Saturday, January 11, 2014

Half-Sirius Saturday

I awoke this morning to Blessed Mother telling me that 'you will have so much happiness!'

I wrote it down, and started my day. At some point, I realized that I hadn't 'checked in' with Ross the night before to share what I wanted to do with my day today. I was too sleepy the night before. He said not to worry, he had something planned for me. To just see what my son suggested to do, and to just go with it. That sounded okay to me.

He wanted to go to SeaWorld.

I changed my plans from household chores to that. The Christmas lights and decorations can go away in the morning. We hadn't gone out and had fun in a long time, just the two of kid and me.

On the drive to San Diego, Ross sent his energy signature with three songs:

I'll Be Here Awhile by 311

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Heavy Bells by J. Roddy
(remember at Christmas Ross told me to make 'lots of bells' cookies?)

Then we went to SeaWorld. It's one of my favorite places. I hate it when we see all the protesters out in front. I know it's awful to have the animals taken from the wild, and I agree, they shouldn't have been taken in the first place. But they're here, and I love them, and I doubt they could be able to survive on their own in the the protesters know this?

Once I came into the front, and made reservations for dine with Shamu, Ross told me this:

  • SeaWorld stays (in San Diego)
  • After first contact, cetaceans (advanced beings from Sirius) will come on a rotating basis to the facility--for about three weeks at a time
  • They will plan their own 'routines' and show us what Sirians can do! 
  • The Cetaceans will 'direct' the trainers for their needs!
  • Everyone will understand, and the protesters and the supporters will have Peace
I almost started to cry, I was so grateful that my very much loved whales will not go away.

There was a big crane by the killer whale tanks. I was afraid one of our whales had passed! My boy and I ran, trying to look at the observation decks. All access to them was blocked (the protesters have really changed things there alot, there is much less access to the whales). We ran all the way around, and couldn't get up, but we saw a trainer down the hill with a hose by the tanks.

We told the trainer we were here to see our whale family--we are friends with one (named her) who had a baby....was she okay? Was it a boy or a girl? 

And the trainer said, 'That trainer is ME!'

We were overjoyed! My son has been going there since thirteen months, and he wants to be a trainer. It was his dream. We went so often, that we got to know people there, and this one the most. We hugged and kissed and caught up. Everything went well, and it was a boy...

And no whales had passed! It was new equipment for the video screens that needed the cranes.

I asked how the baby whale nurses, because I had nursed my son and I was curious. How often, how it works under water...??? She explained it to us and it was wonderful to understand how it works. She said she would stop by the four o'clock dine with Shamu, and would be in the show at five.

My boy hadn't eaten lunch, so we got him something, a snack. After, there was a new jewelry store where photos used to be by Shipwreck Rapids. I went to look, nothing serious...and a beautiful pendant caught my eye. It was a mermaid! (this is it:

You see, I have been wearing super-charged necklaces to help for the Energies of the Event. An old diamond pendant from my ex, my Om, Atlantisite, and one with 'genuine shell' from my son... but this felt 'okay'. (I had always wished to be a mermaid, growing up, and the shape is like my favorite lamp--art deco style--at the Berkeley Museum of Art). I bought it! (I also got the feeling that it is time for a new necklace, as the energies now are clearly IN the Event, and going smoothly.)

And when I asked the sales clerk to take a picture of me with my new necklace, I felt Ross to my right, pressing his cheek against mine!!!

My son and I next stopped by the Dolphin area, and watched the interactions. I noticed how people LOVE dolphins--the energy, being close, touching them. I took many a photo of the guests touching the dolphins and enjoying being in their Presence. It's that Sirian energy that is healing and people LOVE to be close to it. (I am from Sirius--half of my energy signature is from there. The other half is Pleiadian.)

Dine with Shamu was wonderful. Ulysses, my son's favorite whale, was there with Keet. I took many pictures. And Uly looked me in the eye!!! I felt his telepathic message, 'I love you' to me and my son. He knows us. (afterwards, one of the trainers confessed, 'I think whales are smarter than people...') 

Kasatka knows me, too, and has for years. I've blogged about her. And she and the baby, and Corky, were in the show. I got to see my favorite whale!

The show was very beautiful, and positive energy with the crowd and the whales. It is about the human-animal connection, and how we are One. After all, we share One Ocean <3

I felt rested and recharged, with our friends, and our cetacean-human 'hybrid pod' whale family.

I whale watch for a hobby, and when I travel, I choose places so I can go and see whales in the wild.( I still have yet to see a Fin and a Bowhead and a Right and a Sperm whale...or humpbacks feed.)  

It was a beautiful day! 

And on the way home, and then two songs as I took care of the parrot as soon as we got in...the energy signature came again, with three songs:

I Miss You by Blink 182

This Is It by Kenny Loggins

Always And Forever by Luther Vandross

Today was so wonderful and special!

I thought you would like to know.

One day, miracles like this are going to happen with you and your Twin Soul, too. 

I know it! 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross is waving to you, and sends you his Love.