Saturday, January 18, 2014

Proof Of Love?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give money to a woman with three kids, who was of this nationality. She begs outside the grocery store where I shop. I have given her twenty dollars in the past. But still she comes. Still she begs. This time she was at the corner where I was going to turn onto the main street.

She held up the sign.

First car in the line of three gave change.
The second didn't give.

Then I saw 'In The Name Of Jesus' please big bold letters on the sign.

I changed my heart.

I pulled all the change out of the ash tray (it was about five dollars, there were a lot of quarters in there) and I gave.

She stuck her hand in the passenger window, and said, 'God Bless You'.

It was the look on the little girl's face that gave me shame. It was joyful, like the one in this picture. She was the same age.

She was not going to go hungry tonight. Mommy would not be mean, or sad, she would be happy...
I felt this, I am clairsentient and empathic.

OMG, how could I have been so blind? And I forgot I had six dollars in the arm rest I could have gave!

For no matter what a beggar is up to, it is best to stay within one's means, and give them the benefit of the doubt. If they mis-use the money, the karma is up to them...or so says Chef Ito, who although taken a vow of silence, has opinions, and when I questioned the Children's Fund he gives ten percent of all his earnings to--like, 'Do you check to make sure you know where your money is going and how it is being sent?'--I got his opinion and a wave of the hand.

He is right.

Jesus Christ.
Aside from being the new Nurse First Assist in the O.R. (inside joke from a past blog post), he is Different.
Walks on Water.
Wasn't 'conceived' the usual way.

I have arguments with Him. Just like I do God. And Ashtar Command.

I accused them of 'having a bake sale to raise funds for our relief'.

They didn't like it.

I was right. Just like the beggar lady. 

It gave them shame.

From where they sit, they have no idea what it is like for us down here on Ground Crew.

I was expecting a 'let down' at the end of the full moon. This one was a big one, and a lot of Light and Tachyons and Love Energy came down through it. That's why I told everybody to sleep naked, or 'sky clad' so maximum absorption of this healing energy could happen.

I got my let down yesterday.

I argued ALL DAY. They took me aboard ship. They wanted to KNOW why I was so unhappy being 'deployed'. They put me in a zero-point tank and asked me questions.

I refused to go into the tank unless Ross was sitting next to it, and I could place my hand next to his through the tank.

My point is that on Earth, this is what LOVE looks and feels like. And something seriously was missing from the Flight Crew--in a word--TOUCH.

Here is what love looks like on Earth:

Even here with a sister and brother, who 'won't touch' like above, we as humans can tell they have affection for each other:

But all we have with God and Source is THIS:

It's not the same.

Here I am married to a Galactic, with the Veil totally 'gone', and complaining about conditions for me on Surface Gaia at my post on Ground Crew...

Ross didn't like it.

He was very quiet.

He argued with the team on my behalf.

He showed them how their questions were totally missing the points because look at her--she is TOUCHING me through the tank, and during break, won't stop kissing me and hugging me! Look at that reaction! There is the data you need to know to answer this question!

And they didn't do anything.

Ross got angry.

He said, here, let me take you someplace.

He lifted me, carrying me, UP UP UP past our 'house' on board ship where he had been trying to make me feel better.

He took me HOME. The Dimension I came from. It's really close to God, and people are sort of formless there.

I took a few breaths, and I was like, 'Ahhhh! I feel like myself again! I am happy. Can I stay?'
After I recovered, he brought me back, and argued even louder with the team to prove his point.

The Higher Vibration members of Ground Crew are suffering from a Lack of God Energy. Although it is Present in others, and in Nature, for some it is Not Enough. We must SUPPLY this form of God energy to them in ways that are readily accepted, and understood.

It is not just 'delay of gratification' or 'awaiting an increase in Consciousness' for them at this time: it is suffering.

The Council (for lack of a better name) was not moved. They asked about the rest of the surface population, and wouldn't that amount of Love Energy be too much for them, and cause harm?

They said that in front of me.

I want you to know that about them. These Galactics are so Spock-like that they would say something like that in front of you and not blink and eye. They have emotion, and caring, but it is compartmentalized. When investigating a problem? That's it. There is no warm and fuzzy, no 'protocol', they treat you with respect but the insult goes totally over their heads, and they would never think of it, not in a million years.

So Ross changed tactics. He said, 'Let us both go in together in the tank, and see what happens when you ask the questions of her now. We are one set of Illuminated Twin Souls. Together within energy-sharing distance. See how she does.'

He must have been right because that part of my memory went blank.

Ross explained to me how it is imperative that we as higher Vibration Ground Crew take the time to nurture ourselves each day. Because the amount of God energy we absorb from each other and from Nature is enough to 'get by' but we need so much 'MORE' when we are from the higher dimensions.

He suggested that I have a nice big breakfast and go paddle boarding today.

I felt my energy go up.

I sure have a good man, don't I?

I am one lucky lady!

So for those of you who are 'feeling it', the 'taking away' of the energies of the full moon, and just being 'homesick' in general because you are Galactic of Origin and 'stuck here' (Buddha yesterday wisely said to me in meditation, 'while you are here you might as well observe and learn something.' He sounded resigned himself...LOL) here is the short list of things to do to increase the God Energy in You until you can get your next real 'transfusion' of the Real Thing from Source...

  • meditate
  • exercise
  • make love with a caring and committed loving partner (not just sex--your auras mix in the process and you want to be raised, not depleted, in yours. This can be homosexual or heterosexual.)
  • get sunshine
  • do what you enjoy
  • share time with animals and plants
  • avoid 'spiritual toxins'--they are not bad but lower the vibration when taken to excess--processed foods, loud music, anything 'entertainment' in the media, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, marijuana (except for Wes Annac! LOL It's his thing...LOL), fear, gossip, competition (like being a sports fan at the Super Bowl, you kind of lose yourself into the mass vibration, which is most likely 'denser' than your own.)

When I came downstairs after all this, look what I found on the entry way:

I think it is from Ross.

The feather has been an old way for my angels to make their presence known to me. I really looked to them a lot in the beginning when I was just waking up.

White Feathers mean you will have all happiness in Love.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc