Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deepening the Heart with Reiki

The Reiki path is not straight. It wanders through life. Nevertheless, it gets you there.

Here are some examples of recent changes in me:

1) To manifest. This means to think of something and cause it to be. We all Manifest, together. With practice and with spiritual purpose, thoughts come forth to be. What on earth could you be talking about??? you may ask? I had two clear examples. One, my niece had a show on Friday. I wasn't sure when I would get out of work, so I planned for Saturday, giving the excuse, 'I had to work.' In reality, it was 'I might have to work, and I didn't want to drive in traffic from my work to your show.' Sure enough, at five, I finished my case. And up out of NOWHERE pops up my mentor as I am putting my drug box away, asking, 'would you like to do my case for me?'. That is the kind of questions you can't refuse. Three hours later, I got home. Another example is the home. I am focusing on really making it tidy and neat. Out of the blue, my six-year old decided to clean the sinks, both of them. And he asked, 'Can we stay at home for one weekend to tidy up the house?'. Those are firsts, famous firsts, that popped out of the sky. Practice it. Believe it. And it will come to be.

2) I just don't go to church like I used to. I was very, very Catholic for over thirty years. Even stood at the door as a greeter, went up and did public speaking as a reader, and a big donor at our church. I valued it as a 'place to grow', not really into the details of the belief codes, but thankful for a  place to worship God. Now, I don't understand why I need a priest to pray for me. And the time spent...I work so hard I appreciate the morning off. Not to say that I don't love the Catholic Church, I do. But I am not forcing myself to go like I did. And I am not 'feeling good about myself for going.'. Funny thing is, I haven't caught a cough or cold or sinus infection since I stopped. That place is a germ factory. I swear it! I am very thankful with my asthma and allergies not to be as sick.

3) With my family. I see them as my teachers. Even my ex. And my pets as well. The deep spiritual connection, and appreciation for their being in my life. It is like meeting a celebrity, that electricity you feel...but it is like, WOW! You have chosen to be in my life!!! That is AMAZING! Thank you for your energy and light into my world. To my ex--you showed me how I could be independent! Thank you! It hurt at the time but I learned my lesson well. I can even relax when our boy is with you. The courts were right, let him go back and forth, it is good for him. I miss him every minute, but it is not about is about him.

And so it is. Reiki opens you up to Spirituality. And Spirituality leads to change, which is Growth. Everything happens for the best. Remember this.

I love you.

Reiki Doc