Monday, January 20, 2014

Ross' Special Day

Today is Ross's birthday.

And no, Ross is not Dr. Martin Luther King. It just happens to be a coincidence.

I made him a cake with candles in Spirit, and our children and I sang 'Happy Birthday' to him last night, since it was his birthday in the East and it was almost midnight here in California. Although we are on different dimensions, we have enough 'common' to move ahead as a normal family. As you might recall, about six months ago, Ross (whose face I couldn't see at the time) revealed to me (in our home, aboard ship) that we had two children. I apologized profusely for the amnesia, knowing it must be painful to them to see me and I have no clue who they are. There is a girl with brown hair who is a teenager, and a boy who is about ten who has brown hair too. They were quiet, very quiet and I hugged them and promised them I would be back and I would work hard to get my memory back so I could be their mom to them in every way, with my heart. I assured them no matter what I loved them very much and would always have that love for them no matter where I am on my assignment to liberate Gaia.

So the three of us sang 'Happy Birthday Dear Papa', and Ross was deeply touched.

It's been quite a while for us being separated by our roles in the Liberation of the planet. And it was nice to be able to celebrate our first birthday as a family in ages...

First thing this morning, Ross said he wants a coffee, the fancy kind with all the stuff on top, for his birthday. I teased him that because he likes his ice cream on top of his cake and it gets all mushy (the unthinkable for me--I put it in a dish!), that he probably likes american coffee that tastes like folger's too.

I like it dark, Peet's is best, and I don't like ANYTHING in it.

But in line, I ordered a hazelnut macchiato, grande, just because he asked me to enjoy something like that in honor of him.

I had just finished my shift on L&D and stopped by the local coffee place on the way home. They have internet too--here I am!--and I wanted to enjoy drinking it there instead of in the car.

The cashier asked my name.
I said it and showed him my badge that was around my neck, so he could spell it.

Cashier: Doctor....huh? 
Me: Yes.
Cashier: What kind of doctor are you?
Me: Anesthesia....I just got done with a shift on OB. (I smiled big). There are five happy moms now because of me!

It turns out his sister is studying to be a Midwife. I explained how we have them at our work, and it's really nice. She should look into it. (She graduates in a couple years).

I handed him my card.

He wouldn't take it.

I saw on the register, $2.25...

I was puzzled.

Cashier: Thank you for all you do.

This has NEVER happened to me, ever, in my whole career!

I was surprised and felt so much nurturing, warmth, love and compassion!

Thank you Ross for giving a fresh birthday surprise to me...

I am the luckiest woman who ever walked Gaia!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc