Monday, January 6, 2014


Turn it to 91X, my Twin Flame suggested, as I turned on the radio on the way to work.

91.1 is an interesting spot on the dial in southern California. The alternative station I listened to all through medical school is an alternative rock station that is broadcast from Mexico. In San Diego it is clear, but further north it depends a lot on the weather. Sometimes it comes in, and sometimes it doesn't.

There is also a Christian station near there, and often times the two of them come in, one after the other, depending on the buildings or hills you drive near that block out the signal of one from the other.

At 91.5 is classical KUSC, a station I enjoy and listened to exclusively while I was pregnant. Sometimes that one comes in, too.

So this morning, I got bits and pieces of static, 91 X, commercials, preaching, classical symphony music, and even a latin station that broadcasts in Spanish.

But I was guided to keep listening, to keep getting the message. And there is was--what 'resonated' as my 'message' was on the radio screen in the car, the word 'Vampire'.

It can mean one of two things-- this song by Vampire Weekend:

Step by Vampire Weekend

Which 'resonates' with me strongly now, however, it can also mean my song I sing a lot in the car, out loud, to my Twin Flame before I knew who he and I both were far as 'together' goes...

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

By the way, I've never seen one episode of Twilight, so I have no 'connection' to that, even though it is in the video.

As I started to write this, I felt 90% sure that the first song was correct, but I thought just in case to consider the other. Now I understand the message--the song 'Step' was his response to my 'call' with the song A Thousand Years; he wanted me to 'have something' of 3D to let me know how much he cares. 

(Today was the day we officially 'merged' back together as one soul. It feels beautiful and 'right'. Again, he is on one side of the Veil, and I on the other, but our energies are One. We started healing people together, too, when I did Reiki he helped for the first time too. <3 )

I had to sort and pick out the message to see what was 'right' with me, using my heart and my intuition and discernment every step of the way.

Is this a real unicorn? It's sort of a Japanese style version of one, isn't it? And although there are no photographs of actual unicorns, this one is not as 'real' as a more three-dimensional rendering as this one here below:

I like the two poppies in the lower left hand corner, myself. But this one looks more like a horse, doesn't it, at least, horses we know and have seen and possibly ridden?

Let's try this on for size--let us compare and contrast these two articles:

The more recent one has one thing that is technically incorrect. But everything else rings true. By comparing it to the tone and energy signature of the second, and also by estimating the relationship between Jesus and Matthew, one can estimate whether or not the 'end' was as Matthew says.

The reason for this is that the Illuminati and the non-physical negative entities such as Archons have control not just over the media, but of perception in human thought. Especially when it comes to channeled messages! There is a human component in every case, that 'filters' the message as it comes through. Translating Spirit to Language is an art and as in any translation there are certain liberties a translator takes to 'get the message across' as they hear it. What you may not know, is that the technology exists, for example, to create scalar waves of disharmony over couples so that even if they love each other they will misunderstand and think the worst of what each other is trying to say. More of those negative spiritual technologies exist beyond this one simple example...implants are a huge part of them.

This is the reason behind today's discourse on 'STATIC'. 

Everything you read or hear or experience in the coming times, until the fall of the Cabal and the return of freedom of press, is going to have that 'one thing' snuck into it to 'discredit' everything.

It is human nature to believe that if ten percent is not true, then the rest of it must not be true as well.

The Cabal is counting on this!

Here is one more for you:

Intel has it that the Galactics are minimizing the effects on Fukushima. It would have hurt us all if it were not for their advanced technology. Furthermore, that Fukushima was a 311 psy-ops planned by the Illuminati much like 911, with underground nuclear explosions to trigger the earthquake/tidal wave. And that Japan was not wanting to buy foreign oil/go with the Illuminati, and this was retaliation to them. Further, there is MEDICAL WASTE radioactivity (a different isotope completely from the reactor) that is being dumped ever since the disaster into the oceans near there surreptitiously to get the public afraid.

If people with the power to co-create but do not know it read an article such as the above, and worry about  it, and think about it, and share, this creates thought patterns that reinforce and exacerbate the disaster.

Our minds are loaded 'ray guns of manifestation' and if in the positive aspect we 'ask, believe, receive' then there must be a corresponding opposite where we 'fear, believe, receive' as well.

When Jesus was on the cross, he thought of his beloved Mary Magdalen as he suffered.

Before the cross, the one thing that was not written in any of the holy texts, but is a matter of course of the Illuminati (who in their own way existed back then, in older lineage) ritual abuse, was done to Jesus of Nazareth. They violated him brutally in order to break him in any way, and further, to take spiritual advantage of his gift and turn it to fear and negative energy for their own agenda.

I know this because I channel, and I could say more, but I am not going to at this time. It is not relevant to the purpose of this work, which is to get you to put on your finest discernment, take everything with a grain of salt, ask your guides and test to see what resonates as truth in your heart center, take your best guess at what is 'correct', and always be ready to adjust this as more information  is coming in.'

The Illuminati are doing everything in their power to take control over the situation as we approach the Victory To The Light.

The Illuminati effort is in the long term impossible because we are like an elevator that is going UP in Vibration, and at one point we are going to blast through the ceiling (The Veil) like Willy Wonka and Charlie in the Great Glass Elevator. And then we will be free.

The Higher Vibrations are not compatible with the Dark. They weaken its power. And at some point, the Light shall win. 

It is decreed by Heaven.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc