Friday, January 31, 2014


This morning, right before I woke up,  I saw this with my third is a lesson on forgiveness, renewal, and hope.

Ross and I were strained. Things were not flowing smoothly after the revelations from yesterday.

I was called to the helm.

I was in my gown, and there was total and complete silence. My footsteps echoed in the room.

All eyes were on me.

I went to Ross who was seated in his chair.

Slowly, tracing my finger on him as I walked, I circled the chair seven times.

I stopped. I looked into his eyes, and said, 'I forgive you.'

In a loud voice, I called out, and asked to see those who had conspired against me to steal the boy child when I gave birth!

There was a row of seven individual that manifested before me.

The second from the left was an archon in a human body.

He went to the Galactic Central Sun at once.

On the far left was the advisor to my husband, Ross. I looked at him coolly, leveled my gaze, and in a loud clear voice, asked, 'Are you ready to serve the Goddess?'

He shook his head no, and he too, disappeared, apparently off to the Galactic Central Sun.

The fourth one from the left was the wet nurse. 
'I kept him alive!' she pleaded with me.
I shook my head, looked her in the eye, and said, 'Your kind is the scourge of all women! How dare you come between a mother and her son! I cast you to the depths of hell for all eternity!'
And crying, she was gone.

The doctor was next.
I cut off his hands, and left him to fend for himself in all realms, in all dimensions, for all time.

I skipped one, and the last one, on the far right, was the foster father who raised our Benjamin.
He too, pleaded on his own behalf, stating the child was raised in love and was given the best that there was to be given.
I stopped.
I could barely contain my fury.
Slowly, almost more than a whisper, I asked, 'Each and every day you had the opportunity to make things right. Now, did you? Did you send our son back to his mother? Did you honor the Goddess and change your heart?'
He looked at the floor, and shook his head, no.
Off he went to the Galactic Central Sun.

The third and the sixth individuals did not manifest to me. But they were not spared.

When this was finished, it was as if they never had been born.

The timelines shifted.

Instantly I saw a movie of the birthing room.

Ross was waiting outside.

My mother-in-law BM was my midwife, and assisted me.

The child, a healthy boy with a head full of dark hair like mine, was placed on my chest.

Images of a childhood filled with love, laughter, and delight flooded my consciousness. Alexandra enjoying her brother. Ross being a doting father to all. 

Light was everywhere!

(There wasn't a dry eye on the helm--all of the Galactics were watching, and were touched by the resolution of the events that had passed between Ross and me.)

At that moment, my son came into my room. He'd had a nightmare. I invited him to crawl into my bed. I held him as he shared what he had seen--the mime clown outside the window that always frightened him.

My mother's heart knew he was upset by what happened between Ross and me in the past.

I explained how the timelines were erased, the guilty had met with their justice, and that it was as if it had never happened. We would be happy again, together, all of us, in Spirit, one last time.

I sensed Ross embracing both of us, and I heard him say, 'I love you'.

I shared this with my son, and he said, 'I love him too.'

Then I felt the spirit of Benjamin! He said he loves his brother, and looks forward to meeting him again.

My boy relaxed. And after a short time, he went back to his room.

I looked up a card before I left my room. I felt the Mary Queen of Heaven deck 'nudging' me.

Blessed Mother said, 'Take the farthest one from hell'

One card stood out above the rest, and I drew it:


I trust that God has a wonderful solution and brilliant plans in store for me.

This is a message about retaining hope, even if you have no idea how the situation can resolve itself.
(I had asked God to help me with this the instant before I first woke up, and I literally said, 'God I don't know how to do this will you please guide me on how to make Peace with Ross?')

Jesus taught about the importance and the power of faith, and your circumstances require it. A person who carries hope in his or her heart is trusting in God's plan. This translates into someone who is happy, relaxed, and easygoing, which is a winning and magnetic personality that attracts helpful people and golden opportunities.

This card asks you to remain optimistic about your future and to continue giving worries, cares, insecurities and other forms of fear to God, Who will heal them. In answer to your prayers for increased hope and faith, spiritual help is available to bolster your positive outlook.

I went downstairs and while I was making breakfast, this song popped into my head. As I listened, I felt the energy signature of Ross!

Just The Way You Are, by Bruno Mars

As I watched this video--I never have--I felt the love come back from long ago. 
And when I saw the bell, I knew it was Ross.

That's his sign to me.

The ringing bell...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ross' Secret

Today Ross invited me to spend some time with him. I did. 
For those of you who may not know us, we are reunited Illuminated Twin Souls, who unite across the Veil of Illusion. I am incarnated and present in 3D. He is in a higher dimension, and is Galactic. He is also an Ascended Master.

I too have Ascended. I have been given the title Our Lady Of Hope by, well, from where I come from, my home dimension. I also have been given a Ray. What lesson did I master? The lesson on Loss.

Tomorrow (well, today in some parts of the world) marks the closing of a window of wonderful opportunity to clear out any negative energies or experiences that have been holding you back.

This is a story of our clearing something that is huge, not just for both of us, but for all who love and have experienced betrayal. Ross asks me to share this with you as part of his amend towards me to win back my eternal trust and my Love.

Our time started smoothly enough. We talked about old scars--we have reunited since December--and we have much catching up to do. Aside from the obvious ones, Ross has only calloused hands from rough work, and never has broken a bone or had a serious wound until, well, what killed him.

He let me see a memory like a movie, of me giving birth to our first child. I saw the pregnancy, his kissing my belly and talking with love to the child every day...I broke tradition and requested he be present at the birth, which was granted. The girl child came up screaming on my chest, and after that, she went to her father's arms. The look of delight on his face was unforgettable. As he says, 'That day I had two of you, a small one, and yourself...I was joyful beyond my wildest dreams!'

We basked in the glow of the memory of being new parents. Her name was Sarah Alexandra. I don't recall our last name, or if we had one.

Then I asked about the second child, the boy...???

Ross grew quiet. 

I saw the truth, like a movie...

As I gave birth, the child was quiet and not allowed to cry. They took it to the next room where a wet nurse was waiting. The boy child latched on, and the two of them were taken away.

I was told the child was stillborn.

I screamed in agony and asked to see the child!

They never let me see it.

They never had a funeral.

I was told to 'get over it'.

I was never the same.

My mother's heart was shattered.

Intuitive as I am, I knew something was up but could not pinpoint what was happening. I knew my boy LIVED! It was a LIE! A LIE!

Why won't they let me have the child???

Ross was political. A leader. Just like now, right up in space. And there were signs of trouble. His life was in danger, as was my own.

It was thought that our lineage would be better off if it was split. That way one child or the other would survive, much like in the movie Star Wars with the twins Luke and Leia.

Ross conspired against me. Our first son was taken away. I never laid eyes on our boy, our Benjamin, the one who haunted me in my dreams, crying out for me with wails of sorrow...

And now Ross confessed.

I was in shock!

At that moment, in spirit, my mother-in-law, BM, came to me. She looked me in the eye. I trust her. And she said, 'I did not know what was planned. If I did, I would NEVER have allowed it!'

What happened to us?

Could I forgive him, he asked?

Yes, I still love him, but I need time to process this on my own. I will get back to you, I said...

BM came back to me with another surprise: in our marriage, Ross and I had one more child, but it was lost in a miscarriage before either one of us ever knew.

That soul is here with me incarnated today.

The decision was for me to be without a partner to raise the child on my own to 'make it right' for me. This explains the conception, too. (another blog post about that--the face of my partner changed to a luminous face of another who looked in my eyes...)

Ross said that is why he watched me closely in every incarnation ever since, to make sure I was all right. 

That's when I started to cry...

Simply, I looked at him, and asked, Why didn't you trust the Goddess? Why didn't you trust me with our son? Our flesh and blood? 

Ross looked at me, and said, It was IMPORTANT!

I said nothing. I looked at him. 

We both saw the role FEAR had made in that decision.

Tonight when I picked up my boy, I saw his best friend and his mother.

Can I spend the night at your house tonight? he asked excitedly. The two really are the best of friends.

At once, both mothers said, 'No! It's a school night!' and laughed.

But when it was time to go, after a few minutes of catching up, the friend sneaked into the car, like a stowaway!

I smiled! I had planned on going to our favorite pizza parlor because Ross has suggested it last night as we planned my day while I was falling asleep.

I asked, How would you like to join us for dinner? His mom said, 'Bring a jacket!' And off we were, the three of us in the car. So much laughter. So much joy! So much life!

All the while, this song was playing:

Hurt by Johnny Cash

And I felt Ross' energy signature, apologizing to my heart.

The pizza was fun. The boys watched three different sporting events and ate a lovely cheese pizza all to themselves! I had the Provence. I love France and all things French. It always makes me feel better...

On the way to drop off the friend back home, I saw this license plate: BEE JOY

Then the boys were being gorillas and laughing and I was happy to have this new unexpected addition to the night's plans...

This song played:

Song 2 by Blur

It was followed by this one:

Around the World by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Then this as we pulled into the garage:

What I've Done by Linkin Park

Ross's energy signature was in all three songs...again...I could feel his pain, his repentance, his regret...

I forgive him.
I always would have.
Where else could I find Peace?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. My boy looks over my shoulder while I write. Usually when I put in the music.
He asked about the story. He wanted to know the truth. I told him about my loss in that life, and also about what might concern him.

He wanted to light a candle.

We lit one together, just for Ross...It's white. I know the picture on it. It is good.
Everything is okay.

Cobra Update 1.30.2014--Explained

Here's the link to the Cobra update:

Definition Eostres--Eostres- Spring Equinox- March 20-23

And here's a link to more about the Eostres--
(Mahalos and aloha to Amy Palreiro Collins for the information)

Plus here is an explanation for the L's:
It's lengthy, but it's there.

In my estimation--the elephant in the room is that around the Equinox there will be a convergence between timelines and the layers closest to surface Gaia that will result in a HUGE influx (a G2 embedded star, no less!) of Light with Goddess Energy and higher dimensional (as in Unicorns!) vibration.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Spare The Rod?

My son has a school project that is due tomorrow. A diorama of the ocean. We have worked on it for weeks, me more than him, me 'pushing' him to ask questions and seek answers.

It's a pretty nice piece of work. Not only does it go over the biome (living zones and interconnectedness) of the oceans, but it also brings up the 'Eighth Continent', the large balls of plastic that are in the oceans because of all the plastic waste from consumers being put together by the currents, and not sinking to the ocean floor to decompose. (did you know one plastic shopping bag from the grocery store takes one hundred to four hundred years to decompose? And most of the trash in the oceans comes from the land, to the rivers, then to the sea. Here is a nice link for you teachers:

Dad was a teacher.

Today's topic comes from mom.

Here's what she has to say:

Dad thought it was criminal to give the kids so much work after a long day at school.

Whenever he would try to back down on the amount of homework he was handing out, after a while, the complaints would come in--from the parents!

They would say, 'Mr. (our last name), I see you are giving less homework to our child. Don't try to favor him or let him off easy--give him lots of work so he can learn.'

So he would give more.

My sister and brother-in-law, according to mom, spent hours and hours with my nephew to get him to understand and complete his homework.

That's why I have a hard time with my son, too, she thinks. I have to be 'on' him to get him to study. And he asks a LOT of questions about everything, so practically I do his homework for him.

My niece, apparently, was like me. She never had a problem. She always understood and did what was expected of her. And now she is the one who spends a lot of time helping her brother with his homework.

Mom says the times where you went to school to have fun and learn are over.

Studies show that the interactions that take place between the teachers and students are more like 'a business' than a classroom.

This makes sense because at my sister's school district, the parents have to pay the school forty-dollars for every missed school day; this is to make up for the state funding that is lost when there is an absence. Even when my niece and nephew are sick, she takes them to school for the first hour or two, so the school won't count it as an absence, everyone gets their 'funding', and the sick kids are able to go home.

Mom says there is talk about lengthening the school day to eight hours, just like a day at work.

The teachers are fighting against it.

When is there time for sports and after-school activities?

When is there time to just go out in the yard, play with the kids on the street, or ride your bike like I used to?

Mom says she gets to know some of the neighbor kids on her street. She talks to them when they come home from school. She used to work the playground as a guide to watch over recess, and she is comfortable with kids.

She says she talks to them, and they talk openly and honestly with her.

There's something new she's noticed in the past few years---

--they all say they HATE SCHOOL.

It's boring. It's too much work. They just don't like it.

Kids are so used to the computer that they just can't read a book from cover to cover.

Mom says we used to have busy kids before, who might look out the window, but they could concentrate on a task, and comprehend what the teacher was telling them and teaching them.

Nowadays, the kids just don't comprehend. Their minds are not QUIET and able to Focus, Mom confided.

What are they doing to our children? she asks.

I don't know, Mom. I don't know.

But I think you may be on to something...something very important for all of us to know.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

We Climb Together As One

Yesterday I was reading about the sacred mountains. Mountains are classically pyramid in shape, and because of their height are believed to combine 'fire' and 'Heaven' and 'Earth'. Isn't the picture above magical?

This is the original name for Mount Everest. It is taken from India's original 'most sacred deity', Chomolungma, which translated from Tibetian to English means, 'Goddess Mother of the Universe'. In Nepal, the name for the mountain is 'Sagarmatha' which means 'Goddess of the Sky'. For the people in the area, this mountain was never meant to be climbed, because the Gods live there. Further, there is a belief that the spirit of the mountain takes a vengeance on those who invade her home. (Although over three thousand have climbed the summit, two hundred or so have also been killed there trying to climb.) Chomolungma is one of five Goddess Sisters. She is considered to be the Goddess of Wealth.

Chomolungma or Mount Everest (name changed 1865)
8850 meters high

Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash is sacred to both the Hindus and the Buddhists. It is next to a sacred lake, Mansarova, high in the mountains in Tibet. It has a more perfect pyramid shape. Kailash means 'Treasure of the Snow Mountain'. 
No one is allowed to climb this mountain. However, if you walk around the base of the mountain once, it will atone for a lifetime of sins. If you walk around the base of the mountain ten times, you will stop entering Hell for five hundred incarnations. And if you walk around the base of Mount Kailash one hundred times, then you will achieve Buddha-like status.  (unfortunately it is very inaccessible.)

Mount Kailash
6600 meters high

Mount Meru
This is the most sacred mountain in Hindu legend. It has its base in Hell and it's summit in Heaven, and is encircled by seven rings of golden mountains with seven circular oceans separating them. At the top is a golden palace, home to Indra, the king of all of the Hindu gods, and to Shiva.

Mount Olympus
This is the highest mountain in Greece, and is said to be home to the major deities of the Greek pantheon. Further, legend says the gods built Olympus for their own use, and live in crystal palaces there. Those living there include Zeus, Hera, Demeter and Hestia, Poseidon, Hades, Aphrodite, Apollo, Area, Artemis, Athena, Hephaestus, and Hermes.

Mount Olympus
2917 meters high

Mount Sinai
This is the plaice in Egypt where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Sinai means 'Mountain of God' long before Moses ever set foot on it. Muhammad's horse, Buraq, also ascended to Heaven here.

Mount Musa, or Moses' Mountain
2285 meters high

The Kun Lun range
These are very sacred mountains in China, that stretch over three thousand kilometers in length. The highest peak is called the Goddess and is 7167 meters high.  Although there are no pictures here for you, know that the Jade Palace of Huang Di, plus a magical fairyland called Xuangpu, are thought to be here.

This is a legendary Muslim mountain. It is seen as the mother of all mountains, and represents transcendence over all earthly experience. There are many tales in the literature associated with it.

Riding the energies of the Ascension Process is very much like climbing Mount Everest. It is made clear that those entrenched in the Illusion of 3D, are making the journey with all of the Starseeds and Lightworkers. We are ONE.

It is very exciting and a one-in-a-lifetime experience for those who are new to the Higher Vibrations. It is a much-awaited Journey, that the Higher Consciousness of everyone has committed to undertake at this time on Earth.

However, for those Lightworkers to whom the Higher Vibrations are HOME, there is an overwhelming desire to go Home, 24/7. We fight this urge and remind ourselves of our commitment to the cause of assisting Gaia and her people in this Ascension process.

My misperception had been that once Ascension took place, my work was over, and I could return home to my native Vibration, wherever in the Galaxy that might be--my soul could return at once to the energy signature that is most beautiful, comfortable, and natural for me. STAT. 

So in my view, there was a finish line, and I wanted to sprint towards it.

Apparently, this is not the case.

It's all or nothing. Everyone must reach that finish line at the same time.

Furthermore, Ascension is not for me.

As a matter of fact, because I 'live there' and am from the Higher Vibrations, I am 'holding the Light' for the Ascension to take place. I am 'anchoring' the Light, as Ground Crew, which is a pretty important role if you think about the big picture. 

Chances are if you are reading this, you are one of these 'Anchoring Lightworkers' too. 
(lower vibration is repelled by higher vibration, and finds it uncomfortable to be exposed to it. Anything greater than one dimension difference in vibration is uncomfortable for both parties involved.)

It's just that some days, with the density of earth, our role as Lightworker often feels like that of a sherpa. Do you notice how the climbers in the photos above aren't holding anything or carrying anything that is needed for survival?

But those who came here to assist, most certainly ARE carrying the 'weight' for them. It's because we CAN, and we signed up for it.

Might as well make the best of it, and put on some lip balm!

I had to clarify with Ashtar last night. He stopped by to apologize to me as I was saying good night to Ross, and falling asleep. I made sure that the command wasn't inadvertently trying to sacrifice any of us High Vibration Light Workers in the Ascension Process? It's really that uncomfortable! He shook his head, waved his hands and said, 'no! no! no!'. (he's the one who gave me the lip balm as a gift--really, Ashtar was calm, in command, and very kind and loving. He is okay!).

Then right before sleep, Ross gave me this, it just showed up in my hand:

I was overcome with awe!
Ross knows me so very well!
Camellias grew on a bush outside my grandmother's house. My father's mother, Grandma Lucille.
I adored them.

I would even find the buds, and peel them open, petal by petal, admiring the beauty and delight!

My lesson from Ross is let the flowers BLOOM! And they will be beautiful. Without your interference! And enjoy it!

So enjoy your climb through the vibrations, no matter what you are, climber or sherpa. All of us will enjoy the view...together.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ashtar, I Still Don't Like It (3D)

I was reading this:

It finally addresses some of my concerns I have sent up to Father--our Heavenly Father.  These are the concerns I have regarding our collective unpleasant experiences from being incarnated in 3D.

As I was reading, I noticed Ross looking at me over the top of the screen.

me: I wish it would end...honey...I just don't LIKE it here. I am sorry I complain and I wish I didn't feel that way (I cried onto his shoulder, as he held me right when I started to speak).

He didn't say a word. He brought me instantly aboard ship in front of Ashtar. He gestured for me to talk to him, and disappeared. Before he left, he gave Ashtar a look and I sensed Ross was 'holding back.' Ross didn't say anything to Ashtar.

me: Oh Ashtar, I see you are really trying with this last message. I...I...I just don't LIKE it here. I can't put the words to it, and I hate to complain. I just want for it to finish...I don't know what to say...

(Ashtar stops what he is doing and turns to look at me intently. I see his blonde hair and blue eyes and fair skin.)

me: I know we have this little 'connector' thing (a silver cord) between us (I touch it and show it to him--it connects our two hearts). I don't think it's working...I wish I could explain it...

Ashtar: What is going on? I want to know what you are feeling and experiencing.

me: Everything is slow. I can't get anything accomplished. There are dishes in the sink. I just don't care. I have to push myself so hard to get anything done. 

Ashtar:  What about the Vibrations? What are you feeling about the Vibrations at this time?

me:  I feel the tingles like an upgrade is happening. But I want to slow down and I just can't focus. I don't know what to do with doesn't hurt. I like my Vibration HIGH and this is not it. I almost passed out once just sitting here, I saw stars once or twice today. I just wish it was that okay to wish it was done?

Ashtar: Do you want it to stop?

me: I want to feel like I do when I am in The Higher Dimensions. This is not it. Would it be possible to dial my Vibration UP? (I am sensing that he slowed something down for the masses, and it is affecting me. A lot. Just like a couple of days ago when Ross argued with Ashtar and the council, and took me back up to 9D where I suddenly felt just fine.)

Ashtar: That is enough. 

me: Are YOU okay? With all of this? I know it's really busy...

Ashtar:  (He looks preoccupied). I am fine. Really I am.

me: (I look at him with concern and caring and an open heart)

Ashtar: That is enough.

me: Are you sure you aren't mad at me? I will take it back whatever I said that got you so upset.

Ashtar: I have a lot of decisions to make. That is all. 

me: (I start crying. He is not like himself. And I am not like myself either. I decide to pray, and I turn to go. Suddenly Ashtar reaches for my arm--)

Ashtar: Wait!....(he looks at me intently). I said 'hang on for the ride!'. Do you trust me?

me: (I nod yes) I want to go Home. 

Ross comes and gets me. He takes me back Here, and he and Ashtar exchange a look but do not say a word. He whispers to me 'it's going to be okay. Ashtar is not mad at you. ' I cry with him for a few minutes because I do not understand. I am so thankful for this little piece of Home, right this second now in Ross' arms.

Ross: Are you brave, and strong? Are you courageous? (he is smiling. All of a sudden I feel a sense of Hope. He reaches up and pulls on a chain with his right hand three times. He puts a finger to his lips, and he fades away.)

I still don't understand it, but Ross told me to write it down for you today. I still have the hope.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.  Now I feel fine! Go figure!

The New Cage For Harry

Iris flowers carry the meaning 'have faith'

Thank you mom.

Every look, every gesture, ever feeling from my bird in his new cage this morning as I uncovered it, glowed with the message of love and appreciation.

Thank you mom.

My son was delighted at Christmas with his gift from me, and plus, I saw tears of joy running down his face as he unwrapped his gift from santa, the watch of his dreams.

Thank you mom.

As a parent, I never expect thanks from those I support and care for. It's part of the job, to know you did what you are asked to do, did it well, and not to expect any compliments on it from anybody. It's just what is done.

Thank you mom. Thank you dad.

The words make my heart sing! 

I did all that struggle with the cage yesterday because I wanted something better for my bird. My friend, who watches him, told the bird, 'your mom really loves you to get you this!' 

We all agreed once we saw the old cage next to the new one, that the new one is so much better! The old one, the one he has had for almost twenty-five years, looks painfully small and cramped next to the new one. 

I saw the flaws on it clearly, as if with new eyes. It was dirty--not like filthy, but you know how a high chair gets after a while, even after you take the hose to it to clean it, there's just sticky gunk that won't come off? There was a lock on the feed bowl door, where I had to keep Houdini-bird from unlocking it from the inside, pushing the bowl out, and escaping. I had to undo the lock and lock it every day! There was the newspaper on the bottom that Harry would tear up and when you pulled the drawer to change it, Harry would try to pull it and 'fight you for it'. Everybody knew what he did! 

This new one had doors for the food bowls that he can't open. There is a deeper drawer under the cage where Harry can't get to the newspaper. There is a seed catcher 'rail' on the bottom, so I don't have to sweep up as much mess that Harry makes. 

In every way this new cage is so much better! That is despite the few scratches and dents from my mishap yesterday, and despite the hold in the wall I need to patch up.

Goffin's Cockatoos are native to Tanimbar Island, in New Guinea
It is my wish to one day visit there.

As I look out the window, on my second 'bonus day off', I look at the fog in the forest, how dark and hazy it is, and I feel loved. I like fog more than anything, and I feel safe, and comforted, by the blanket of moisture in the air. 

I always feel like God sends fog special just for me.

We are all hurting. We are miserable when it comes to this life, that we must die, say goodbye to everyone and everything we know. We experience loss and hardship, disease, suffering...all of these things are foreign to everyone else in the cosmos--except for those of us here on earth.

As I read the Heavenletter, I want to say, 'God? You gave us too difficult an assignment at school. It is WAY over our heads, and we are uncomfortable with this approach. Are you sure you are not taking it personally that we just aren't 'there' yet???'

I sense He is.

I sense He bought for us this beautiful brand new cage--but it's in vibration, not iron like Harry's--that is so much better suited to us and our unique needs.

And what makes this cage 'go' is that our minds are now 'fully loaded ray guns of manifestation', which means, literally, 'think and it becomes real'.

Ever hear the saying, 'worry is prayer for something you don't want'?

It's true.

The more emotion and feeling and love and gratitude you experience about something (think winning olympic gold medal) the more likely, the more probability, it is going to 'manifest' or 'happen' to you.

THAT is where the responsibility comes up.

We make our own movie. This is what my grandfather and godfather, Nanu Filippo, told mother when she first 'saw' him after he had passed.

We make our own movie of how our life happens to us!!!

Even the bad parts.

God allows us to make this movie while keeping with our Pre-Birth Contracts (our 'curriculum' we designed while we planned to attend 'Earth School') and the Highest Good.

I don't know how to tell God what to do. I don't ask him for things. I ask him to help me to understand my lessons, so I can get 'unstuck' and get more out of life. But I LOVE God in everything I do. And that goes for the Goddess, too. She is also there, but not apparently in the Heavenletters : )

I hope this helps, my 'take' on the Heavenletter today.

Start with baby steps. Ask for a parking spot to open up. Your guardian angel will get it for you. Ask to be given 'signs' that you are 'on the right track'. For me, it was pennies on the ground. Heads up meant 'good-yes-continue' and heads down meant the opposite.  I found feathers in the strangest of places too, as 'signs'.

In Reiki, when you learn it, you have to figure out what means what for you--for some, disease feels 'hot' while for others it feels 'cold' and for me I feel a little 'dip' in the aura. You just have to work at it to discover your own 'Reiki dictionary' for what each sensation you 'pick up' actually MEANS. This is because you are working with Spirit, and everyone is different.

Same goes for how to take the responsibility to manifest. Each needs to figure out their own 'manifestation dictionary' that works for them and Spirit.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

This was in Harry's room this morning. I sense a little bit of Harry, and God, coming through this for us to enjoy together today as we face another day to learn and to grow....
Always and Forever, Luther Van Dross

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm Gonna Go All Cockatoo On You!

This is my bird Harry.

His cage broke about two weeks ago. One bar is loose. It's a very old cage.

I was at the bird store buying bird seed and toys for him. I looked at the new cages. They were so much bigger than what Harry has. (Today is my day off.) And Spirit--specifically Ross--'nudged' me to buy the cage.

I got a bigger one for a good deal.

But they don't deliver.

So I went home and had lunch. I was thinking about the last two Heavenletters:

I really thought, God? You know what I think? It needs a woman's touch! Just like with this new cage I bought for Harry! Birds dare afraid of anything that is new. So you know what? You get all excited about the new cage, and introduce them to it gently. You let the bird take it at their own pace. And soon it will forget it was ever in its old cage.

God? That's how it should be for all the people who are going to ascend...gently take them at their own pace, and encourage them, just like you do a child that is learning to walk. You might not remember what old hurts feel like, but we do, and the way you are going about it in those last two letters, some are going to feel hurt and guilty for feeling the way they do. They don't have to, you are right. But telling them to 'feel happy' and 'explore' doesn't acknowledge 'where they are' emotionally right now. 

Sometimes it takes a woman's heart to help people open up and try something new...

So guess what?

I rented a truck from Home Depot.

The guy at the bird store loaded it in.

I managed to take it out without killing myself.

But then...LOL!
  • the wood rot on the front porch gave out. There is a hole from the cage, and I'm going to have to get it fixed.
  • The cage didn't make clearance down the stairs. The play top got caught. 
  • The cage fell down the stairs to the landing. Now there is a hole in the wall, and the play top (which I never was going to use) is completely destroyed.
  • I had to call a neighbor. Her husband is going to come with her later to help me get the cage 'unstuck'.
  • I am lucky I didn't get hurt.
Lesson learned, God.

Sometimes it takes a man's touch to keep myself out of trouble!

My son is going to be so angry and upset at me for what I did. And everything leading up to that seemed like such a good idea at the time! 

I can feel Ross's arms around me and his beard next to my head as I am writing this. He is smiling, and laughing and saying, 'that is NOT what I meant when I said to buy the cage!' I always was a little headstrong. I still am. 

Well, it's time to go return the truck. I have to show proof of filling it up, with a receipt from the gas station. It's still full. I have to make it fuller-than-full and show a receipt to avoid at thirty-one dollar fine.That's time for one more adventure!

Do you ever get yourself into trouble? I usually don't. The last time was trying to drive that Duffy Boat to see the Holiday Lights in Naples...LOL.

Is there a lesson here Ross?

Only to follow your heart in everything you do. No one is going to judge you, or fault you, for anything, no matter how it turns out. It is best to try new things, not stay in your comfort zone, for that is how we learn. We all learn. Even I am learning. (he hits his head with the heel of his hand like an Italian, shakes his head, and laughs when it comes to me....)

I'll let you know how everything turns out tomorrow!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

I Want To Know How To Be Vegetarian!

Yesterday was a major victory for the Light in the Doctor's Dining Room.

I didn't want to eat there. I'd had a late breakfast. I usually don't like the company, but Spirit 'nudged' me to go.

About a year and a half ago, I put up a bright white vortex in the middle of the Doctor's Dining Room at my work.

Since then, one surgeon Dr. Joe L has made a book on holistic cancer treatment. Several have shared they are vegetarians. And Chef there is working with me to bring new vegetarian options to the menu for here, the cafeteria, and the patient food...

I sat with my boss, a gastroenterologist, and a nephrologist. Later, a neurologist came and sat with us.

To my left, the gastroenterologist is 'almost vegan'. When asked by the nephrologist, who is 'wants to know more', we learned the GI doc avoids all animal cruelty. Except for pizza--where there is cheese--he skips all animal products. However, he still likes and craves meat. He said, 'I have two stars, for being vegan, while (me) she has one star for being vegetarian.'

My reason is selfish. I eat to have more energy. (The maximum amount of Light energy in food is in organic plant-based RAW food--I try this as much as possible, but my son eats meat and meals are difficult to prepare separately--so I compromise as vegetarian.) I can do a twenty-four hour OB shift and keep my energy up throughout if I eat RAW and have naps. For me, I do not crave meat in any way. It tastes like cardboard if I taste it now, and the vibration is just uncomfortable. I see images of the dead animal, sense the cruelty, and don't enjoy how my body feels when I have it. Because of my extremely low Vitamin D (I didn't supplement when I went RAW), I eat salmon (it's my medicine an d I force myself) and once in a while, eggs.

'Well, what about sushi? That's raw fish?' the nephrologist asked. The Gastroenterologist and I explained all meat is more difficult to digest, and has toxins. While RAW (which is new to the GI doc, who had a 'bad experience' at 119 degrees restaurant) contains enzymes within the food to help with the digestion. Digesting meat takes a lot of work!

My boss countered with his daughter, who is graduating from University and going to France to study abroad--has a daughter who has been vegetarian for five years and is exploring her options to resume eating meat, since in all of Europe, vegetarians are not exactly 'embraced' for their lifestyle, and there is 'so much good things to discover' there. He seemed proud, and he ate his meat and fish at the table in front of us. This is the second time he's been exposed to our non-meat ways, and also at the fund-raiser he learned I am a new vegetarian...when I sat across the table from him and asked for a special plate that did not contain meat.

On a napkin, I wrote for the nephrologist:

  • Avoid Pesticides--no GMO, have Organic only food (look for the 9 on the sticker on your produce to know it is okay. Mother's Market in Southern California is a good place to shop.)
  • Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Avoid meat, perhaps one day a week at first
  • Listen to your body
  • Supplement with B12 and Vitamin D
  • Drink fresh, clear, filtered water

Then I asked him about the safety of indocyanine green dye when injected retrograde through a nephrostomy tube for imaging into the kidney during surgery. I wanted to know if it was nephrotoxic or damaging to the collecting system. He said it's in the tubules (I think) and safe, and doesn't have much contact time, so not to worry.

I saw how asking that question helped him to trust, to go to what he understands, and to help maintain the professional relationship with me without feeling like I am trying to 'turn him into something new'.

He said his wife loves tofu, and although she eats meat, they look forward to the Vietnamese Vegan restaurant I recommend...

This is how we achieve gain for The Light--by showing up, and being Present for whoever needs what we are. With open hearts and open minds, together, we will change the world for the better!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Monday, January 27, 2014

He Came Back For Me

Ross is my beloved Twin Flame.

Our souls were split apart at the time we agreed to come to Gaia to assist Her on Her path.

We were married once, long ago. He died and came back as the child I saw born the night of his violent death. Losing my husband suddenly in that manner devastated me. I suddenly became a widow and beggar who lived at the mercy of our village. Once the bright, talkative girl everyone admired, I became silent and completely lost the use of my voice.

After what seemed like forever, death was kind, and took me, allowing me to be born back into the village as a beautiful girl who grew up right with my reincarnated twin. I was five and a half years younger than him.

We were married in an arranged marriage, but we had been best of friends our lives before our becoming man and wife. Again, I was the talker, and he was the silent one, the deep thinker, who touched my heart. I wed when I was thirteen and a half, and he was eighteen, a suitable age for those in our time.

Our home was a joyful one, and we enjoyed all the time we had together.

His life was cut short for the second time in our full Twin Flame marriages. It was because of his wanting to teach and share what he knew was Truth with others that led to his violent deaths.

Ties like this are hard to break. They last as long as both wish to experience them. And in our case, we really are 'one'. It is a perfect balance of the masculine and the feminine energies. We are one soul, the two of us, combined, for this is what we were before we were split apart when we were in Heaven.

Montague Keen talks across the Veil to his beloved wife, Veronica, to encourage her work on this Earth towards the Liberation of the Planet.

Matthew Ward speaks from the dead to his mother, Suzy, with messages to encourage and support the Lightworkers who are also part of the Resistance, wanting to free the people from financial tyranny and oppression, just like Veronica and Monty are doing in Ireland.

Ross came back for me. He is a Galactic, and an Ascended Master.

He has watched me since I was growing up. He has been there to guide and support me, only the amnesia that I have experienced in being a part of the third dimension is severe and extremely limiting.  With much patience he has waited for me to awaken enough that we might share our friendship once more.

Where is he right now? His is in another Dimension. But I am a medium, so I can 'connect'. It's not easy for him to be able to 'reach' me in my current density. This is why I say, 'He came back for me.'
Each day he teaches me some more about who I was, and how we once were. It is good for me to remember.

I asked him if he wanted me to look like her, and call me by my old name? He said, 'no'. My accomplishments are more now, I am comfortable as I am now, and it is my soul signature that is 'enhanced' by this incarnation. Sometimes he calls me by my old nickname. It is Amee (Ah-mee). It pleases us so much to be together, it does not matter to us what name we use!

Today I learned about his love.

Yesterday I confided to God, 'I don't think how I am approaching this love thing right. For some reason, I want to love and express my love 24/7, just giving and connecting my heart to him. It seems 'normal' to me, but is it? Would you please make it clear to me how you made it, for it to work, so that I may understand?'

I didn't know if God listened. But I meant it, what I asked.

Today, a friend, a widow who is dating again, asked me to talk to her. She said, 'Dennis made ME his number one priority. I could relax. I never questioned it. But with this guy, I think I am falling for's like he has this garden with all the little plants (the relationships). He tends to them. I am one, and he likes it, but I am not sure he is with the right reasons here for me, because he is taking care of all of his personal relationships and friends and family too; it's not like Dennis.'

I smiled because I felt God in our discussion.

I shared how modern men are like this, and from what I understand from Spirit, we are to 'row our boats' and 'wave happily to each other as we pass or connect' because we never know how long that connection is going to be. He sounds like he cares. But he is the best lesson in the world for you right now, because he's not Dennis. The answer you seek is inside your heart. You must make time to listen to it.

Then she said, 'You know what I think? I think for women like us, we so much don't want to be hurt that we push the men we love away. We just use our loving to push them away so they can't hurt us. That's why we want to love 24/7 and always be together. Then we don't have to be vulnerable to love.'

She hit the nail right on the head!  I had my answer from God.

Then I saw this--'Let your husband love you'. (the energy behind this is she's got an empty 'cup' of her personal energy, her feminine has been drained. although she perceives the affection from her husband as 'more draining' technically it isn't. It is rebalancing her feminine energy to help her feel better, and also for him to feel better too.)

I had the answer from God, not once but TWICE, so I couldn't miss the message.

Then Ross started to 'connect' again. I could feel him. He taught me that I have to turn down my love towards him sometimes, so he can approach me with his love energy. That's how it works.

And he did.

With this song:
Fragile, by Sting, Live at Universal Amphitheater

So Happy Together, by the Turtles

I was starting to understand, to connect 'the dots' between my prayer, my request to figure out what this 'relationship thing' is all about. And I realized how it takes two, who want to be together, and the energy goes between them, like a dance, like a flame, of Love.

As I drove home from work today, I felt Ross' presence, and I called out to him--'Hey Ross? Thank you for the bracelet. And the earrings!'

And he smiled! Ross has the most gorgeous smile, and in my mind's eye I could see him smiling and happy that I understood my lesson. For indeed, he had told me he was buying me the mermaid necklace, and would give me the money (somehow, just like Spirit can and does!). But then the next day, I went to my local metaphysical shop, and I bought a pair of crystal earrings and five mini-power crystal bracelets that I felt were from him. The next day, my surgeon had a cash patient, and because of that I had just enough money to cover all of the purchases. 

But I never thanked Ross for the 'extras'.

Until today. 

He said he wants to treat me like his princess. 

This is between us, this 'princess' thing. Between us two old souls, the Illuminated Twin Flames.

It has nothing to do whatsoever with me and you or anyone who know me in 3D--LOL--thankfully!!! 

This is a princess-free blog! LOL LOL LOL

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross, this one's for you, from me. Your Rose Of Sharon is back. ((( big smile )))

Desert Rose by Sting and Cheb Mami

News For Today

Ross took me here today. This morning when I woke up. He waved a hand and a scene like this was on a big screen, that was like a picture window. Except there were more trees, and instead of buildings you could see little lights.

His message was 'Relax. Believe. Receive.'

Last night he let me know HE wanted something for Valentine's Day.

I backpedaled quickly--I apologized, I didn't think Galactics cared about such things, I had so much baggage on my own that I was dealing with--that I didn't ask HIM what HE wanted!

He was kind.

He said, 'For my Valentine's Gift I want you to be happy in my arms.'

Oh my gosh! How SWEET is that?!

I laughed. He knows me well. Not only do I want to BE with him on Valentine's Day, there is a wedding in April I wish he could go with me to as well. It's a colleague's wedding.

I asked him WHEN and I asked him HOW because of the dimensions and the differences between us. But he seemed confident and calm, and I could only trust and let go...

This was posted by Sherri Meickle Reiki, and I'm using it for today's Unicorn Healing.

L2 attempt successful, sample return. was posted by Cobra several minutes ago.

And Singapore reader Yip Shi Wang shared this news of an impending bank crash:

People can't get out their money, and are being told to bring a letter explaining why they need it or to do bank transfers online instead.

This is not 'good' as far as 'bank health' goes, but is 'excellent' as far as The Event because a global financial re-set is going to be a huge part of it. If you have been following the alternative news including channeled messages, this is imminent--bank collapse--and if you have been following my work, you will know to have your car tank full, and some extra food and water around the house. Including your medicines...

The reason is that after a short time, a new, 'Cabal free' banking system will come online, and we will be able to exchange our dollars for the new currency. It will be 'gold backed'.  The computers in the central banking system will remain the infrastructure, but experts need to go through all of the coding/systems to make sure they take all the Illuminati 'bugs' and 'loopholes' that are not fair OUT.

This 'cleansing' of the financial networks is supposed to take two to three weeks. Credit cards, another part of the 'tyranny' will not work during this downtime, for similar reasons. Please make alternate plans to use cash, write checks, or barter. It all depends on what the seller is going to accept. Some may accept precious metals only. All prayer towards a smooth and uneventful transition to the New financial system will help make it as minimally disruptive as possible.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc