Sunday, October 9, 2011


My life has been upside down lately. What I think it is, and what it actually is, are not the same thing. Let me explain. I am going to tell a story about a spiritual being, myself, in transition.

When you live a life based on spiritual principles, it is a lot like playing the guessing game with another where you get the direction, warm, hotter, hot, your burning up, no, not that , colder, freezing, ah there, you found it! The direction you take is based on your choices, and when you go 'off life-path', you feel it. You know.

And when some life lessons aren't mastered, they come back. Again and again. Like having to speak up for yourself. Or choosing to leave a relationship. Until you learn it, the Universe is going to get your attention.

Which leads us to Shrek.

Before, I had been leading an existence of work, crazy long hours including overnights, parenting, with the usual juggling of sitters and family members to accommodate my schedule, going to psychic development classes at night and weekends, and going to mass.

My son's father changed from Thursday to Wednesday afternoon/dinner visits. Psychic development class is Tuesday and Thursday nights. I scheduled my overnight OB shifts to Wednesdays. My sitter moved. She still sits, but just not down the street. And my buddy who would cover for me on nights on OB when I would take classes simply wasn't available any more.

Then the L&D nurses bought season tickets to a local venue for the musical series. I felt compelled to join in. We go on Wednesdays. Last week was my first one.

Did I feel G-U-I-L-T-Y! Dumping the son on Dad when I didn't have to work to go have fun. And he knew it, he felt it, our boy. He had a bad dream where I 'told him to stay with somebody so I could go play with costumes.'. He didn't know. He is psychic. Incredibly so. At six I have attuned him to Reiki 3. Once he gets the symbols, we are going to Reiki Master.

The next day, Thursday, I got off work early. He had no after-school commitments. I took him to frozen yogurt and the pumpkin patch. We had fun. And ended with a local fish taco place. It was at a mall not far from home. On the way back to the car, he wanted to look in a game shop. You know, chess, war games, puzzles. He wanted a Shrek chess set. It was the last one, the man said. We stopped and put the pieces in the box. The board was damaged from sitting with the pieces on it in the showcase for so long. It was a collectors' item, they stopped making it.

At the checkout, my son saw a boxed set of the same thing. In mint condition. We took it. And I knew the Universe found a way for both of us to enjoy Shrek, that it was okay to go have a little fun for a while on my own, since all things come back in the end. The child manifested the new chess set. I know it.

And that is how it is.

Now I don't go to mass. I do not give my power and money away to the church. I used to. A lot.
I still love it. But I love my freedom more. When I have time and I am with him, I may take him. We still love the fish dinners at church at Lent. But I see quite directly how there is no intermediary necessary to grow one with God.

I don't go to spiritual development classes. I am in a certification program for 'healer' and 'psychic'. I see I don't need a piece of paper. And that I was complacent and happy to go to classes and hang out with 'like minded people', never to branch out on my own. The Universe gave me a great big kick in the arse with that scheduling. I see my work as a lightworker is independent of any affiliation. It just exists.

And the last thing I am doing is listening to my body. I let it rest. I take ballet classes that give me joy. I try out a new hobby with friends. I call my mother. I spend time with my boy, just us, making memories and enjoying his youth. The energies are ramping up out there, with mother earth, tremendously. I am 'just hanging on' and 'doing what is most important to me'. That is how we ascend. By 'hanging on' and doing what makes sense with an open mind for changes that may come up.

I don't read the news like I used to. Some days I skip it, others I scan it. I do lots of Sudoku and that's about it. I take everything with a grain of salt. Especially the protests and chaos. They follow their path. Probably Indigo children. I follow mine. I write.

If you can take your decision making center lower, from the mind to the heart, the process is much easier. 'What do I want to do?'. It tells you, the heart. Without using a pendulum. It is really great. If you are a mind-centered person you can expect some challenges in the next few weeks. Not from me. From changes that are happening in general through the world.

God Bless You and I love you very much. You are beautiful to me. Thank you for walking my path with me and keeping me company on this journey.


Reiki Doc