OR.
I'm loving it!


Reiki Doc

Monday, October 24, 2011

Reiki Patient gives Feedback

I never walk in to the GI waiting room after cardioversion to talk to the family. For some reason today, I did. I spoke with the wife. As I turned to go, a lady sitting on the chair at the admitting desk smiled big and said, "Doctor! Do you remember me? I was the one who was all afraid. you did my case three years ago."

I saw the arm pressure garment and asked how she was.

"it went away but now it is back. In my liver. I have a biopsy today."

I gave her a big hug.

She said "I was hoping to see you. I am always so happy when I am with you."


Reiki Doc


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reiki and Confrontation

Today I spoke with Dad about the trip to the Emergency Room.

I did the sandwich technique.

Constructive criticism.

He said "I smacked him!"

I asked, "Did you know it left a mark (that lasted for two days)?" giving him the benefit of the doubt.

He didn't. There were pants...he said.

Well it did. In discipline interactions, leaving a mark on someone's body is NOT OKAY.

I drew the line. I set the expectation. There is a lot of uncertainty on how he will react.

In truth, the child was trying to get some attention, to play. One has to be the parent. No big person can hit a small one. It is not right. No child deserves to be hit.

I have all reality accepted. I acted upon information that was given by our son and by my eyes, and by my friends in the medical field.

I have faith that everything is happening for the best. I trust in God that this lesson will bring forth the highest good. And I know from being compassionate and firmly set in lovingkindness, I will say the right thing at the right time to the right person.

About three months ago, I found Spirit was not letting me pursue my psychic development classes. I felt my son needed me.

Now I know why.

Listen to Spirit. learn your Life Lessons. And Love.

That is all for today.

Reiki Doc

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deepening the Heart with Reiki

The Reiki path is not straight. It wanders through life. Nevertheless, it gets you there.

Here are some examples of recent changes in me:

1) To manifest. This means to think of something and cause it to be. We all Manifest, together. With practice and with spiritual purpose, thoughts come forth to be. What on earth could you be talking about??? you may ask? I had two clear examples. One, my niece had a show on Friday. I wasn't sure when I would get out of work, so I planned for Saturday, giving the excuse, 'I had to work.' In reality, it was 'I might have to work, and I didn't want to drive in traffic from my work to your show.' Sure enough, at five, I finished my case. And up out of NOWHERE pops up my mentor as I am putting my drug box away, asking, 'would you like to do my case for me?'. That is the kind of questions you can't refuse. Three hours later, I got home. Another example is the home. I am focusing on really making it tidy and neat. Out of the blue, my six-year old decided to clean the sinks, both of them. And he asked, 'Can we stay at home for one weekend to tidy up the house?'. Those are firsts, famous firsts, that popped out of the sky. Practice it. Believe it. And it will come to be.

2) I just don't go to church like I used to. I was very, very Catholic for over thirty years. Even stood at the door as a greeter, went up and did public speaking as a reader, and a big donor at our church. I valued it as a 'place to grow', not really into the details of the belief codes, but thankful for a  place to worship God. Now, I don't understand why I need a priest to pray for me. And the time spent...I work so hard I appreciate the morning off. Not to say that I don't love the Catholic Church, I do. But I am not forcing myself to go like I did. And I am not 'feeling good about myself for going.'. Funny thing is, I haven't caught a cough or cold or sinus infection since I stopped. That place is a germ factory. I swear it! I am very thankful with my asthma and allergies not to be as sick.

3) With my family. I see them as my teachers. Even my ex. And my pets as well. The deep spiritual connection, and appreciation for their being in my life. It is like meeting a celebrity, that electricity you feel...but it is like, WOW! You have chosen to be in my life!!! That is AMAZING! Thank you for your energy and light into my world. To my ex--you showed me how I could be independent! Thank you! It hurt at the time but I learned my lesson well. I can even relax when our boy is with you. The courts were right, let him go back and forth, it is good for him. I miss him every minute, but it is not about is about him.

And so it is. Reiki opens you up to Spirituality. And Spirituality leads to change, which is Growth. Everything happens for the best. Remember this.

I love you.

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Power of Positivity

Reiki can turn things around in a dicey clinical situation. You are not pulled in to drama. You are calm. You encourage, make the space for others, and wait for them to come around.

A new mother was not happy. To be in labor. She fired her nurse in front of me while I was preparing for epidural. I had to wait to do the procedure, as protocol and patient safety require the nurse to be present for the procedure.

How did I get this patient to like me?

I liked her!

What? You may ask?

The answer is Universal love. With Reiki you like everybody. It just happens.

I also had a clear psychic read on her. There was a disease pattern to her attitude about the mess of body fluids I have seen in UC and Crohn's patients. I knew enough to know she had issues. What was different about me is my acceptance of this. I am not going to change her. Or cure her. While rooted in Source, and grounded to Earth, I focused on doing my job: easing pain and suffering.

And I did. Every few hours through the night. Reassuring her tears by giving boluses. Being supportive. Being me. Sharing that I hated labor too, and prayed for God to take both of us home then and there. She laughed when I said this, and asked 'how is it now?'. I said I love it, being mom, and I would gladly do it again.

The laugh is key. The presence. The continuous source of Reiki adds to the entire situation. The team works smoothly.

I said goodbye at seven a.m. "who is going to take care of me?!" she asked. I let her know. I also let her know I loved her, and her husband, and that I wanted to wait to hear the name of the baby to be surprised. And I meant it.

Today they let me hold the baby! I was so excited. Nobody but my friends lets me hold the baby. I held the newborn a good long time. The OB said I had the look and would be having one next when they came in. The babe fell asleep.

We enjoyed each other, Doctor, patient and family. The dad said, "you know you really did something special for us." I said, " it was a blessing for us all."

How wonderful it is to apply Reiki at work! If only insurance and hospitals knew they would force everyone to give it. But Reiki is a gift, and can't be forced for profit. It is work from the heart.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hold the Space

You can do it!

You can ascend.

It's simple. Open your heart. Take out negative thoughts. Pluck them out like weeds as you think them.

Receive joy.

And hold the space for others. In your heart.

Chaos needs no invitation. It exists. It may try to trick you into non-Spiritual thinking. Like a Buddhist, feel your feelings, and observe them. Think before you act. Cultivate patience, compassion, and trust that all is well.

And so it will be.

Do not try to influence others by words. Use the heart. Hold the space of joy, peace, love, fulfillment, enlightenment. It will carry to them. To their hearts. Love bypasses the mind. Once felt, others can have a chance at their own awakening.

Keep to yourself, this ascension thing. Keep to yourself.

How do you know it is right? Well...there are as many ascensions as there are perceptions? Every individual has their Own Way. Find your path, and walk it. Look within.

My path is on this page. I know no more. I am caring and compassionate, 'anesthesiologist of the year' according to my last patient this morning. But I am called to write, to empower YOU. To let you know you have the means within you to experience everything you ever hoped of dreamed. Embrace it. And soon it shall manifest.

I saw a father of the baby with a tattoo. I had liked the mother's, a little heart with angel wings between her shoulder blades. But the dad. He had a full on sitting figure with all the chakras! On the inside of his left forearm. I asked him about it and smiled. He said, 'there is a lot of bullshit out there, but there is only one Truth.'. 

There is a lot of bullshit out there. You don't have to fall for it. Anything that resonates in your heart, is the truth. There may be different truths for different people. One man's bullshit is another man's truth. Find YOUR TRUTH.

God bless you, love, light, and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reiki Neighbor

Sigh. This was a hard day.

My neighbor passed away three weeks ago. Apparently she fell and the ambulance came for her while I was at work. The husband never said anything. I just found out today.

SHe has had health problems, and the last time she was in an extended care situation I didn't know.

I am psychic. And I had no clue.

Sure, the signs were all over her when I would see her that her time was up soon. That combo of physician/psychic tips you off quick.

I saw it on another neighbor today. Didn't say a word. But I knew.

I have never not known. It is like you can tell when it is going to rain. You just figure it out, the pattern. You know what it is. There is no emotion.

The neighbor who let me know about my next door neighbor is open. She has been studying EFT (tapping). She had questions for me. I did a reading on her. I saw three entities with her, each with a message. I told her what I saw, even though it seemed weird. I got it right. She had been to the six hundred dollar psychic. Two matched exactly and the third she had a hunch about. The messages touched home for her. Tears welled up in her eyes. I had only done readings on other psychic development students. It is different with someone else. There is a sense of responsibility, like honoring a clients' trust. I like it.

I also showed her basic pendulum use. She really liked it.

Psychic doesn't always work when it is closest to home. Remember my neighbor. I totally missed it. It happens. Don't be surprised is sometime you miss things too.


Reiki Doc


My life has been upside down lately. What I think it is, and what it actually is, are not the same thing. Let me explain. I am going to tell a story about a spiritual being, myself, in transition.

When you live a life based on spiritual principles, it is a lot like playing the guessing game with another where you get the direction, warm, hotter, hot, your burning up, no, not that , colder, freezing, ah there, you found it! The direction you take is based on your choices, and when you go 'off life-path', you feel it. You know.

And when some life lessons aren't mastered, they come back. Again and again. Like having to speak up for yourself. Or choosing to leave a relationship. Until you learn it, the Universe is going to get your attention.

Which leads us to Shrek.

Before, I had been leading an existence of work, crazy long hours including overnights, parenting, with the usual juggling of sitters and family members to accommodate my schedule, going to psychic development classes at night and weekends, and going to mass.

My son's father changed from Thursday to Wednesday afternoon/dinner visits. Psychic development class is Tuesday and Thursday nights. I scheduled my overnight OB shifts to Wednesdays. My sitter moved. She still sits, but just not down the street. And my buddy who would cover for me on nights on OB when I would take classes simply wasn't available any more.

Then the L&D nurses bought season tickets to a local venue for the musical series. I felt compelled to join in. We go on Wednesdays. Last week was my first one.

Did I feel G-U-I-L-T-Y! Dumping the son on Dad when I didn't have to work to go have fun. And he knew it, he felt it, our boy. He had a bad dream where I 'told him to stay with somebody so I could go play with costumes.'. He didn't know. He is psychic. Incredibly so. At six I have attuned him to Reiki 3. Once he gets the symbols, we are going to Reiki Master.

The next day, Thursday, I got off work early. He had no after-school commitments. I took him to frozen yogurt and the pumpkin patch. We had fun. And ended with a local fish taco place. It was at a mall not far from home. On the way back to the car, he wanted to look in a game shop. You know, chess, war games, puzzles. He wanted a Shrek chess set. It was the last one, the man said. We stopped and put the pieces in the box. The board was damaged from sitting with the pieces on it in the showcase for so long. It was a collectors' item, they stopped making it.

At the checkout, my son saw a boxed set of the same thing. In mint condition. We took it. And I knew the Universe found a way for both of us to enjoy Shrek, that it was okay to go have a little fun for a while on my own, since all things come back in the end. The child manifested the new chess set. I know it.

And that is how it is.

Now I don't go to mass. I do not give my power and money away to the church. I used to. A lot.
I still love it. But I love my freedom more. When I have time and I am with him, I may take him. We still love the fish dinners at church at Lent. But I see quite directly how there is no intermediary necessary to grow one with God.

I don't go to spiritual development classes. I am in a certification program for 'healer' and 'psychic'. I see I don't need a piece of paper. And that I was complacent and happy to go to classes and hang out with 'like minded people', never to branch out on my own. The Universe gave me a great big kick in the arse with that scheduling. I see my work as a lightworker is independent of any affiliation. It just exists.

And the last thing I am doing is listening to my body. I let it rest. I take ballet classes that give me joy. I try out a new hobby with friends. I call my mother. I spend time with my boy, just us, making memories and enjoying his youth. The energies are ramping up out there, with mother earth, tremendously. I am 'just hanging on' and 'doing what is most important to me'. That is how we ascend. By 'hanging on' and doing what makes sense with an open mind for changes that may come up.

I don't read the news like I used to. Some days I skip it, others I scan it. I do lots of Sudoku and that's about it. I take everything with a grain of salt. Especially the protests and chaos. They follow their path. Probably Indigo children. I follow mine. I write.

If you can take your decision making center lower, from the mind to the heart, the process is much easier. 'What do I want to do?'. It tells you, the heart. Without using a pendulum. It is really great. If you are a mind-centered person you can expect some challenges in the next few weeks. Not from me. From changes that are happening in general through the world.

God Bless You and I love you very much. You are beautiful to me. Thank you for walking my path with me and keeping me company on this journey.


Reiki Doc

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reiki Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Steve Job's Operation)

Whew! Long day. But the **heart** I saw in the OR today, and the stamina, was overwhelming. I have to write.

Not rich patient gets neuroendocrine tumor just like Steve Jobs. Not rich patient has not good insurance.

No one like to take case.

Except one. A mostly vascular general surgeon. The patient is in forties, and a new parent of a baby less than ten weeks old. General surgeon has heart.

Due to money issues, General Surgeon does not have old physician assistant. Old one left for Kaiser for better hours to be with family and better pay. New physician assistant does not have priviledges at this hospital. Even surgeon has to get emergency priviledge for pancreaticoduodenectomy at hospital.

General surgeon finds partner, another general surgeon, new to group. They go do case.

Now, I as anesthesia, and everyone else, know that this surgeon usually does amputations, revascularizations, and dialysis access grafts. Not liver transplants like other guy that won't touch this patient. So I prepare for a long case. With lots of 'fluid shifts'. This means, blood loss, and massive resuscitation. I plan arterial line, central line for CVP, and large bore peripheral i.v., general anesthesia, and blood bank ahead for transfusion.

What made this case different? Heart.

It started in pre-op. Patient didn't understand what was happening. Did not sign consent. With translator, I went over anesthesia and invasive monitoring, step by step. Then, 'I am not a surgeon but I watch surgery, I will explain the basics.'. The cancer is in the pancreas. Pancreas is connected to small part of small intestine. Once tumor is out, it is hard to reconnect. It has to be rearranged, the surgeon knows how. The pancreas is between the liver and the spleen way in the back. You will have no pain. You might need to sleep overnight so you may get more pain medicine. Then you will wake up with a breathing tube. The number one complication post-op is pneumonia. You will have to exercise your lungs after surgery to prevent this. Coughing and exercising the lungs might hurt. Be sure to take enough pain medicine so you can work out your lungs. You won't become a drug addict.

During the case, I gave Reiki, Deeksha, Karuna Reiki (TM), most impoartantly, the Happy Trails. His energy felt completely absent in the yellow solar plexus chakra. I balanced the chakras. I was fully aware of his consciousness, and sensed he was happier outside than in, and also trying to 'regroup' on his life plan. He saw us all working, thought it was interesting. And he had a message for me:  your life will be good.

All this happened up before the time the surgeon had to decide whether to operate or not. Most Whipples turn out to be inoperable, and we close without doing the operation. He asked, 'how old is the patient?', I answered and shared about the new baby, and the surgeons' demeanor changed. He relaxed. Compassion filled him. I can't remember the last time I saw compassion from a surgeon in the OR. Compassion-surgeon? Almost an oxymoron. But he did. He was able to reach around, something, and that meant he could proceed with the operation.

We were there for eight hours. The tumor was socked in. The assistant was kind. But what blew me away was the scrub tech who gave break. When she heard the age and the new baby, she cringed. She came to look at the patient when the regular scrub came back. She walked away. And then she came back, asked, 'Do you mind if I pray for this patient?'. I said, "I will join you.". She knelt, put her right hand on the patient's head, and prayed. I felt her energy. She did not know I did. And she left in a hurry when she was done. I said the patient's name to her-it's "Jim--the patient's name is Jim.". She nodded her thanks and left.

There was bleeding. I am at a loss in my hospital. Stat labs take one hour. Even from the OR. I hate it. There is a device called an iStat that is used in the heart room and ICU. But not the main OR. I had been talking with an administrative nurse about us borrowing it, but 'they were discussing it' yada yada.

I called her on it. With this case. She said, 'I'll work on it.'

I used it. It showed up. Just like at my old work. I got the secret code to make it work, the cartridges. And in less than one minute, I had blood gases, lytes, and hemoglobin and hematocrit. And ionized calicum.

This was key. Blood products have chelates in them, special chemicals to absorb calcium to keep the blood from clotting. Well, when given to a patient, guess what? They suck up the patient's calcium too. You have to replace it. I ran tests each hour. And replaced everything while in the OR. There was a while where there was no clot. We fixed it. With blood products. (If you ever wonder where your donated blood goes, that's it.)

The surgeons got all the tumor. I tucked my patient in to the PACU, and then spends the night in the unit.

He got his chance. I got my iStat so I could take care of him better. And a Scrub Tech openly blessed him in the OR. And both surgeons had COMPASSION. Sometimes the OR is like trying to push a rock uphill. Everything runs out or the wrong equipment gets pulled. But today, we overcame those obstacles. With love.

The patient was so vulnerable. He knew he was at the end of his rope in preop. I hope the Reiki made a difference. It looks like it did. ; ) That's our secret. ; )))


Reiki Doc

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Depth of Compassion: OB Anesthesia

Tonight I am on call. I could sleep. However, the past three days have been such a learning experience I want you to see it through Reiki Eyes...

My call last Friday started with a call while driving in. A patient had no I.v. Access. Could I obtain it? An induction. I came in, tried, failed and had to insert a central line in the internal jugular. The last time I did this on OB was in 2000 on a sickle cell patient with HIV. Very unusual, rare, but I was heart-centered and it went right in.

Next came a bleeder. Not hemophilia, obstetric. Section. A patient from poverty. You could see it, you could smell it. But the joy overcame the surgery and preterm factors. She chose to listen to classic rock on my Pandora. At the delivery, Queen started to play Fat Bottomed Girl. I paused in horror at the possible faux pas. The husband leaned in and said, you know what that is? Your favorite band! What a close one!

Next came the frazzled Korean nurse who had been asking since before the section for an epidural. I came. No wonder she was frazzled, the patient was completely naked and shrieking. She had read the Bradley books, tried against her husband's recommendation for anesthesia, and freaked out over the pain at under four centimeters. It turns out they had been homeless most of the pregnancy. She also had a mental condition that was well controlled. Nonwonder why I felt the Reiki flow when I was in that room.

What happened next was a blur, from the mom with poor fetal testing that was scheduled to be in her sister in law's wedding the next day getting sectioned. She ended up naming her son the same name as a soldier son of a coworker who is scheduled for a funeral in less than a week. Died in combat. Life goes on, one of her friends said, as we both teared up over the blessing that lives on...

Many epidurals and c sections later, a crash I intubated blind, could not be extubated. I took her to the unit. Very strange.

The board was full for two days. I had a crash today...umbilical cord prolapse occult (over the babies head). Had to LMA she was so anterior.

Anyhow, I am getting sleepy. But all the while I hung in there, tired but Reiki Heart centered. All the time aware of my work and it's role in people's lives.

Before I would have complained. Said it was from hell. Too many hits.

I am different. And I like it. Reiki works! Namaste.

Reiki Doc