Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It Happened!

Yesterday my son and I were in New Orleans Square, and by accident he almost walked with me into the women's restroom. I said, 'Are you sure you want to go in here?' with a laugh. He was like, 'Wow! I almost forgot!' And another female guest said, 'He's forgotten how big he has grown, hasn't he?'

See that picture at the top in blue?

That was the story of my life for the longest time! It was like, the bag with all the diaper stuff. Knowing to use the night diapers on plane flights so you wouldn't have to change that often. The way to hold him down on his tummy with my left forearm so he wouldn't roll off the changing station. And how QUICK I had to be with the new diaper so I wouldn't accidentally get a 'stream' from my adorable boy!

Then there was that poignant time for all mothers, when solid foods get introduced, and the not-so-icky breast milk 'soiled diaper' is replaced by the more generally 'stinky' one...

I never thought about it as the sizes went up.

I never gave a second thought to the switch from diapers to 'pull ups', yet it was a huge transition.

Then came these times:

I used See's chocolate balls in festive foil wrappers, one for number one and two for number two.

Outside the home, my feet became the replacement for the standing stool we had back home: I would hold him standing up with his feet resting on mine, so he could reach the bowl when he had to pee.

Then there was that awful time where there were 'accidents' in the first 'diaper free days'--and always having spare clothes available and supplies packed for the clean up that always was really a lot of work.

Although my mother said not to worry, he'll potty train before college--all children do--the head of the preschool had an appointment with both of us parents to make sure 'the only thing that was holding him back from the three year old class' was 'fixed'.

Only a parent knows how much 'help' children need after being fully potty trained. The wet wipes. The not wanting to be alone in the bathroom. And the dreaded public restroom scene where there is no 'family' one available, the kid wants to go in the men's, not the women's with you, and you are not sure if in this day and age it is safe for him to go?

Somehow it all settled itself out.

And last night I realized that day I had been looking to for years and years, had come at last!!!

I was free. I still buy the wet wipes, but after that, it's all good. I check in to make sure there is no constipation, just in motherly conversation from time to time, but I've done my job and that is really encouraging that the system WORKS!

I hate to be the one to make this analogy, but as a mom I know many will understand the 'Potty Training and Freedom' is kind of 'An Event' that many parents look forward to in a big way.

And it's not that different in this regard, from the real THE EVENT that we have on our hearts and minds and souls for so much time...

It is desired very much, and out of our 'hands' in a way...because you can't rush it. When the child is ready, it gets done, and looking back, it probably was not something to have put so much emphasis on in the first place. All the thinking about it didn't make that 'Potty Freedom' come any more fast than it would have, any way.

The Event, the big one, the financial global re-set, disclosure, and the flooding of Light Energy on Gaia surface is going to arrive!

In it's own way. On it's own time. And there really isn't much one can do about it. Except keep things in perspective.

And I suppose, figure out the Energy Equivalent to 'flushable wet wipes'! I don't think we could have accomplished 'potty freedom' in the home without them. LOL.

All I know is I am looking forward to sharing the experience of the Real EVENT with each and every one of you. It is most Blessed!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc