Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I had a telepathic experience in pre-op during routine patient care.

I thought to myself, I need to find out the blood sugar on the diabetic patient pre-op.

I didn't ask it.

The circulating nurse went onto the computer, looked it up, and told me the lab result as if I had asked.

It was so cool, I didn't draw attention to it. But I noticed.

Other psychic experiences today--the chronic pain lady who was saying Dilaudid didn't work for her in the ER a week ago, and had missed her daily dose of painkiller--"I will give you morphine--I can give you forty milligrams' and she said, 'Okay'.

I titrated it in to respiratory rate during the case. And that's exactly how much it took. Forty milligrams. I used all three ten milligram vials in my kit, and also a ten milligram ampule of Duramorph i.v.

Oh! And who got Reiki?  Two chronic pain patients. Who took lots and lots of meds both inside the hospital and at home. Two cancer patients. And a miscellaneous cosmetic patient.

Yesterday, I had a developmentally delayed patient. Very scared. Worried to wake up in pain. Older than me, but emotionally and mentally about the age of my son who is in first grade. Reiki helped to calm in preop and induction. Once asleep, the spirit came out, HAPPY, and started talking to me. "I like it better here", basically. I said, "this is not your time but enjoy where you are". I gave Deeksha, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and then was guided to attune to Reiki One. Due to the developmental delay, everyone in contact with them will feel the burst of bright loving energy coming through this soul. I asked for permission for everything first, on a soul level. It was out, I was talking to it! LOL It was okay. I did not foist my beliefs upon anybody.

Business is busy in the Spirit World in my OR.
I'm loving it!


Reiki Doc