Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The New Cage For Harry

Iris flowers carry the meaning 'have faith'

Thank you mom.

Every look, every gesture, ever feeling from my bird in his new cage this morning as I uncovered it, glowed with the message of love and appreciation.

Thank you mom.

My son was delighted at Christmas with his gift from me, and plus, I saw tears of joy running down his face as he unwrapped his gift from santa, the watch of his dreams.

Thank you mom.

As a parent, I never expect thanks from those I support and care for. It's part of the job, to know you did what you are asked to do, did it well, and not to expect any compliments on it from anybody. It's just what is done.

Thank you mom. Thank you dad.

The words make my heart sing! 

I did all that struggle with the cage yesterday because I wanted something better for my bird. My friend, who watches him, told the bird, 'your mom really loves you to get you this!' 

We all agreed once we saw the old cage next to the new one, that the new one is so much better! The old one, the one he has had for almost twenty-five years, looks painfully small and cramped next to the new one. 

I saw the flaws on it clearly, as if with new eyes. It was dirty--not like filthy, but you know how a high chair gets after a while, even after you take the hose to it to clean it, there's just sticky gunk that won't come off? There was a lock on the feed bowl door, where I had to keep Houdini-bird from unlocking it from the inside, pushing the bowl out, and escaping. I had to undo the lock and lock it every day! There was the newspaper on the bottom that Harry would tear up and when you pulled the drawer to change it, Harry would try to pull it and 'fight you for it'. Everybody knew what he did! 

This new one had doors for the food bowls that he can't open. There is a deeper drawer under the cage where Harry can't get to the newspaper. There is a seed catcher 'rail' on the bottom, so I don't have to sweep up as much mess that Harry makes. 

In every way this new cage is so much better! That is despite the few scratches and dents from my mishap yesterday, and despite the hold in the wall I need to patch up.

Goffin's Cockatoos are native to Tanimbar Island, in New Guinea
It is my wish to one day visit there.

As I look out the window, on my second 'bonus day off', I look at the fog in the forest, how dark and hazy it is, and I feel loved. I like fog more than anything, and I feel safe, and comforted, by the blanket of moisture in the air. 

I always feel like God sends fog special just for me.

We are all hurting. We are miserable when it comes to this life, that we must die, say goodbye to everyone and everything we know. We experience loss and hardship, disease, suffering...all of these things are foreign to everyone else in the cosmos--except for those of us here on earth.

As I read the Heavenletter, I want to say, 'God? You gave us too difficult an assignment at school. It is WAY over our heads, and we are uncomfortable with this approach. Are you sure you are not taking it personally that we just aren't 'there' yet???'

I sense He is.

I sense He bought for us this beautiful brand new cage--but it's in vibration, not iron like Harry's--that is so much better suited to us and our unique needs.

And what makes this cage 'go' is that our minds are now 'fully loaded ray guns of manifestation', which means, literally, 'think and it becomes real'.

Ever hear the saying, 'worry is prayer for something you don't want'?

It's true.

The more emotion and feeling and love and gratitude you experience about something (think winning olympic gold medal) the more likely, the more probability, it is going to 'manifest' or 'happen' to you.

THAT is where the responsibility comes up.

We make our own movie. This is what my grandfather and godfather, Nanu Filippo, told mother when she first 'saw' him after he had passed.

We make our own movie of how our life happens to us!!!

Even the bad parts.

God allows us to make this movie while keeping with our Pre-Birth Contracts (our 'curriculum' we designed while we planned to attend 'Earth School') and the Highest Good.

I don't know how to tell God what to do. I don't ask him for things. I ask him to help me to understand my lessons, so I can get 'unstuck' and get more out of life. But I LOVE God in everything I do. And that goes for the Goddess, too. She is also there, but not apparently in the Heavenletters : )

I hope this helps, my 'take' on the Heavenletter today.

Start with baby steps. Ask for a parking spot to open up. Your guardian angel will get it for you. Ask to be given 'signs' that you are 'on the right track'. For me, it was pennies on the ground. Heads up meant 'good-yes-continue' and heads down meant the opposite.  I found feathers in the strangest of places too, as 'signs'.

In Reiki, when you learn it, you have to figure out what means what for you--for some, disease feels 'hot' while for others it feels 'cold' and for me I feel a little 'dip' in the aura. You just have to work at it to discover your own 'Reiki dictionary' for what each sensation you 'pick up' actually MEANS. This is because you are working with Spirit, and everyone is different.

Same goes for how to take the responsibility to manifest. Each needs to figure out their own 'manifestation dictionary' that works for them and Spirit.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

This was in Harry's room this morning. I sense a little bit of Harry, and God, coming through this for us to enjoy together today as we face another day to learn and to grow....
Always and Forever, Luther Van Dross