Monday, January 6, 2014

A Message Of Awakening 1.6.2104

Right before I woke up, I saw a large golden triangle in the sky, point down, as if I was looking up through the rack for a billiard table.  I could not see through the triangle clearly, but it was open.

Then I heard the song, 'Let The Sunshine In' by the Fifth Dimension.

The Age Of Aquarius--Let The Sunshine In by the Fifth Dimension

The direct link is cued up to the Let The Sunshine In part. The One where you click on the picture to play it is not cued up. I looked everywhere for a golden triangle that looked like it, and this was the best that I could do. What is ironic is that the symbol here actually in a way looks like an old symbol of Atlantis.

Every time I have been on board the craft when I was in deep meditation after receiving communion, the man who had a beard and would talk to me, the one who looked like Jesus, had that logo on the front of the cream-colored space suit right over the heart. (This started when I was in medical school in the nineties, and continued until I stopped going to church after learning about the Jesuit Agenda in July 2012. It did not seem unusual at all to see him in a space suit; we would talk and he would show me what he was working on. It always looked beautiful to see the view he would show, and he was very pleased to share it with me. He also had a lot of personal advice when I would ask him for guidance in my situation.) I never talked to anybody else but him until recently (the Ashtar blog posts) but sometimes now I see the crew. I don't remember any logo on them, the Brotherhood of Light who sit at the helm. Anyhow, when I went to the first Cobra Conference in November of 2012, there was a little brass triangle that looked just like what I had seen! I couldn't believe it and asked what it was. I was told it was the Emblem of Atlantis, it was a very old symbol. I bought it, because I had seen it before in my dreams. So with the upside-down exclamation point in this golden triangle, we almost have the symbol. Except it would be three little columns inside, not the exclamation point. 

It would be interesting to note the reaction you get when you look at this symbol. It might help you remember your past life if you ever lived in Atlantis too. Many of us have, at one time or another. I know I was a priest or priestess, and I was at the shore, and I looked up and there was this big wave, I thought, 'Oh no!' and that was it.

I was also woken up during the night with messages from Blessed Mother, or Mother Mary. Spirit is asking me to share them with you today. I actually had to get out of bed and turn the lights on to write them, then I went back to sleep.

At bedtime, 1.5.2014 after I turned off the lights:
You will have so much happiness!

In the wee small hours of the morning, 1.6.2014, at 0410:
God has made a MIRACLE!

Right before five a.m. (my clock is set about twenty minutes fast because I always hit the snooze button) on my clock, 1.6.2014:
Let the sunshine in!

These felt like personal messages for me, but just in case, I am sharing them right now with you.

The only other thing is that my Twin Flame feels 'far', and I guess he is 'busy' like he had warned me. He gave me a button two or three days ago. I wear it around my neck like one of those alarms. When I need him, I push the black button, and he will know it is me and come. I don't feel a need to push the button right now. Only a desire to send as much loving energy to him as possible because I am so thankful to have him, and so full of love and gratitude for everything he does for all of us. Not just for me. He is a freedom fighter in the Resistance. We have a shared past life that was wonderful. Now is our second chance in this lifetime to be together again. I don't care that it is across the Veil for now. To be with him again is joy beyond measure, in any way, shape or form. My heart is complete.

His code name is 'Ross'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc