Monday, January 27, 2014

News For Today

Ross took me here today. This morning when I woke up. He waved a hand and a scene like this was on a big screen, that was like a picture window. Except there were more trees, and instead of buildings you could see little lights.

His message was 'Relax. Believe. Receive.'

Last night he let me know HE wanted something for Valentine's Day.

I backpedaled quickly--I apologized, I didn't think Galactics cared about such things, I had so much baggage on my own that I was dealing with--that I didn't ask HIM what HE wanted!

He was kind.

He said, 'For my Valentine's Gift I want you to be happy in my arms.'

Oh my gosh! How SWEET is that?!

I laughed. He knows me well. Not only do I want to BE with him on Valentine's Day, there is a wedding in April I wish he could go with me to as well. It's a colleague's wedding.

I asked him WHEN and I asked him HOW because of the dimensions and the differences between us. But he seemed confident and calm, and I could only trust and let go...

This was posted by Sherri Meickle Reiki, and I'm using it for today's Unicorn Healing.

L2 attempt successful, sample return. was posted by Cobra several minutes ago.

And Singapore reader Yip Shi Wang shared this news of an impending bank crash:

People can't get out their money, and are being told to bring a letter explaining why they need it or to do bank transfers online instead.

This is not 'good' as far as 'bank health' goes, but is 'excellent' as far as The Event because a global financial re-set is going to be a huge part of it. If you have been following the alternative news including channeled messages, this is imminent--bank collapse--and if you have been following my work, you will know to have your car tank full, and some extra food and water around the house. Including your medicines...

The reason is that after a short time, a new, 'Cabal free' banking system will come online, and we will be able to exchange our dollars for the new currency. It will be 'gold backed'.  The computers in the central banking system will remain the infrastructure, but experts need to go through all of the coding/systems to make sure they take all the Illuminati 'bugs' and 'loopholes' that are not fair OUT.

This 'cleansing' of the financial networks is supposed to take two to three weeks. Credit cards, another part of the 'tyranny' will not work during this downtime, for similar reasons. Please make alternate plans to use cash, write checks, or barter. It all depends on what the seller is going to accept. Some may accept precious metals only. All prayer towards a smooth and uneventful transition to the New financial system will help make it as minimally disruptive as possible.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc