Sunday, January 12, 2014


My family puts the FUN in dysfunctional.

It's messed up.

Today there was a get-together to say 'goodbye' to a cousin who is moving to the midwest, and I am humbled, deeply humbled by the whole process.

The system works!

God (and the Goddess) had this crazy idea to throw us into these family units--where we--many of us Lightworkers--were thrown into the 'Lion's Den' if you will, the very worst places on the planet, To Shed Light.

Today I saw how my cousins and uncles were older...the ones I used to see every Christmas Eve and at family functions. And I thought, 'God, you were so smart to give Cousins, so I can see what the road is like ahead of where I am.'

Today I saw how darkness transformed to Light...there were several people who had hurt one another in various ways, incest, physical abuse, alcohol, gambling, infidelity...who had found peace with each other and the abusers had healed!

I found out one incest abuser had actually paid the rent, bought groceries, and traded cars (taking over the car payments) of the one he had abused and her new husband for six months when they were starting out. They wouldn't have made it without him.

Another who had been a physical abuser and made his kids pass out in a pool of blood in the bathroom on a routine basis, had tenderly cared for the wife dying of cancer, and earned the love and respect of the children and the whole family. He'd changed, in his heart, mind, body and soul and had grown. He asked, casually, how he had been so lucky to marry her, the wife who was an angel, an earth angel, in every way...

The one who cheated on his wife, and left her for another woman, only to have his ex, the one we knew, die of ovarian cancer? He married the one he had the relationship with, and now she is family, and has found work for two of the deceased wife's kids at her work. I could see how sometimes relationships change, and both partners have to move on to keep up with their soul lessons; it really is not personal, although it is painful to experience when you are the one that is being left.

I found out a cure for leg cramps is V-8 juice, Tums and ibuprofen. Many of my relatives are very active. One rode a sixty-mile bike ride earlier in the day.

But most importantly, I saw my cousins who have been in the movie industry for their entire careers, and are NOT worshipping the devil, or any of those bad things that so many of them do. They are good, decent people who love God and are perhaps a little 'more religious' than others, as far as being Christian go, but not more so than others I know who are Christian extreme worshippers.

If you are from a not-so-good family, have hope!

The family unit was selected with pre-birth contracts and agreement of everyone involved . Why? For the learning of lessons. Some are teachers, some are learners, and together it all works out. There is the karma 'payback' as well as the love that remains between after all is said and done.

Why not take a little break every now and then, talk to your heart, and find out what lessons your family has been helping your heart learn with you?

Because behind all that, is the wisdom of Source, and it is all for your Highest Good.

It's always darkest before the dawn...but soon the sun will come up, and you will see your family with bright new eyes that see!

I couldn't believe how much higher the vibration was of our group today; there was love, laughter, and sharing. People are really doing things for their health, like quit artificial sweeteners, try organic, eat less meat, or whatever 'nudges' them to do. We have come a long ways as a family, and I am excited I had the chance to see it today.

I have to be honest with you. Today I really didn't want to go. I like staying at my house and relaxing on the weekends. I didn't want to get dressed and drive to go and see people I hardly ever see.

But I checked with pendulum.

It said, GO. It is for the highest good.

So I went.

It turns out my cousin's fiancee has a daughter with terrible neurological condition. And the shunt isn't working. So the surgeon is going to try switching from a ventriculoperitoneal (head to stomach drain for CSF) to a ventriculoatrial shunt (head to heart for CSF). He'd only done two, in his career, and was really worrying her.

I explained what I had seen, and I knew it works, and it's something doable, and not to worry.

She was visibly relieved! I hadn't seen her in eight years!

That's why Spirit wanted me to go.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc