Monday, January 20, 2014

Lightwork Does Not Have To Be 'Heavy'

Today I was invited and encouraged by Ross to go to a local theme park with my boy. It took a while for us to get out of the house.

Something puzzled me with the request while I was getting ready to go: wear something nice like you would wear if you were on TV.

It took me a while to find something. I settled on my best green sweater, jeans, and simple make up and hair. I wore my shoes that have the image of the mascot of the park on them; they are crocs that are like 'sonuk' brand cloth 'sandals'. I also brought a teal wool cardigan to put over it when it got to be night.

There wasn't much traffic, until the parking gates. I waited over twenty minutes just to get to the attendant!

But then the Ross 'assistance' began to show up--there were two single seats on the tram, so we didn't have to wait in line.

At the entry to the park, Ross said he had a surprise for us. It was to the left and in the back (I know this park well, as it was my first employment, and also as a kid I came often.) My son wanted to ask for clues and Ross said with a smile, 'no, what kind of surprise would that be if I answered all of your questions?'

As an aside, my son, is also 'like me'. We work together to help souls cross to the light. He is a Reiki Master, reaching this at age seven. Ross makes his presence known to the boy, and when my son asks Ross for advice, he hears the advice on his own. I told him Ross is an angel, and is willing to assist any time he is needed...for anything...just ask.

So we were sort of on a wild goose chase, looking for a place to eat lunch, with the clue that Ross 'wanted my son to eat a steak' (The boy likes beef.) The fancy place was not taking stand by and the next reservation was at nine p.m. The less fancy one I like had no beef. The one with the jazz band by the mint julep stand that used to have the roast beef he loves doesn't serve it any more. The little stand we once had cinnamon rolls at didn't have beef except a sandwich.  The one farthest in only had burgers. So we did a 'quickie pass' at the 'ride where you get wet' and headed back, for there were two hours to wait.

My boy wanted to do the shooting 'gallerie' and I wanted to ride the canoes after lunch. He wanted the BBQ on a stick, but I'd seen a 'symbol mithraic' above the grill the last time, and I didn't care for the vegetable skewer. But I 'felt' a nudge to the place next door--sure enough, the same roast beef as at the other place, and for me--black bean cakes, cucumber salad, and a very small key lime pie!

I felt Ross saying, smiling, I want to provide for you, I want to provide for you, I will provide for you.

So we wasted quarters after lunch making tombstones 'shake' and vultures flap their wings with the 'guns'. It was very hot. As a matter of fact, the first thing we did at the park was buy me a tee shirt, because I had been overheating...and the shooting got uncomfortable in the direct sun, so we stopped.

It was my turn, and we couldn't see the canoes. We thought to take the raft to the island. But at the last second, my boy saw a canoe with people in it. Excited, we ran to the line. It was crowded.

As we were almost to the turnstile, and paddle in hand, I watched a woman faint. She collapsed.

Immediately I sprung into action. The woman was much thinner than her companions, and had on a thick sweater and long pants instead of shorts and a tee shirt like them. Immediately I thought of eating disorder, electrolyte abnormality, hypovolemia, and hypoglycemia as well as heat 'stroke'.
I introduced myself, and began to reassure everyone while I cared for the woman who was down.

I will never forget the angel next to me in line, who asked if the lady needed 'sugar' and handed me a cold blue drink in a plastic 'barrel', the kind with the metal colored paper 'lid' glued on top of the bottle neck.

The sister helped me, and when I saw the patient was breathing and responsive, I allowed my instinct and intuition to direct the first aid, as well as the Reiki. I called for help--First Aid team was activated. We started cooling measures, taking off the sweater (there was a tank underneath), and using moist towelettes. There was rapid breathing and poor skin color, a sign of shock. I cradled the woman against me, and holding her head, gave very small sips of the drink, watching to see if she choked.

The fingers got tense and she couldn't move them. She also got numb everywhere. Young and healthy, she had a fever the past week, but no other conditions. She had eaten earlier in the day. Slowly she improved but was clearly in need of hydration and lab tests at a hospital. The First Aid team arrived, and I gave report.

Funny thing though--I sensed they were not ready to assume care and have me leave because the team kind of appreciated having someone with my training there as an extra set of eyes and hands. So I stay with the patient, and watched the vitals come up as they measured. Apparently hyperventilation will do this to the hands (I have to look it up), and there was no fever (my cooling measures were working, because my 'mom' hands could pick up the difference between sweater 'on' and 'sweater off')

When it felt like the team was more okay with the situation, I excused myself to go on the ride with my son.

Guess what?

The ride operators on the canoe were so thankful, they gave me not one 'front of the line pass' but TWO! These are like 'quickie pass' but they are good for any ride and any time! We could not believe our good fortune! Plus we were allowed to cut in line on the canoe, and ride in front.

I also bumped in to an old surgery resident I worked with when I was pregnant, my friend I haven't seen in ages, J.C. He had his miracle preemie (who was three) and I got to meet him, and he met mine. J.C.'s sister was there with her girl, the cousin. I wondered what were the odds of running into him like that?

We also found Space Mtn closed, much to our dismay. But the operator there gave us a 'rider switch' pass for that ride.

I was called to do some Lightwork, as my son enjoyed a feature near by. It was cool--this park is located at a place that overrides the Laguna Vortex. I'd set up and maintained a Vortex for the Light in this park for over a year, but this time it was different. At this location in the park, and with Ross' help, while I was laughing and enjoying the feature with all the others too, I had a whole lot of light anchor through me to Gaia. Then, no only did this new vortex open, it connected to Laguna, Alma, and many others in quick succession! I felt someone watching me, and I looked up. There were two very small clouds up in the horizon where I could see. The Galactics were there! And Ross was with them. The White Brotherhood smiled and asked me if I love them all the same as Ross. I smiled and shared that I love Ross 'just a little bit more' but I love you all! I looked away, the clouds were still there, but after I told my son and looked at him, I looked up and they were gone.

We went on a 'bobsled' ride, with front of the line privileges, saving one hour wait time. As we were waiting to board, my son turned to me and said, 'Mom? Ross is the best thing to ever happen to you.' I smiled and agreed.  He said, 'I wouldn't mind being Ross' step son one day.' I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me, especially if you know the full story behind how my boy came to the world to begin with.

We came back, and watched some knee-high jedis get 'training' for a camera moment for the parents at the park, and then--WOW!--the Space ride OPENED! We RAN up, and I pocketed the front of line pass because the line was that short.

I blushed because I invited Ross to ride with us, acknowledging that as a Galactic it might seem a little silly and I was okay if it wasn't his thing. But he said, 'yes'. We actually went on it twice in a row, and it was enjoyable--my boy and I in 3D, and Ross in 5D, holding my hands as I held them up.
I LOVE that ride, and I relaxed and enjoyed it very much. (we also did Lightwork together on the second ride--it's hard to explain, but Ross and I work together quite well now on healing.)

Ross confided that it pleases him so much to see me enjoying myself and my son, and that it was our gift to him to allow him to show us such a good time.

Dinner was where I had my first job. It was surreal being a mom and a customer at that same place.
I spoke up with my son after he only ate three bites of fruit--because after a day of bagels, cinnamon rolls, and meat and potatoes--I was concerned. It really made him upset. I had to smooth it over with him. Ross let me know to just drop it, and let him work on the eating habits (more fruits and vegetables) from Spirit Side. It will be more effective. So I let it go.

Then more rides.

Before I knew it, it was time for fireworks. There I did the most significant work of my healing/mediumship ever.

You see, some places of the dark are built to trap souls. This place is now for the Light, as I have worked many projects here*. But tonight, we let the trapped souls find the way home. They were ashamed and not sure they were allowed to go to the Light. I held each one, reassured them, and pointed the way, even to placing their hand in Blessed Mother's. I felt Ross' energy there. I also felt Archangel Michael gently say they were holding the vortex open for us (it was white, the one to help souls cross) and I could let go. Finally, this project of my Lightwork at this theme park is complete.

On the tram ride back to the car, (again, to 'empty last minute seats opened') I remarked to my son how everyone was polite in the day. I actually sent Reiki to three small kids who were throwing tantrums and crying in the park in the afternoon...I felt for their little upset souls' frustration!

My boy said it was the best day at that park EVER--we went on NINE rides in nine hours. He's been going there since he was three months old, too...

In the car, on the way home, with my little one fast asleep, Salusa came in. He smiled and explained how our sharing/guidance in Galactic and Human 'cultural exchange' goes both ways, and how being of high spirits and good cheer, with love and laughter, are absolutely conducive to doing effective work for the Light.  It is a Galactic way.

So here I am, a little sleepy, but very fulfilled and very much in joy over an amazing and productive day!

I think it was spent in 5D...I sure hope it was!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This is Cap'n Eo--and I can clearly see the Lightwork and the Return of the Goddess in this film! Enjoy!
Captain Eo, Full Movie
direct link to remastered HD version here:

* -- read Cobra's Little Red Pill is you want to know the history. Because this place is much loved, there is an overlay of goodwill, and happiness, in addition to my clearing work done. If you look up my blog, "Papa Rat' is a euphemism and some other direct observation I've had is there. But from here on out, only Light remains. The rest is simply of historical interest.