Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Updates

The Year of the Horse rapidly approaches!

The other night, I lit the next to last candle I have from my Nana Angelina. I had six small 'Easter Egg' ones. As I lit it, she 'came in' and urgently said, 'You have to go get your rest because tomorrow you are going to have a long night!'.

I finished the tasks around the house as best I could, and I got to sleep about an hour and a half later than my bedtime.

The next work shift was a 'call' responsibility. I left the OR after ten at night, only to rest for thirty minutes after I wound down. The call came in from the nurse house supervisor and woke me up. The cases I thought were 'come in at five in the morning' were 'come in now' and I had three cases after midnight.

Nana was right.

Twenty minutes ago, we have a new video posted on Cobra's webpage, which is the official communications of the Resistance Movement.

In case you are new, we live in a Matrix that is controlled by 'The Builders', for lack of a better description. They have been called a number of things, but every time I use one of those key words all kinds of people look this page up. I want this message going only to you, just like my Nana's message went only to me.

Get ready.

There is a full moon just complete.

We are in the window of opportunity 24/7 according to the results of the last Portal activation.

It you look at the blog post immediately preceding this one, there is intel in there that was requested by Cobra on Team Prepare For Change from the Healers Group from which I am a member--this was of Post-Event Concerns for each of the groups--Healers, New Renaissance, Finance, New Technology, Leadership, Media, and I feel like I am forgetting one but possibly I am not.

We are close enough to The Event to discuss what it is...

It's a liberation of the planet from the control of those who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart and who designed the current economic system that supports the One Percent of the population at the expense of the others.

It's a whole 'level up' in Spirit, where all of the abilities that have been hidden (think of the ninety-percent of the brain that is 'not used' and the 'junk DNA' repeating sequences) and suppressed in us by the One Percent are going to come online! (with lots of one-on-one mentoring and training on how to adjust to the changes--kind of like learning to ride a bike. Being able to talk with your deceased grandmother is one of the types of things possible after the Event---loud and clear, just like me.)

So without any further explanation, why don't I show you the video right away?

It's so new online I can only post it as a direct link:

If you have any questions, please comment.

With so very much Love,
Victory To The Light!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

* The Compression Breakthrough is the time when Flight Crew (chipping away at the Matrix from above) and Agartha Crew (the layer underground, who is also chipping away at the Matrix) meet just like the Golden Rail Spike on the laying of the Transcontinental Railroad. When these two forces meet, the energy will be favorable for the Event. A large flash of light from the Galactic Central Sun (Alcyon) will be observed by all, and then Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart will be escorted out of the positions of power they currently occupy. There are some Big Names you will see arrested on T.V. There already are in place people to fill these positions who are uncorrupted like those leaving are extremely corrupted. Until we can vote in new ones, these interim leaders will help right the wrongs (for example, no more income taxes) that have been done against humanity for so very much time...