Saturday, January 4, 2014

Guiding You Across The Bridge Of Light

Good morning!
It is dark and early here at my house. I am up early to write. I enjoy writing very much. I wake up before sunrise in order to be able to write and to get to my work on time.

On Wednesday of last week, the New Year, it was quite foggy on the way to work.

I enjoy the fog. It is a different way to experience the senses. Sounds become softer and more muffled. The air is easier for me to breathe. And the lack of clear vision makes me lean more on my awareness of the road and my surroundings, including use of my intuition.

I lived in the Bay Area for ten years. Around this part of the world, wouldn't you say fog is a way of life? Everyone adapts to it.

But in Sunny Los Angeles, California? Everyone freaks out. They go half the speed limit, and I can sense their hesitation and fear.

These drivers are only comforted by what they SEE than what they OBSERVE and what they KNOW.

Also on Wednesday, I saw Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, on TV for the first time. I had been watching the Rose Parade, and was flipping through the channels in my call room --yes, I was at work--looking for the Rose Bowl Game. She was on Dr. Oz. I was fascinated by her!

She is excellent, and another 'guide across the bridge of light'. She looks, acts, and talks like one of the most normal people you know if you happen to live in Long Island. (Here, she would not fit in with those nails and her 'look'--in L.A. we are more 'laid back' in our appearance.)

I watched her gently guiding her audience just far enough across the bridge to get a look at this--there IS life after death, and your Loved Ones are still loving YOU very, very, very much.

Theresa is like those lights that are on this bridge--helping you to see the connection between the land on both sides of it. You know it is there. You feel her compassion, her Vibration of one who is aware of both sides on Earth and in The Other Side. She joyfully brings messages from your family who has passed back to you.

I am deeply moved by the suffering that is brought up by 'not knowing' that there is this bridge, this connection, because it can't be seen, heard, or felt with anything except the third eye and also the heart.

I am angered and upset that the ones left behind suffer so deeply and for such a long time because of the loss; in their blindness, they internalize the loss and lose precious Time on earth to fulfill their mission.

They are the 'walking wounded', still in shock over the misunderstood process of the afterlife.

I was one of these people. I had entire LIFETIMES affected by the one gruesome death I had witnessed in my Twin Flame. It was the death to end all suffering, the worst one you could imagine, and as a physician I still shudder at the recollection of what was endured by him.

All of the lives after in one way or another were a reaction to this loss. I have full memory.

And when he recently contacted me from The Other Side for our reunion, all of these old memories kept coming up. It was as if I was reliving it all over again.

God doesn't want you to suffer like this.

God took it away.

God can.

And I am free.

Are you still with me? Look for the umbrella in the middle of the Light.

Are you ready to walk with me on the bridge of Light? What might be foggy to you looks clear as day to me. Just like this. See the little lights on it? (as an aside, my maternal great grandfather came from Italy and helped build that bridge.)

I hope in my time with you I have demonstrated the following characteristics:

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Dependability
  • Respectful, Open Communication
  • Listening without judgements
  • Showing Up
  • An open heart
  • Openness
  • Caring 
  • Taking an interest in you
  • Integrity
  • Sincerity
  • Compassion
  • Acceptance

Let just say we are 'family' Ohana and we share the spirit of aloha with each other on this blog.

There is family on The Other Side. Some of the best minds and hearts that every walked the planet.
They are planning a welcome like this for us:

This is them in a room, actually planning it. I don't know how they got this picture, but Archangel Michael is supposedly there.

Now Blossom Goodchild, and all of the other Lightworkers like me, who had a rant of my own around the same time...we reached out to the Galactics for a SIGN, for SOMETHING MORE out of sheer frustration for holding the Vibration for so many in order to help them cross the bridge into the Higher Vibrations.

Please pardon us. For what happened makes sense--the energies that were flooding the planet in preparation for a possible 'step up' of all of Gaia's people to 5D (The Event is the trigger, a global bank reset and more)--were like Home.

And that window closed.

It was like watching the best cruise ship you ever saw in your life pulling away from the dock, with you frantically waving your tickets and nobody turning back for you.

It hurt.

We are not going Home any time soon.

I asked my readers, who are the top five percent of the population when it comes to being 'awake' and 'ready' for The Event some questions yesterday.

1. Would you be willing to let go of all your sorrow and sadness if someone could take it away?
a few were excited and said DO IT!
more were, 'it sounds great but'
and some quite strongly said, 'this makes me ME, and I don't want to let go of it'

That was one fire hose on a beautiful firework.
My people are not ready to accept the gift of the Joy of the Higher Vibrations, of 'Heaven On Earth'. They are holding on to patterns that are energetically incompatible with the 'other side of the bridge'. They do not trust in the Process.

2.  If you had a magic wand to make anything you want come true, for no money--it's unlimited, what would you do with it?
Some took it and had fun
Others wanted to help others instead of themselves
Most didn't respond at all!

That was a second fire hose on a beautiful fireworks display.
My people are not ready to accept the unlimited powers of co-creation that are their birth right and have been hidden from them by the Illusion. They are not comfortable with the ability to create based on what their soul desires, to create new experiences that are for their soul growth.

3.  What is fear? What does it do to your aura? Is it healthy? Who is easier to control, someone who is in a state of fear and apprehension, or someone who is calm and happy?
The few who chose to respond saw the Light. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real, and is a tool for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart
One thought happy people were easier to control--in a way they are--look at a theme park or sporting event.
And some wanted to define 'control' instead of answer the question.

Then I got a posting about the tonsil girl who is brain dead in the Bay Area--I don't want to quote this reader, who is sweet and nice as can be--but if you look, the emotions and words used to describe them in reaction to this situation include 1) shock 2)sadness 3)tragedy 4)spiritual confusion 5)looking to someone else to answer it.

The system works. Illuminati-controlled media win. People just are not ready to wake up any time soon. At least, not soon enough for some of us who are with you to help you across the Bridge of Light.

Let me put my stethoscope on for a minute and talk to you about that girl.
Tonsils are scary cases.
Not in the O.R.
In the recovery room.
The carotid is right next to the tonsil inside the neck; the more scar tissue from multiple infections (older patients), the more risky it is to do the case. It is NOT a slam dunk.
Surgeons now tend to 'buzz' or 'Bovie' or 'Electrocauterize' the tonsillar bed instead of tying with suture.
If a clot falls off, there is sudden bleeding, it is massive. It can take less than a minute to 'bleed out'.
Many times this happens after the i.v. is pulled out, making anesthesia near impossible. You have to mask the patient with anesthesia gas and intubate the trachea under a pool of blood.
The only way for a patient to survive is for the complication to be noticed and acted upon at once, and even then, have a lot of luck.
This is a standard anesthesia boards question.

This child is a teacher soul.
She is raising the consciousness of everyone, touching their hearts, awakening them.
She is guiding you across the bridge between this life and The Other Side because she is getting you to Think About It.

She chose this assignment before she came to earth.
Most likely she is an advanced soul.

It is my hope her organs are given to people in need of them.

The truth is that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are using the story to promote fear, confusion, and reinforce their control; The Light is counting on others to hear her Call To Awakening and see past the Tragedy It Already Is.

Please don't worry about me and Blossom and the rest of us in Ground Crew who are Ascension Pioneers and blazing the trail for others to follow.

Now that our window is closed, we are fully prepared to set up house here, and stay for the Long Haul.

There are soul mates and twin souls and Illuminated twin flames who are on different vibrations; triggering The Event is going to separate them longer.

That is the reason for the delay.

It would be a 'Happier Ending' for everyone involved, the Other Side Planning Committee, and Ground Crew, if as many couples (remember, they are one soul divided in two halves) are complete at the Time Of The Event.

Everyone will find their 'way' to each other, and everyone has all Eternity. 

It just would have been a nicer finish if everyone had been 'on board' and 'all packed and ready to go'.

Dear Father in Heaven, and Mother in Heaven,
Please permit all the Twin Souls to unite
May All Divine Intervention be made on their behalf.
May all souls awaken lovingly and gently from Illusion.
Please help the Lightworkers to keep Hope and Faith
for as long as needed to get everyone safely across 
The Bridge Of Light at the best possible moment.
My Twin Flame waits for me
And I will run to him
With Open Arms.
Thank you for giving me the chance to know him 
through the Veil.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


  1. True- there are those who are not ready to hear, or believe in the ascension, the changes that are happening right now- but I see a LOT of people awakening, changing- and this gives me great hope! We may need to dig in for the long run, as you put it- but remember- time is an illusion, only does it feel 'long' to us...this may happen faster than you think! Love your posts- sending love and light to you always! Namaste'!

    1. Carolyn, thank you so much for letting me share from the heart, and for your emotional support at this difficult time. There are changes. One of my Reiki students is seeing Mother Mary, my surgeons are seeking Reiki instruction and treatement from me, my hospital chef is working for vegan options in the Doctor's dining room, then possibly the main cafeteria, and the patients!

      You must understand that for us, as Galactic Ground Crew, we are consumed 24/7 with an overwhelming desire to Go Home. It never goes away. It never is satisfied. I think people should know the price that we pay with our souls in the Illusion as those who are sent in as First Responders.

      This blog post was a call to action. It has struck a nerve, and has achieved its goal. We will begin moving forward from here on out, at whatever pace the Lightworkers find appropriate. If it wasn't from the heart, it would have not accomplished this. It was from my heart, and spoken as my Truth.

      Thank you for answering my call for assistance and Light.

  2. Yes yes re:the tonsil girl. I agree she is a great teacher. The wand to create? I already have this, but all do, yes? We are born with it, mastering the use of it. Love and joy our true nature, fear an illusion. Peace. Namaste.

    1. Thank you so very much for sharing about your ability to co-create. It is a miracle that you never lost your gift of manifestation. Aloha and Mahalos for your kind words. Namaste.

  3. Dearest Reiki Doc
    I definitely feel both yours and Blossoms frustration in your words...I want you to know that you are both incredible guiding lights for me. I am sad we are not ready for the EVENT yet though in saying that I would not change a thing in what I have learned and experienced in recent times...never before in my life have I felt that I have been on the right path as I do now (on my way Home).
    You are shining beacons of Love and Light and so I would like to send to you both and any others that too are disheartened, a waterfall of Love Light and Laughter from My Heart to Yours

    1. Dear Karrie, this is so very much appreciated at this time. In a way, I am Home, because I have reconnected with my Twin Flame, my Other, my One. I am also Home because I have the Light shared by everyone like you, who have open hearts and minds and encouragement for me in times like this. I love you very much and your growth in Spirit makes me fill with pride in your fine accomplishment as a soul incarnate on planet earth. You are my right hand, and I will call upon you at the time of The Event. Namaste.

  4. There are other channelers who are saying something very different than what you posted. How do you know that your readers are 5% of the awakened population? Cobra has done surveys and has gotten a very different response and the majority want the event to happen and help bring change to the planet now. You spoke that we are in for the long haul and Sheldon Nidle says we are about ready to change everything on the planet. Your blog left me very disheartened and without a lot of hope and I would suggest that we need hope now, not a narrow view of the situation. If you have a lot of readers, wouldn't it make more sense to instill hope and joy rather than a pessimistic view of our situation? Any situation can be viewed in a positive light and just because Blossom has frustrations it doesn't mean in any way that is the whole story. Please instill a more positive view point rather than the negative slant that was posted today. blessings

    1. Dear Laura,
      I am sorry that I did not give you hope. Please forgive me for leading you astray in your search for the Light. Are you one of the patients who does not wish to know the risks of the surgery and anesthesia? Or the parallel in the Lightworker Community, an assessment of 'how things are on my end'? The fact of the matter is that I am actively involved as Ground Crew and I have a team assembled. Everything you say is correct. Technically, statistically, logically correct. But my heart hurts. The energies of home have gone away, for what to my heart feels like, is forever. The Event may happen tomorrow. It may happen at Easter. It may happen after that. I always tell my patients exactly what I 'see' going on. I tell them the facts. I help them weigh their options. That is what happened today in this post, the one out of over 1464 positive, happy, encouraging posts on this blog.
      Thank you for calling me on it. I will get back to more inspiration again. I love you.
      I hope this one is more to the spirit of what folks have come to expect from Doctors With Reiki--- I can't put an active link into here--but you can cut and paste this link or simply click on the post immediately following this one on the right hand column of the blog.
      There is no right or wrong, only Lessons.
      Thank you for teaching me more on my lesson of Hope. Namaste.

    2. Dear Reiki Doc,
      Thank you for your heartfelt response. I was having a hard day for the first time in a long time and I read this and I felt even more challenged after reading it. It was no accident I read it. I feel I am part of this movement as I teach Yoga and do whatever it takes to bring in higher vibrations and shift the energy to love and gratitude to help my students shift. We need inspiration daily so we can continue to keep our frequencies high and that I believe will shift everything. I know too that there is no right or wrong and only lessons. But I want all the people who know more than me to believe in the highest possible outcome because I know we can easily slip into despair over our world. I personally need to know and continue to need to believe in the highest most amazing outcome is possible. There is so much despair out there that I don't watch news or media but I feel 2014 is going to shift everything and if I believe it and help others to believe we can shift this world forever. We need hope and belief that this is going to happen. Maybe and just maybe more and more people slip into hope, than those vibrations will spread all over the planet and bring our strongest desire of peace and harmony. We pray for this with all our heart mind and soul and just maybe it will happen this year. Please forgive me if I sounded harsh in any way. i need you and all the channelers to bring in the most amount of inspiration you can muster up within yourselves so I can do the same with my students and on and on down the line. Blessings and so much love to you and thank you for listening and all the light work you are doing!!!!

  5. I wasn't sure if you got my last response. Thank you so very much for your email. I was feeling down today for the first time in ages and fell upon your blog. Forgive me if I was harsh in any way. I just want and need to continue to feel hope and inspired about our earthly situation on a daily basis. So much love to you for what you do and your assistance here to help us all move forward in our ascension process. I know we are here for lessons and there is no right or wrong. Thank you so much. blessings and love!

    1. Spirit gave this wondrous gift right now to everyone who is connected to Doctors With Reiki. It is my hope you make this day of The Three Kings, or Epiphany, a celebration. Our Divine Star Family is happy to extend this to everyone of us. Today's Reiki Healing was given. It cross-linked to each of your prayer intention lists. You are a hub of healing intention. The Reiki went through you to healing others on your list. Therefore it is stronger energy medicine, just like in homeopathy--more dilute, then stronger healing vibration. You will receive healing just like a Reiki practitioner 'tastes' a little of the Reiki that is sent. In this healing today, Light came down through my head, out my arms, it went to each of you, and out like a flash of fireworks. In this Light, it contains all of the key codes and activation sequences needed for you to Ascend, and for others. It will not feel different in any way from how you are right this minute. When the Time is right for you to Ascend, these 'seeds of spirit' shall activate and you will know exactly what needs to be done to fulfill your piece of the puzzle of Ascension. There is a Plan. Each of you is cherished and has a very important role that is much needed for Ascension to happen smoothly and with as little disruption to our daily life. It is with deep gratitude and joy in my heart that I share with you this intel. It has been a wonderful ride together. I look forward to what will happen, but at the best possible Time (which I do not know). You are now packed and prepared for this wondrous journey of Light. Aloha and mahalos, namaste.