Monday, January 13, 2014

The Struggle For Success?

(The following is from a discussion I had with the Sirian High Council. Today I was 'called in' to meet with them. This is the information they wish to share today with you. This is my first time ever in their presence. I asked for their name twice just to make sure I had the right name. This happened before I met with the Sirian Council of Nine, which is also a first.)

Today they wished to explore the human expectation for 'success' as it is today.

There seems to be a generally accepted perception that is widespread which is to the effect of:
Struggle Is A Necessary Prelude To Achieving Success

They question this, frankly, because the Illuminati are quite the opposite! They are born into the lap of luxury, build upon the strengths of their forefathers, and have no struggle whatsoever with success! They simply continue doing what has been done before, and it keeps working.

Furthermore, the Council suggests, that the Illuminati are actively 'perpetuating' this misperception of the 'need for struggle' through stories, and movies with the standard format--beginning, struggle, which leads to a resolution that is 'happy' for all.

Why is this discrepancy so?

Why the need to struggle when clearly it is not advantageous to do so?

The message that the Council wishes to 'get out' to the general public is that THEY are the Ace in the Hole, our Galactic Brothers and Sisters from the Higher Dimensions, with their advanced technology and support for the Liberation of the Planet.

Instead of worry or anxious reflection about the coming of The Event, why not Trust in those who are 'behind the scenes' and 'in the rafters' for doing what they do best? That is, helping planets to break free of the challenges that are overcoming them.

It does not have to be a struggle.

In fact it is quite the opposite! It is a wonderful opportunity for a Golden win-win, a Victory all around, a truly unequalled Victory To The Light that is imminent for all!


Another thing they wanted to understand was my personal opinion on the latest update from Cobra. They wanted to know if they were 'hitting the mark' to meet the expectations of Ground Crew.

Here is my response to them:

  • It was 'too much' all at once. It would be better to have broken it up into smaller 'packages' that when placed together show incremental 'advancements' to the cause. (this is a linear 'time' thing)
  • The information itself was excellent. The choice of what was shared allowed others the branch points from which to take off on their further research.
  • The 'tone' information was the best--the diagram, the fact they'd disabled the negative spiritual technology was something other bloggers and I were discussing amongst ourselves.
  • The Italian lineage was way over my head, yet the intel on the 'bad guy' was more interesting and I would have wanted to know 'more' about him. It's an entirely new concept to me, someone like him.
  • The part about other projects that are secret is okay--it addresses our concerns--and the fact that 'not likely to see anything for a couple of months' is right on the mark!
I picked up that I gave them 'something to work on' and are going back to the drawing board. I sense that they really wish to get this communication thing 'right'. I respect and admire them for their commitment to the cause, and as us.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc