Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Power of Positivity

Reiki can turn things around in a dicey clinical situation. You are not pulled in to drama. You are calm. You encourage, make the space for others, and wait for them to come around.

A new mother was not happy. To be in labor. She fired her nurse in front of me while I was preparing for epidural. I had to wait to do the procedure, as protocol and patient safety require the nurse to be present for the procedure.

How did I get this patient to like me?

I liked her!

What? You may ask?

The answer is Universal love. With Reiki you like everybody. It just happens.

I also had a clear psychic read on her. There was a disease pattern to her attitude about the mess of body fluids I have seen in UC and Crohn's patients. I knew enough to know she had issues. What was different about me is my acceptance of this. I am not going to change her. Or cure her. While rooted in Source, and grounded to Earth, I focused on doing my job: easing pain and suffering.

And I did. Every few hours through the night. Reassuring her tears by giving boluses. Being supportive. Being me. Sharing that I hated labor too, and prayed for God to take both of us home then and there. She laughed when I said this, and asked 'how is it now?'. I said I love it, being mom, and I would gladly do it again.

The laugh is key. The presence. The continuous source of Reiki adds to the entire situation. The team works smoothly.

I said goodbye at seven a.m. "who is going to take care of me?!" she asked. I let her know. I also let her know I loved her, and her husband, and that I wanted to wait to hear the name of the baby to be surprised. And I meant it.

Today they let me hold the baby! I was so excited. Nobody but my friends lets me hold the baby. I held the newborn a good long time. The OB said I had the look and would be having one next when they came in. The babe fell asleep.

We enjoyed each other, Doctor, patient and family. The dad said, "you know you really did something special for us." I said, " it was a blessing for us all."

How wonderful it is to apply Reiki at work! If only insurance and hospitals knew they would force everyone to give it. But Reiki is a gift, and can't be forced for profit. It is work from the heart.


Reiki Doc