Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A First With My Twin Soul: Our First Disagreement

I have a temper.

Mother is Irish-Italian mix. Father is French. Thank God for Dad. Because of him I have a long fuse before I lose my temper. I am patient and kind most of the time. But not always.

And not two nights ago. I told Ashtar off. I called the High Sirian council the 'Council of Nine or Ten or WHATEVER' and told them off too. I went over their heads and complained directly to their Boss, you know, G-O-D! (here is the whole tale

Then here is how I got 'called back in' after my outburst:

God posted this in his latest Heavenletter:

I felt guilty, not in a Catholic way. Just like maybe I had an opportunity to see more clearly, and I hadn't.

This afternoon, while I am 'on call' and physically have to remain at the hospital, I took a walk around the grounds. During my walk, I had a heart to heart with my Twin Flame, who is in Spirit. Nothing seemed wrong. I asked, 'Did I get fired?' He said 'no'. But also I asked about our house we share up 'there'. He showed it to me. It's like an apartment, very white and modern, and has natural lighting. Yes, daylight on a spaceship. Somehow they make it. There aren't many knick knacks--because it's not physical like we are, but there is furniture, and we can cook, and have our personal lives to enjoy. I asked him what my reputation is on board ship. He said, 'you are one of our brightest lights, a strong warrior, and you are not afraid to speak up. You have a temper. That is one of the things we like about you--it is from being on earth and you are very creative in your perspective and your expression.'

I didn't think anything of it.

But tonight, it was QUIET. Spiritually QUIET. I asked Ashtar what was up? Nothing. I went to God and asked him, Did I Get Fired? He said no, and quickly changed the subject.

Then I was with my Twin.

And I saw.

In the future all of my concerns are to go to HIM first. Because of his Position, my going to the others the way I did stepped on his toes and made it seem like I was trying to run things on my own. (In reality, they all know I was in pain and wanting relief and asking for help on a Spiritual level--the energies have improved considerably since I spoke up. Other Lightworkers are noticing it too.)

I felt awful. It hadn't been my intent at all, but in my anger and frustration I had created a faux-pas of Galactic Proportions.

To Make it up to him, he asked me to write a blog post about Being Caretakers For Animals on Gaia.

Then a reader shared this on Facebook:

And another interesting experience was after I saw the movie "Passion of Christ" years ago. I was badly affected by the movie and I Prayed at night and asked, "God, it is so terrible what we did to Jesus Christ and what we do to each other. It is so horrible. Why do we do these things. Why do these things happen." I then felt a presence in the room and heard the words in my head, "That is the Beauty. You have a choice." I was startled and scared. But I thought I should ask something else. So I said, " I've always thought animals have Souls. Do animals have Souls?" The answer I received was, "You put them down." For days I wondered about the meaning. I believe the answer means, yes, they have a Soul but we are the ones that put them down as lesser than us and think they may not have Souls. When I was in my 30's, I was very afraid of being alone without a life partner. One night as I pondered this a voice clearly told me, "You're as alone as you want to be." And I have had many, many more...Beautiful experiences, all of them. Blessings to you All Mercedes Z. Barreras --

He wants me to put it in another post and link it, so I will. Look for the P.S. at the end.

And now the 'connection' to Source is flowing freely again between us, between me and God, and between me and Ashtar Command, and me and the Sirian HIGH Council (they just corrected me).

Mahalos and Aloha,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This is for my love, my Twin Soul, as a peace offering to him from my heart. It's about animals, and how we are their caretakers on Gaia for the long haul through 5D and beyond!