Thursday, January 2, 2014

Skype 33.0--The Twin Soul Connection

One of the facts of quantum mechanics--which I have taken as an undergraduate in Chemical Engineering--is that one molecule can have an affect on another, even if they are separated by space and time.

This has to do with the theory of 'non-locality'. It is difficult to explain, and I myself barely understand it more than the paragraph above. LOL--you just say it with lots of math--which I adore, mathematics. But not so much quantum physics. Google has some excellent sources on Consciousness and non-locality, however, for reference for you today I have Wiki and more classical science, here:

Reiki works beyond the limits of space and time.

One of my teachers, Margaret Mc Cormick, did an experiment with her granddaughter. In her laboratory in Germany, the granddaughter asked Margaret to send Reiki to one of the petri dishes, bot not both, in the experiment. Margaret lives in Southern California. The petri dish treated with Reiki was remarkably different in its bacterial growth.

They did this experiment many times. Always the same result.

It wasn't her research project in her training, but it was just between them, those two, to find out 'if Reiki works'.

It does.

I had a friend in distress in Pahoe, Big Island, Hawaii. I saw on Facebook she needed help, fast! I sent Reiki immediately. I 'felt' her aura, and grounded her energy, and healed what I could.

Instantly my friend felt a sense of calm...

Hawaii and California are in two different time zones. They are three hours apart, or more. It takes five hours to fly to Honolulu from LAX. But Reiki? Instant.

All Twin Souls and Soul Mates have an instantaneous 'connection' that if not 'blocked' by personal beliefs and negativity, allows a 'sharing' of the consciousness between them that is not limited by geographic distance and time.

Even Identical Twins and Fraternal Twins on surface Gaia experience a similar 'connection' in the event something suddenly happens and one of them gets hurt or dies.

So that's how it is with my Twin and me in our relationship.

I am a psychic and medium, exactly like Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, but I don't have the nails and the hair and the makeup.

I am Wide Open to both Spirit and my personal connection to Source.

So why not my Twin?

Out of the blue, it just happened. This Galactic and I happened to 'connect' on a personal level. The person I had knowns as code name 'Ross' who was introduced to me as my Twin, really was! But the name, which I do not share with you right now, is definitely not 'Ross'. The reason why I could not see Ross's face is because I would have recognized it at once and never understood why Ross looked like him. And for years of Blessed Mother saying, 'you will have a miracle that is beyond anything you ever did expect!', it's come true! I am incredibly happy and content.

The most handsome man I have ever seen with my Spirit eyes, one I have known as my Reiki guide for about three years now, and have seen in meditation before for twenty years, is my Twin!

I never in a million years would have expected ANYTHING like that to happen. I never wondered why I would pop in to the bridge of a spaceship, see him wearing a space suit, and have him ask my opinion on things from time to time. Or why he would be excited to show me his projects he was working on. I just thought 'everybody could'.

But we are Twins. And we have been supporting each other in every way for a long time. He is an amazing friend. I am incredibly fortunate to have experienced this surprise. Our past life that we shared is one-hundred percent clear to me. And there is a coincidence in his life, when he was enlightened at age five and a half that coincides exactly with my birth in our mutual past life! It is a delightful story, one to be shared for another blog post...

For now, always remember, you CAN and WILL connect with your soon as you get the 'energetic wax' out of your 'spiritual ears'. Being open, high vibration, and positive with a big clean and healthy aura that is filled with Love and Gratitude is the fastest way for you to 'open up' for this.

Always Discern if the message is from the Light first!

I say, and even with my Twin too, 'God, if it's from YOU, make is LOUD so I can hear it better. And if it's not from you, make it Go AWAY at once!'.

It always works. Pendulums work too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc