Monday, January 13, 2014

A Message From Our Lady: January 13, 2014

My Children,

There is a beautiful awakening in front of us.

It is entirely blessed!

You are to arise to the realm of happiness and joy! Although the energies are right and much is happening 'behind the scenes' with or without your awareness, you are awakening to your right to have as much joy as 'God can comprehend', with or without the situation 'resolving' in a measurable way.

There are things we cannot measure on Earth that are vital and important and real--they are felt with the heart.

Your love, for an example, goes beyond explanation or measurement.

Try to describe the words you have for one another. 'He makes me happy' is all you can find the words to express the worlds of emotion that are joyful in both of your hearts! There are feelings and subtleties and connection and sweet longing and everything is blessed! blessed! blessed!  about the connection between the two of you and your hearts.

And that is but one kind of love and enjoyment! The love of two people who are united in the flesh and mind and body and spirit and heart...

What about the love for friends and family? For parents and their children? For coworkers at a place of employment--you 'love and hate' one another but when one of them gets sick? Everybody helps and pitches in to raise funds for 'our fallen brother'. Some will even donate a kidney on their behalf!

There is love for nature, love for the place of origin, love for the galactics and your beautiful 'star family' of which I am one...

Love is Healing in the Highest Sense!

And there is no stop on what can be loved! Some tend and care for an automobile more sweetly than for their children! The automobile and those who appreciate the work (as in a museum) can sense this 'love' of heart that has been placed in this work. Although the wife and children might be upset, this too is love at expecting 'but the best' from their husband and father!

Everything is LOVE.

You are LOVE.

And you are going to recognize this more and more in the next few months, days and weeks...

No matter what is happening in the politics and banking and the infrastructure, you will know the change is taking place by your heart and what it senses (touches her closed fist, right hand, gently to her heart and keeps it there).

Everything happens for the best! (the hand comes to rest at her side).

Your gentle happiness is about to arrive in waves and waves of good, how do you say it down in California? With the song? Ah yes, with what you call, 'Good Vibrations'. (I want you to play that song for them, honey, --she says to me--I agree--r.d.)

Your cheer and good fortune are about to overwhelm you! You will have forever and forever to make peace with us who are watching you and loving you from Heaven.

And the beauty of the stars shall now begin.

Your mother who loves you tremendously, with Good Faith,

Mother Mary

Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys

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Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc