Saturday, January 25, 2014

Short And Sweet

I am changing up the pace of the game. Daddy was into sports, and taught me, when things start getting 'uncomfortable' for you, or not to your advantage (or in my case, not to the advantage of the Light) change up the pace of the game. You slow it down. You make it to the best advantage for you.

Daddy taught me well

Another one who is teaching me is Ross. 

Today we explored Valentine's Day, and what healing I have to do in that area. It is a lot. I appreciate how he can 'see' from a higher perspective, and like the Akashic Records, has pinpoint ability to 'show' me images from my past.

I saw my first Valentine's with my college sweetheart. We were on our favorite bench on campus at Berkeley. He gave me a card, an enameled tin that was full of little red cinnamon candy hearts. I thanked him profusely for the wonderful gift!

Look inside!

Hidden there was a pair of 14 K gold earrings, studs, in the shape of little birds. 

Ross showed me he was there, and I saw where he was watching the whole time as the gift was given to me. He had actually helped give ideas as to what to buy for me.

Hey Ya by Outkast--it just came on the radio the exact moment I came to this part!

This was 'our song', the one with my son's father and me. We were Valentines. We were friends who became one another's Valentine's so we wouldn't be alone.

When all was said and done, I brought home my little one, alone, one year later.

I haven't had a Valentine since.

No wonder why there is so much for me to heal...

Here we are, Ross and me, breaking through the dimensions with our 'distance' relationship <3

Today was the first day I realized I 'had someone' for the dreaded holiday 'for Lovers'.
I cried and sobbed with relief, quietly, as I changed the sheets on my bed. I actually stopped to listen to Ross.

Ross explored deeper. 
He asked what I wanted from him.
 I gave a bullshit answer--'you to be all you can be and happy' or something like that.
He said, 'no, really, anything you want.'

I explained how it's the thought that counts, and whatever he gives, I would be delighted because it was from him. And I meant it.

Through the day, on the paddle board, again, he was asking, asking...what I want, why?
I kind of wanted a romantic dinner with him, but oddly enough, 
I couldn't even think of a nice restaurant that was super romantic to go to in the area.

When it came right down to it, I wanted HIM--to touch him, to hold him, to kiss him and let my love flow for him from my heart.

After that, I looked up, and there was a ship. It was cream colored, pink cloud that was the same horizontal size and shape as the one when I looked up at that theme park last week. It stayed for several minutes. I felt the 'presence' of those on board, and one was Ross. It hung in the same altitude off the horizon as last time too. And then it disappeared.

He gave it to me today, my gift for our first Valentine's Day together in this incarnation.

It was something we had enjoyed in our past, a piece of our old life when we were married to one another.

He figured me out completely.

If you are in relationship, you will understand how this gift where the giver totally figures you out and delights you is rare, and the absolute best kind of gift there can be.

If you don't see me blogging non-stop like before, it's simply because I am taking the time I need to 'grow' spiritually.

Even with this, at minimum, I blog every day. I haven't missed one. I don't just write once a week like some channels. I also write at the guidance of 'Source', in everything I do. I 'know' what is 'important' to write because I 'pick up on it'.

Everything comes in waves when you 'go with the energy'.

And right now, the energy is 'slowing up' a little, because everyone is starting to 'wake up' and 'test their way' on their own.

I love this more than anything, and THAT is the nicest Valentine's Day gift I could ever have from your hearts...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Thank you Chris Wilkins for making me believe in the Light again. You bought that picture of the woman with the basketball. I really wanted it, and I couldn't afford it because it was 'royalty' and not on the subscription. Thank you for your energy exchange back for what I did for you. Peace.