Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Dream Job: Caretaker For Animals in Nova Gaia

Animals are angels

Animals are very high Vibration.
They have a direct connection to Source at all times.
Just like the angels are connected to The Divine.

Animals embody the wisdom, 'Live a good life, learn, and go Home.'

Although Native Americans eat meat, they call the animals Brothers  and Teachers. The Shamans are well-versed in the lessons that each animal has to offer to help us grow in heart.

No matter what your view on animals in captivity, please hear me out.

Thank you.

Is this the original plan--humans helping plants and animals?

I say YES

I say we are 'heading in that direction'

And here's proof

This zoologist is studying the Siberian Tiger in the wild.

This man is testing deer for tuberculosis.

This zookeeper is tending to the feet of an elephant.

UCSD takes care of many patients from the San Diego Zoo.
( I support the zoo. I used to study there, on their student pass.) 
My professor, greeny, stayed up three days and nights taking care of a baby orangutan that had a blood transfusion reaction after open heart surgery. It's the big one now on display. 

On February 6, 2002, greeny made my dreams come true--I got to help him give anesthesia to the panda Bai Yun. It was the best day of my career, and she is my favorite patient!

The zoo thanks UCSD medical staff by hosting a Photo Safari Caravan in the spring.
I have fed a giraffe. The head is fifty pounds, and if it gets in the truck it can hurt you.
So you hold the acacia leaves out far when you feed.
I could feed them all day.
If you see a giraffe on any San Diego Zoo publication, look closely at the spots on the neck--
one has a shape of a perfect heart, it's mid-neck. They always use her photo.

I support the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.
It's a rescue for sick and injured seals and sea lions.
My Christmas gift from Santa was buying them medicines for one week.

My lifestyle is organic and cruelty-free.
I pay extra to support those who work with the land and respect Nature.

I educate my boy about animals and took him to see Jack Hanna.
As Jack autographed the two-year old's favorite plastic hippo, he commented,
'This is nice! Where did you get it?'
My boy said, simply, 'At Target.'
Jack laughed and posed for a picture. It was precious!

How could we care for our beloved Fur Babies,
without the working knowledge of zoologists, zookeepers, ranchers, dairy farmers, marine biologists, and veterinarians? (Not that I am for animal testing in any way--I was a returning student to medical school because I did not wish to do any research as a biology major that would kill animals. My friend got into UCSF on pituitary research--he had to decapitate turtles for the research. I couldnt' do it.)
Medicine for humans owes a great debt to animals too.

My friend in medical school, a devout Hindu and vegan, said I was cruel for keeping my pets and not letting them be free. He said it was cruel and not fair to the animals, any of them, even dogs and cats.

He was right.

And yet, I told him, 'I love my pets!' and I kept them. I couldn't explain why, but I valued the connection, and silently prayed that God would forgive me for not being able to let them go.

I've had the turtle over twenty years, and wrote a poem about her that got put into the Literary Journal of the School of Medicine.

Animals ARE my heroes. They are incredible teachers and friends. Their physiology is fascinating! Did you know that fish and frogs have only three chambers in their hearts? (mammals and birds have four).  Birds also have hollow lightweight bones and air sacs (like a dual chambered lung) to support flight? How it happens is way cool to me as a physician. 

But for now, no matter how you feel about animals in captivity, will you agree, just for today:
  • to spay and neuter your pets to avoid unwanted animals
  • to adopt a pet to save it from being euthanized at the shelter when you want a new pet.
  • to express kindness, love, and compassion in all of your interactions with animals
  • to support organizations that heal animals.
  • to pray for our angels with fur, feathers, and scales, for All Divine Assistance.
  • to do everything possible to avoid further pollution and destruction of natural habitat.
  • to respect animals as our brothers and friends, and learn lessons from them all.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc