Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ticket For Ascension: A Message Of Hope For You

Hello everyone,

Here I am again, see the little umbrella?

I am looking Home. I went there last night, in my dream. I experienced it. It is wonderful!

That is why I have a rainbow umbrella.

As I gaze thoughtfully back at my spiritual Home, I reflect on what happened during my Reiki healing for you...

Today's Reiki Healing was given. It cross-linked to each of your prayer intention lists. You are a hub of healing intention. The Reiki went through you to healing others on your list. Therefore it is stronger energy medicine, just like in homeopathy--more dilute, then stronger healing vibration. You will receive healing just like a Reiki practitioner 'tastes' a little of the Reiki that is sent. In this healing today, Light came down through my head, out my arms, it went to each of you, and out like a flash of fireworks. In this Light, it contains all of the key codes and activation sequences needed for you to Ascend, and for others. It will not feel different in any way from how you are right this minute. When the Time is right for you to Ascend, these 'seeds of spirit' shall activate and you will know exactly what needs to be done to fulfill your piece of the puzzle of Ascension. There is a Plan. Each of you is cherished and has a very important role that is much needed for Ascension to happen smoothly and with as little disruption to our daily life. It is with deep gratitude and joy in my heart that I share with you this intel. It has been a wonderful ride together. I look forward to what will happen, but at the best possible Time (which I do not know). You are now packed and prepared for this wondrous journey of Light. Aloha and mahalos, namaste.

Your tickets are in an envelope God sent to YOU. They are in your aura. And when the time is right, you will not miss that boat--that most wonderful cruise ship you ever saw in your life!

I don't know when it is coming back to the harbor. But keep doing everything possible to keep your Vibration high and tight in the interim. That way you will be ready to hear the whistle blow as the ship is coming in on the next wave of optimum energies for Ascension.

(About your friends and family--all children have tickets for their parents who will escort them into the New Golden Age. As for the others, their passage depends on their vibrational compatibility with the higher energies of Home. There will be MANY boat rides available as the ship will keep transferring people over from 3D to higher--metaphorically speaking--as soon as their tickets 'activate' and they are ready to go. In reality, it will be 'walking across the bridge' of the ability to perceive and interpret the new realities without 'going crazy' or 'being completely overwhelmed by the experience'. As a result, those who remain in 3D and duality will continue to do so until their ability to process the experience of 5D and Ascension is at a compatible level and will not be uncomfortable for them. God would like everyone to enjoy the experience just the same, from the advanced Lightworkers who have been preparing the way for others, to those who have hearts that are open and ready to enjoy exploring the Higher Dimensions!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Two tickets to Paradise by Eddie Money