Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Be the one that heals your patient"

Today I went out to breakfast with a new grad from college, working for my alma mater, who wanted to 'find out what alumni need from the school'.

On the drive over, I realized two things:
A) he wants money for the school
B) he needs someone to justify his job as a liason for the alumni office.

I gave him twenty minutes. A nice kid, really. Bought me my spinach wrap and grande French Roast at Starbucks. A literature major. With a job right out of school in this tough market!

He asked many questions about 'how I got to be where I am' and 'what I do'. I told him get a big cup of coffee because it's a long story! : )

I could tell that he and the alumni office knew more about me than they let on. A young guy instead of a girl contacting me. He mirrored and anchored with his body language, getting the same coffee I bought, same size. The market is crumbling and alumni offices are scrambling for ways to get money where there isn't much (the state, the alums, etc)

He shared about another anesthesiologist. Was like me, tired of the hours and the craziness. Went into pain practice because 'he wanted to be the one that heals the patient', not the surgeon.

That statement resonated with me, as clear as a bell.

We ALL heal the patient. Everyone from the clerk in admitting, to the one who rolls you in the wheelchair out the door.

I don't want to be the one that heals the patient. I want to be the one that wakes everybody up, and realizes their true gift of humanity. And this gift of humanity is what heals the patient. Every layer of it, applied with a smile, adds to the overall effect.

What did I do yesterday?

I checked my billing summaries for the past two years. There is an audit internal pending. Senior partner wants numbers to check for someone skimming off the pot. OB was slow. So I filed and crunched numbers till my mind got fuzzy.

Someone in terrible headache pain after post-dural puncture from labor epidural needed a blood patch in ER. Had been a very hard stick for good hands of my colleague. I started Reiki on the way to the ER. It worked. Got that sucker in, cured her. On the first try. I had two extra kits waiting, just in case.

An ASA 3 was in main OR. I gave dinner break. And Reiki. I felt the breast cancer, energetically, although we were working on something else. Balanced the chakras, gave the 'Happy Trails' transition symbol. Patient is gonna need it. Also got a Reiki request for another Reiki Master having surgery tomorrow. I sent it, programmed ahead like a DVR, to her for her surgery date. Took about three minutes.

I gave Reiki, as a continuous source of Reiki, with a patient on L&D who was clearly not normal mentally. Anxiety or something organic (of the brain). Very frightened primip with NO husband in sight. Highly educated. Technically a challenge due to the ligamentous structure and also patient moving away from needle. Drove me crazy but I chose to do my job with a smile until time to go home. Woke me up often through the night. Said, "I need my OB! He needs to get up out of bed, brush his teeth, kiss his wife goodbye and come right here to me!" at four in the morning. Yes. Right. For someone not complete and a very high station. That's not gonna happen. LOL

Also last night, I sent Reiki to my son. He is with his father, who does not let me speak to him on overnights. Dad is on best behavior currently. He knows I am alert about what happened. Funny, Grandpa whose policy was 'hit first and ask questions later' with disciplining his son, and happens to work FOR THE COUNTY CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, looked at me with new respect last time I saw him. I am not gonna play that game. The one you know is not to be played in 2011. Yes you!

Reiki is truth. Reiki is compassion. Reiki is an end to suffering. Many Reiki people go vegetarian or vegan, partly because of the principles, but mainly because the terror in the animals is felt when consuming their meat, eggs, milk. I've compromised, and buy only organic, free-range, antibiotic free, happy everything. I spent $3.50 on a can of organic corn. Why? because it is RARE to get corn that is not GMO. The seeds are all GMO. I want to support the non-GMO seedline.

Reiki let me stand up to someone who was hurting a child. Reiki helps me stand firm and grounded when someone crazy, possibly full of dark entities, is abusing the system and calling on nursing and anesthesia way too much during labor. Reiki lets me trust that all is well. All is going to be okay.

In healing the patient, we are the ones who are healed ourselves.

We are one.


Reiki Doc