Friday, January 17, 2014

Something New: Galactic Reiki

Every day I send Reiki healing to over one million people. This includes making this healing available to the guardian angel, and if they accept it, to each person who reads this blog.

Sometimes I get 'help', most notably, Usui Sensei himself, Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki.

Another one who 'helps' is my Galactic friend and husband, Ross. Ross is on board ship, and is part of Flight Crew. I am here on Ground Crew, and somehow, through the Veil, we make our relationship 'work'.

Yesterday Ross and friend Ashtar Sherhan were 'helping' me send Reiki. They used a healing I had never seen or heard or experienced. It had Light and Sound qualities to it, as well as energy that could be felt like Reiki.

It was quite strong.

I asked if I could learn it. Ashtar said, 'Most certainly.'

Then I turned to Ross and asked if it was okay for me to learn?

Both men turned ashen, and looked at each other if they had seen a ghost. Apparently it is a very 3D thing to do for a wife to ask her husband for permission and is unheard of in the galactic realms; in all of our marriage before I had the amnesia to be able to complete my assignment on Ground Crew, I was apparently OUTSPOKEN always!

Hey Ashtar! Hey Ross! Do I have your permission to get wet?

Lauren Obeng approached me late yesterday afternoon with a symbol that was from Sirius and had been given to them for me.

I looked at it with DELIGHT! And I asked for how it was drawn.

Then I had to get back to work. I worked a long day, and didn't see the symbol again until this morning.

To attune myself (I am a Reiki Master and can use new symbols and teach them)?

To trust--is this from the Light? How come it didn't come to me?

Ashtar and Ross said, 'You go figure it out' when I asked if it was okay.

Talk to the Symbol!

I did.

Next thing I knew I was ON Sirius. I've been twice. I called Eric, my Reiki III guide. I apologized for hardly every thinking about him--I thanked him for always being present. Being Half-Sirian, I didn't like to think about there much because I am homesick enough as it is...

Eric understood.

He explained the symbol. He cannot give me the name, but it is for Unity and Friendship. It is important to help set the stage for the energies of the Event.

It is from the Light.

Then he took me on a tour INSIDE Sirius. It was awesome!!! It's mostly water with little dots of land. There are whales and dolphins and it's very bright, and clean. And it SINGS! There is a sound of beautiful enchantment like chimes or something, but really pretty to hear, and it makes your heart very happy.

Just when I started to want to stay forever, Erik took me back.

I attuned myself.

And I gave it.

That is the story of the Reiki that was sent today. Galactic Reiki? How's that for a name???

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The reason that I was not given the symbol from Spirit is because I was at work all day, and couldn't listen.

P.P.S. After the Galactic Reiki attunement, my clarity in my 'remote viewing' has been improved a lot. So has my telepathy and clair audience. A friend had a vision, and I was able to connect and give a concise explanation from Spirit for her. Another friend gave a longer explanation (the first two are in California, the third in NY, and we all 'matched').