Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Archangel Zadkiel Attunement Key

Hi everybody! I am really excited! I want to share with you I took this photograph today while I went out whale watching in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada.

This is a transient orca heading straight for the boat. The energy was amazing to be this close to this amazing animal.

It is a lady orca--you can tell by the shape of the dorsal fin, its curve and its height.

The reason I mention this is it helps me introduce the importance of the healing key which is presented to us by Archangel Zadkiel:

As Archangel Zadkiel puts it, the public is in a Catch 22 situation with the killer whales--either way, the situation is not the best. The resolving of such 'opposites'  is part of his specialty in his work as an Archangel.

So here word for word is a channelled message from him to one Archangel who is incarnate, and to another incarnate Archangel, to bring these words here right now to you:

A Message From Archangel Zadkiel:

It is ready. The time for transformation is NOW. We ARE the Now, and the time for Forgiveness is NOW. The time to remember ourselves is NOW. The time for healing and peace is NOW.

Keep your cup wide and full of love and compassion. Let it overflow, as mine does, as does that of the Mother and Father, of all that is DIVINE .

Everyone has the Violet flame at their aid at anytime, yes, but Dear Ones, remember that this Flame will be special and unique to each of you as you use it.

Sister Ariel has opened the gates of my Healing Temple wide for you all NOW. I invite you to bathe in the waters of Mercy on your way to the doors. St. Germain awaits your arrival to shower you with the Violet Flame. Take your time, look around, notice what you notice, and when you are ready to depart, I have a gift for you. Take note of it, no matter how seemingly 'insignificant' it may seem. Receive lovingly with your Heart, and Blessings will come to you.

I await your presence.

With Love,

Archangel Zadkiel

Here is the direct link to the YouTube video on the symbol, which just uploaded a minute ago, and I will make it available as a picture you click to watch as soon as it's ready, too.

Here it is.

Reiki Doc

Ross--today he asked me 'What is your hardest lesson?'
I thought about it.
It was custody between the father of my child, and me. Very horrible experience in court.

He told me, Ross, to replace the word 'Hardest' in the future with 'Best'--as in 'My BEST lesson was the custody battle that cost me so much money and pain.'

We hope you get the picture...

Aloha and Mahalos,
And Forgiveness...

Archangel Zadkiel, Ross, and Reiki Doc

The Archangel Michael Attunement Key

Good morning to you from Canada!

I am traveling this week, to the beautiful Victoria in British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. This tree is a pine, with many branches that bend. It gives the appearance of bending in two. I really bonded with this tree.

What does this have to do with Archangel Michael?

On the plane ride here he came through very strongly, and gave us this symbol to use to strengthen our connection in our healing work with him. This is one of the Archangel Healing Keys and is for you in your spiritual path in your daily life.

Here is the symbol, and also how to draw it:

Here is the direct link in case your phone doesn't show the video:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Funeral With Ross

He was there.

I couldn't believe it! He was THERE right next to me in the pew.

Why he would come to this funeral, I couldn't believe it.

But Ross was there next to me, and smiling, the whole time.

Did we do some energy work? A little...

Amazingly enough without my mentioning any of it to my son, who was two people away from me (our good friends Mai and Linh were between us), he SAW the Reiki symbol I gave in his mind--I had never taught him and only one person on earth besides me knows it--and kept saying not only did he sense Ross there but the Peace Sign too...(it's close, but not quite the symbol, yes?)

What was the energy healing?

See the pretty lady to the right in the photo?

She lost her mom.

It's a long story, but she is my Reiki student. I taught my precious Amber Reiki for free, because she wanted to use it to comfort her mother who had cancer that was end-stage.

She knows Reiki II.  And already, she is so spiritually advanced, that she is 'connecting' with her mother Jackie who has made the Transition to The Other Side.

So why the healing to the group that was present?

There was bad blood in the family. Feuds. Things like that. And the death was an opportunity for healing to take place for those 'lower vibration' things...

So with Ross, together, we did a healing that would Transmute these into Light.

And we did.

We almost didn't get noticed, except for our son--who in fact is Ross' spiritual child--but that's Another story...

It was a beautiful service.

Jackie's mission is complete.

Now she's home.

What did I see with my eyes that see today?

  • I saw a range of spiritual development in the people present.
  • I saw people respond to our healer, the daughter of the Jackie, as she created a sacred space, and opened her heart. I could identify and 'feel' those who 'open their heart' with ease, and others, who perhaps for today for the first time, opened it for Jackie and Amber.
  • I was AMAZED how the family of the mother, honored the generations of strong women before them--who insisted that 'blood is thicker than water' and built a legacy of love and support among the women to help with their survival in this often unpredictable world.
  • I sensed how illness affects those around us, our family and friends, very deeply, and how lessons are taught.
  • I laughed with delight at how the mother, in her last stages of illness would 'sell her diapers' for money, once to go out in a wheelchair in the rain with a cake box on her lap to bring home a cake for a loved one. Or perhaps a tea set for her granddaughter.
  • The Divine Masculine was present and working in tip-top shape as the father of Amber, and the former partner of Jackie, paid his respects in front of the group. He also got back up to lead a small concluding prayer.
  • Amber led the service with a request for her mother's favorite song, played by those who played it for her on guitar, Mary Do You Know? was very, very Galactic for music to be used like this, Sirian, indeed.
  • I spoke, for I knew Jackie--I was the anesthesiologist when the Amber gave birth (we reconnected through Reiki, and I had completely forgotten I had ever had her as my patient. It was Amber who figured it out, and asked me to look at the medical records.)--and I always remembered her, who was enjoying the birth of her granddaughter while having a diagnosis of cancer.
  • I saw how the responsible ones gave the gift of dignity to Jackie, in her illness, and sacrificed time, money, prayer, and necessities--to keep their family member clean, warm, safe, dry, with company, and with full medical care. I was amazed at this form of love that was made so visible.

It was a good day.

Thank you Ross, for attending this first social function with me. Although you were in 5D, and no one except our little one could sense you--I hope perhaps together we touched many hearts today.

Ross:  I did.
I was happy to be with you and to support you in your support of Amber and her family.
I love you very much, my sweet, delicate angel. (he hugs me)
I have to go for just a little time (shows me his thumb and finger as an 'itty bitty' gesture).

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

P.S. Here is the day Amber and I first 'met':

The Healing Key From Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is helping me to write this. As you may know, he is the one, along with several others in spirit, who is the source of the Divine Healing Codes--here is the link:

Now we are well into the Divine Healing Keys, symbols that are written on the skin with our finger or a crystal, and then in the air above the skin to write them into our aura, for the desired Healing effect.

They can be mixed together or embellished, in the way that 'feels right' to you.

Here are the other keys before this one, in chronological order that they were given:

These images are combined to show you about the incredible Life Force Energy that is in Nature, and also in YOU.

Here is the key to help you release your own power of Life Force, and harness it to assist you, with the mutual understanding between you and the Archangels that this is for the Highest Good and Highest Healing you will be able to reach in whatever matter you wish to be healed.

Here is the video:

Here is the direct link in case your phone doesn't have the picture above:

Archangel Raphael wants you to know that healing is a sweet process. It is his favorite, to align the soul with harmony and light. It is a pleasure for him to do this for everyone who asks., so be sure to call him in when there is need for it. The numbers and the codes and the symbols are are ways to help you 'connect' with him and his team, but there is also the possibility of the direct connection between your heart and his.

No matter is too small.

Go ahead and ask for help.

He will serve you and help you with your needs.


Carla calls me her 'honey'.
I am her honey. To Carla life is sweet when I am with her. No matter where we are, or what we are doing, she is so very delighted when I am with her.

There have been some tough times on her. There has been not one but two large plumbing leaks in her garage, one of which went down through the wall into her downstairs bath and right on the other side of the garage in her kitchen.

She is also facing the loss of not one but two people who she adored, both Isabel and Lisa, who I am planning on taking 'home' and have been talking about it with her for the last six months.

In her heart, Carla deals with this, the challenges and the agony of saying her goodbye, which in its own way is a reliving of the trauma of watching me die a horrible death, one of the most horrible there has ever been, and being absolutely, one hundred percent powerless to stop it.

She carries on, in her way.

And what she worries about on her way to work will surprise you!

Yesterday, she called me in, for I was busy, and she has a little button that she wears around her neck in spirit, like your 'Life Alert' button. It is to call me. 

She never calls it.

Except I have been so busy in meetings, I haven't been with her for about two weeks. (Except for writing my messages to you.) She missed me, and she pushed the button.

Her concern for me is that she was not taking her fair share of the work that  flows between us as the healing twins on Gaia.

She was worried about me, and my working to hard.

'She wasn't carrying her weight' was the exact word she said to me.

That is why I called on Monica to send her this message through her deceased infant, baby Micah, who had fatal neurologic injury and did not recover after a traumatic meconium aspiration at birth.

Carla--put the message here for everybody--and I want all--especially Monica--to see how I had her assistance in healing you:

My fellow souls,
It is with immense gratitude that I am here to give everyone of you a hug full of love for the energy work that was done for my physical body and soul during my short but very powerful journey in what you call earth.
Most of you know me as Micah, for this is the name that my parents Monica and Daniel chose for me. The name is no mistake. It’s meaning is “Who is like God”.
My message to you is not only of gratitude and love but to remember that we all are like God. We all have within us the power to create, the power to love unconditionally and the power to shine our divine light.
Some of you may think of me as a sick baby, which was what I chose to be on earth. But make no mistake and be sure that my soul is very much healed, advanced and evolved by my short journey.
Each one of you played a magnificent roll in this evolution and for that I would always be grateful. As you touch my soul with healing and loving energy I also touched yours with divine love.
Many beings see my departure from earth as a termination of my journey; this is true in some realms. But my journey has just begun, I have prepared many, many years for this to happen and finally here I am. Ready to start the real work.
The journey of mine would have been more difficult if I would have not received your healing energies since I was in Monica’s womb, my wonderful, unselfish and beloved Mother.
Carla’s work is admirable; she is a healing/ loving channel that we all celebrate, and the people that she reaches form a wave of love. This wave of love forms more waves of love, and these waves of love form more waves of love.
Blessing to you ALL. Not only for the waves of love that you sent to me but for the waves that were generated too.
Love is indeed all there is.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Raphael, Ross and Carla-Reiki Doc

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Healing Key Of Acceptance

I sponsored one of these rescue baby sea lion pups. He was emaciated and half-dead. I paid for all of his ICU care, and food and medicines until he could be released.

I never once saw him.

On the day I was to go for his release, I got called in to work.

I actually did one case in my bathing suit and flip flops, underneath my scrubs, while my heartbroken son sat in the nurses' lounge in his bathing suit too, flipping through every image on our camera as he waited.

I cried that night. I cried to God in the privacy of my home--Does my baby sea lion KNOW I love him???

I realized with love, true love, the recipient need never know who is the source behind the rescue, the healing, and the gift of a new life.

It is human to need to know.

It is angelic to give and know that one has made such a miracle for another possible.

It is Divine Acceptance that is the greatest gift that was given to me in this lesson, and wisdom that for all the Light Work I have done, for everyone, no one need to say a single 'thank you', for me to know that I have given to the best of my abilities, and assisted in guiding my readers and followers and coworkers and friends and family HOME to the Higher Realms.

So here we have the Archangel Healing Key of Acceptance--feel free to embellish them by making them 'custom'--you can combine them or add little hearts and stars or other designs along with them to make them your own.

here is the direct link just in case it doesn't work on your phone

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is the day I miss. The PMMC preserved this moment forever to share with you:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Healing Key Of Peace

Good morning!

The third of the Archangel Healing Keys is here for you.

Remember, you don't need any formal training in Reiki to use them. They are for free, and all you need to do is draw them with a finger or crystal onto you skin anywhere you feel so moved, and then immediately after, in the air a little above your skin, to activate the 'key' into your aura.

I must admit, I am at a loss for some of the questions...

I am right handed? How can I do this?

My friend, this is an ANGEL key! Even if you draw it backwards and upside down, it is going to work. The ANGELS have given it to us and they WANT it to work! They will correct any mistakes. TRUST.

The reason that it was said to put it on the 'right arm' is because it is traditionally where Archangel Gabriel speaks to us who are very sensitive in our energy healing work. It is to give credit to the magnificent being who is guiding us through the gift of these keys.

Where are these keys from? What is the story?

This is an archangel to incarnate archangel to incarnate archangel transmission. There is clear channel all the way through to you. Archangel Lauren got it from Archangel Gabriel and gave it to me to give to you. 'It's from the angels'--you are free to use them or not, as you decide with your own Free Will for you.

Why are these keys here, right now?

Because it's time for everybody who is able, and has interest, to energetically prepare for the chance to get out of the Matrix--if they so wish. If you want to live in perfect health, in perfect abundance and prosperity, and in peace, joy, love that defy all understanding, these are for you.

If you want to go enjoy more time in 3D and duality, you probably wouldn't be reading this, but if you do, you have my blessings to go and categorize and scrutinize and decide with you mind and not your heart before you 'accept' anything that --outside of this 'matrix' -- is freely understood as a healing art that is angelic.

It's up to you.

Here is the video and the key.

Blessings, Love and Light....enjoy! <3

here is the link in case your phone doesn't show it:

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Healing Key Of Trust

Good morning to you!

The second of the Archangel Healing Keys has been released today--the Key of Trust.

Here it is:

Here is the direct link, just in case the box doesn't work on your phone:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Monday, August 25, 2014

My First Taste Of Heaven On Earth 8.18.2014

I am a 'sensitive'--I pick up energies because I am a healer who is trained in Reiki Healing Art.

We had spent an afternoon at the beach, at Bolsa Chica, and gotten hungry after body boarding all day. We took PCH for a drive, and ended up at a local chain, Ruby's, along the way.

The place serves hamburgers, milkshakes, and french fries, amongst other things.

I didn't think anything of it.

The server was very positive and outgoing, he showed an interest and a desire to be a good server so we could have a pleasant late lunch experience.

Then came the birthday.

You know how before when the restaurant staff would sing and everybody else would keep talking or ignore the person having the birthday?

This time, the whole restaurant SANG together. All of the guests joined in for someone they didn't even know.

And I felt it. I felt the strange harmonious love energy of 'goodwill' I see only at the holidays in December--SURGE through the space!

It was almost as if the angels were singing too, it was such very high vibration for that brief time...

If you are observant, you can notice the changes that are happening with the energies of Ascension.

It is really happening.

Ascension is not mandatory. It is not forced. Everyone is free to go at their own pace to the higher dimensions.

If you ponder how many individuals have Ascended on their own, in all of life on earth, it is rare and few and far between to do so. St. Germain. Mother Mary. People like that.

But for now? If you 'hang in there' and make an effort?

It will happen to you, everyone at their own pace, when the time is right, but much sooner than if you didn't take the option to go with the energies of Gaia at this present time.

You can do it!!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross:  I Ascended. It wasn't easy. But it was worth it. I describe again and again in my heart the first wonderful steps that I took to be outside the Matrix--the Illusion--Duality--there are many names for the same general concept: being incarnate in a severely limited reality which has been co-created by society together. Stay true to your heart centers, and you will soar up to the Higher Realms with not really that much difficulty--in comparison to mine! (he laughs and smiles). That was not so easy!

I wish you and sweet beloved Carla, a good night, an Awesome day, and one step closer to being one with the rest of us, your star family.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Archangel Gabriel Attunement Key

Today is a very special day.

Archangel Gabriel requests the sharing of this symbol with the world.

Here we go!

here is the direct link in case the link in the photo above doesn't work:

To use it, write it with your finger or a crystal on your right arm. Then immediately after, write it in the air just above the skin to make sure it gets into your aura.

That's all you have to do to attune yourself!

No Reiki needed to have this one work for you.


In deep Love and Gratitude to both Lauren and Archangel Gabriel...

Blessings, Love and Light!

Carla the Reiki Doc

Stepping Into Your Power As A Healer

I am keeping this short, and to the point:  We are in the middle of a change in paradigms of the healing process.

You have a choice.

You have free will.

There are no 'rules' at this time...

Option Number 1:  Tradition
You do everything by the book of how you were taught. Acupuncturists do Acupuncture. Surgeons operate. Anesthesia does 'peer reviewed literature search for evidence-based practices' and nothing more.
Nothing changes.
Everything continues the 'Standard of Care'--this goes for all families, all patients, all practitioners.

prayer is an option.

Option Number 2:  Embrace The New
Matthew Ward, August 12, 2014
Illness across the board isn’t going to disappear until the population has absorbed enough light to believe that it can be disease-free—belief creates the reality. This pertains as well to rejuvenating faulty organs and growing missing limbs—regeneration and restoration won’t happen in one fell swoop because those processes also require belief.
People who unquestioningly believe they can recover from paralysis or their heart will function perfectly without a pacemaker, for example, will manage those accomplishments sooner than individuals whose belief wavers and much sooner than those who doubt they have any capability in those respects. It’s a matter of how much light has permeated mind, body and spirit; and at this moment, most in your world don’t think that something as “magical” as replacing dentures with actual new teeth is even a possibility.
Someday everyone in your world will know not only how magnificently-designed your bodies are, but what magnificently powerful souls you are! Beloved sisters and brothers, we are eager to see you discover your innate knowledge and abilities and take your rightful place in our universal family as the multidimensional souls you are.
(hint--the body in 5D is perfectly healed in every way--that is how the limbs grow back. You put yourself completely into 5D and just do it.)

Option Number 3:  Take The Best And Leave The Rest
Dr. Masaru Emoto recommends this approach. His HADO water therapy has created amazing cures, such as for a one-year old girl with severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy who was deemed 'terminal' and now lives! He has all his patients continue with standard medical care, plus his treatment. It is like 'no stone left unturned' or in my anesthesia practice, 'a belt and suspenders' approach.
I layer energy healing WITH evidence-based medicine, the reason being that the quantum healing of energy medicine is without measure at this time! There are no monitors to 'detect' it or to 'standardize' it. So I let healing be the proof--less nausea and vomiting, less post-op pain, and faster recovery from surgery.

So I will leave this up to you.

It is with pleasure I introduce you to a new concept in energy healing--The Ross and Carla Energy Healing Bracelet.  I have designed this specially for you. It is to help with assimilating the energies of your own Ascension--it is very much like a 'Reiki Cleanse' to those of you who are familiar with it. And in our experience, both Carla's and my own, 'Reiki Cleanses' tend to be a little 'bumpy'--just like with the Ascension Process. The cleaning and opening of your energy pathways--which are your birthright but have been dormant for most of your lives, are clearing out the blocks to the Light energy which is beginning to flow through them. As a result, you may have physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual things come up for you to review, to learn from, to process and release. This can be fatiguing to you as a spiritual being who is going through Ascension.

This bracelet has been blessed by both of us, and is available for thirty three dollars plus shipping.

It is made by a master craftswoman, and every single one of them is hand-made by Reiki Master Linda Dunn in New England. So anticipate a wait of four to six weeks.

The length is twenty centimeters from the tip of the clasp to the tip of the ring, just under eight inches 

They are made of smoky quartz and rhodocrosite, with two silver beads. The closure is made of a lobster clasp in silver, a magnetic closure, or on elastic as you may prefer. Please specify your choice, and contact Linda directly to place your order at

As an added bonus to Reiki Students worldwide, a portion of the cost will be used to create a fund for Reiki Scholarship. Depending on how the proceeds go, and how successful the project, as many people we can help as possible shall be assisted--and this will be transparent and published on this blog.

Thank you for your consideration.  

In summary--the bracelet is designed by both Carla and me, and is blessed by us. It is to aid you to have a smoother experience through the Ascension Process. It is made by a genuine Reiki Master by hand, and is therefore a source of Reiki to have in your aura. It is available in three ways--elastic, magnetic closure or lobster clasp. And a portion of the sales will be donated towards a cause of financial assistance to Reiki Students worldwide.

This is a pleasure to share our great news with you today on this project!

Ross and Carla, the Reiki Doc

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Galactic And You Know It!

History is being made.

Recently, we drew back the veil on death, and what it means:

Then today, two very important disclosures took place:

This work is very important, and serves as a primer for all of humanity to awaken.

It is time to come home and enjoy the nurturing, warmth, love, and compassion Heaven has in store for all of us. Every single One.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Doctors And Food

I just got the bill from the dietician for nutritional counseling for my son. It is three hundred and forty dollars. She made him cry, and we had to leave before she actually DID anything.

It is not covered by insurance.

Insurance pays for every complication of obesity, except one: for the psychological counseling for the effects of bullying on my son about his weight.

The counselor is 'Out-Of-Network'. She is ordinarily one hundred fifty dollars an hour, but gives a discount for the school referral, so her fee is one hundred thirty dollars. That's two hours a week, one for me, and one for him, so she can get the information she needs to manage his care properly.

He is responding beautifully to her intervention for his mental health.

(the payments do not even apply to my deductible...)

There is an OB Gyn who has lost over one hundred pounds in three months. It is medically supervised, and in his words, 'was designed by someone really smart like an anesthesiologist -- <3 --who does critical care...I eat every three hours, and keep the insulin from triggering from the carbs.'

There are meal replacement shakes, and once a day, he gets 'real food'. For example, fatty fish, like salmon, is a smaller portion, but a leaner fish he gets a larger serving in ounces.

He and a RNFA (RN First Assist) were talking restaurants during a case. I had never heard of any of these places. Together they went on and on about amazing places, many of whom I can't recall the names. And Kaena wines are supposed to be amazing...

Here is one place:

(just in case that 'Seventh Ray' sounds a little, well, um, metaphysical, it IS! It's the ray of St. Germain. More here:

I couldn't help remembering when in my Family Practice rotation I had to attend an open AA meeting--listening to the conversation about restaurants really reminded me of this---except 'fine dining' was in the 'alcohol' role...

And yet the transformation of him is undeniable--as he sheds the weight, his energy body is throwing off SO much more Light. It is contagious, and totally amazing to witness the transformation with my Reiki Eyes.

I've sent a lot of Reiki to him while he operates. I send it to everyone in the room, including my patient...


So at the Doctor's Dining Room, I sat eating my lunch.

I had meat.

My friend, the gastroenterologist who has been vegetarian for eight years, saw what was on my plate.

It felt awful.

I explained to him how I am eating meat now, because of my boy. We are on the insulin resistance diet--he needs it, and I am doing it with him for moral support. But I haven't lost any weight on it, and I hate meat. I never enjoy it.

He was kind.

He also shared that he doesn't trust his appetite.

So he takes the food he wants, and only eats half. The rest he throws away. That is how he says trim.

This set up a lively conversation as the cardiologist who is head of the Medical Staff, a man I really admire and enjoy, overheard us.

'Humans are the only mammal that drinks the milk of another species.' the cardiologist said with a smile, his education and intellect sparkling, as he jumped into the foray.

And the gastroenterologist, said that we drink milk as a society much longer than the animals would, who wean at the loss of their milk teeth.

He drinks almond milk, the gastroenterologist. 

(At the store today, I compared--there is like, NO protein in the soy, almond and coconut milks! )

Then the cardiologist, cutting his single piece of chicken breast on his otherwise empty plate, looked up and added, 'Who knows how our bodies were designed? To eat meat? To not?'

And the gastroenterologist, said, 'We have the enzymes for the digestion of meat. I love meat. I love the taste of it. I enjoy it. But I do not eat because I do not think we have the right to kill animals for pleasure. For survival perhaps, but that is not necessary at this time. There are plant based alternatives. Man is the only creature who kills for pleasure, for sport.'

He likes to think there is one less cow and twenty less chickens killed a year because of his vegan eating habits. He morally does not see a problems with eggs and dairy, but chooses not to eat them because of the poor living conditions for the animals, who are treated as commodities and not spiritual beings which they are.

I don't know.


I am eating meat for the survival of my son, who interprets my eating different from him as a form of rejection.

In fact, he is now more open to trying new foods, and eating vegetables, now that I eat meat and take the pressure of 'converting him' off.

The gastroenterologist gave me his extra half of his sandwich. I ate it for dinner. I was still working late.

His kindness meant the most to me of all.

I think I will eat meat only in the presence of my son, and go back to my preference when I am alone.

I never liked meat.

My parents had to force me to eat it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Lifting The Veil

Recently I have been asked several questions by my readers:

1. Explain the transition to the afterlife 2. Is there a formal script i can use as a guide for my moms service? 3. What basics should i cover? 4. What is death? 5. What is it like on the other side?
6. What do I do when my life becomes overwhelmingly negative and dark entities physically attack me and my pet?

Reiki was discovered, legend has it, because the students of Usui Sensei asked the question, 'How did Jesus physically heal others, not just healing the soul like modern beliefs discuss?'

In Japan, there is honor in that when the teacher does not know the answer to the question, they will make the effort to find out. Legend has it that Usui traveled through three different continents, learned several ancient languages, and studied the ancient tests directly in search of the answer.

Although my Japanese energy workers shall be quick to point out that this is legend, and nothing more, I think there is something worthwhile in this lesson:  that the students direct the class in the direction their collective consciousness wants it to go.

So here we are!

Let's review:

  • the last blog post,, discusses why we 'learn lessons'. For Ascension, this is an important step. Through self-discovery and increased awareness of ourselves, for example, how we think in a certain subject, or how we act that might have connection to a past life--we review and decide whether this 'thought pattern' is something we want to keep with us. This is a chance to raise the vibration by discarding low-vibration thought patterns from the energy body.
  • Just like an epidural anesthetic for labor, there is a whole range of pain relief that an epidural can run. The heaviest it can be is so numb you don't know you have legs but you can move them. And the lightest is that pressure waves come and go (the contractions halfway covered up) but they don't hurt.  In this same manner there is a whole range of Consciousness one can have through the Ascension process.
  • One of my colleagues who I respect and admire for her bold, pioneering spiritual growth, stated on her page yesterday that 'I don't need lessons'. Technically, this is correct. She has raised her vibration to a threshold where it is not as important for her spiritual growth--she has one leg 'up' on the Ascension 'bandwidth' already. She is leading the way and is enjoying the vibrations of the higher realms (5D). 
  • For every one of her, there are many, many more who are just on the awakening end of the Ascension process, and are needing to 'do the work' to help prepare themselves for this new energy level or 'vibration'. Like getting a series of gentle Reiki attunements, their spiritual journey is going to 'open them up' to be able to handle the higher frequencies that are arriving to earth.
  • Remember, Earth is like a one-room schoolhouse--and many grades are welcome and accepted in the program!
  • People who have higher vibrations tend to be able to see ghosts and communicate with their angels easier than people who don't...

  1. Explain the Transition to the Afterlife?   As people approach their Transition, they spend time going back and forth with their consciousness between both worlds. They are deciding and in preparation, much as a baby 'drops' into the pelvis in preparation of being born. At some point the soul disconnects from the body, and moves on to where it is from. Here is an example where I witnessed the transition of my beloved Nana Angelina ( and also when I witnessed the transition of my father (
  2. Is there a formal script I can use as a guide for my mom's service (she just transitioned recently from cancer last weekend--ed)?  Most services are for the living. Depending on how 'religious' your family is, it can take anything from a 'mass' type of 'service' that is something everyone recognizes as 'saying goodbye'--to simply opening the microphone for people to come up and share their memories of the deceased loved one. I tend to prefer the latter. I would use my pendulum and spirit and ask your mom from the other side what she would prefer. Here is a resource for you:
  3. What basics should I cover?  Love is the Solution for Everything. She loved her family. She loved her life. She loved her career. She loved being a mom. Give examples to paint a picture of her love and how it was evident through her life. And give everyone an opportunity to share how she touched their lives too. For my father, I told the guests at the funeral, 'Dad, I KNOW you are up there (pointed to the back of the church) listening.' and I spoke from my heart a short message I had prepared for the family. The pastor let us come up. I, my boy, and my nephew all came up.
  4. What is death? Death is when your soul no longer is connected to its vehicle to experience life, the physical body. Here is a description of the physical processes leading up to death itself:
  5. What is it like on the other side? If you ask me, Heaven is a place--or rather, a 'vibration'--where nurturing, warmth, love and compassion flood your very being 24/7. Time does not exist. People don't need to eat and sleep, although there are rest periods. They have homes there. And many entertainers and comedians put on shows for people. You have access to the geniuses in the fields of your former work and your hobbies, and can consult with them for their expertise. There is a lot of watching and sending guidance and love to those of your family who are still incarnate in the Illusion too. As always, souls learn and grow, but it is slower and more gentle a process on The Other Side. As Sylvia Browne said, 'Live a good life, then go Home.'  My teacher put together this meditation which might be helpful for you:
  6. What do I do when my life becomes overwhelmingly negative and dark entities physically attack me and my pet?  According to Anne Reith, PhD, my teacher, we have free will. The dark entities have to obey us. We tell them to Get Out and Go! They have to. It's that simple. It must be a strong belief and strong will to make them go. (these are those unattached to us. ) For those that are 'attached' and it's early, for some Reiki practitioners, self-Reiki is enough to 'clear the aura and energy field'. For others, for example, one woman whose Twin Flame boyfriend had entities that physically made him move--had a friend and lightwkrker removing the attachments without much success. I had her refer out. She got Margaret to clear her and her Twin. Now she is enjoying tremendous progress in her reunion with him. Here is how to contact Margaret for her services. Sometimes in cases of hardship ways to work around this are available too:  For things that are often on high-ranking Lightworkers to disable them for their missions--sometimes etheric implants of a different nature are present. The work of Reverend Pamela and Alexandra Meadors are very helpful in cases like this. And example is Alexandra's husband Steven, who had one wrapped around his brainstem and altered every thought he had for the negative, leading to a life of addiction and abuse. He cured after this process of removal.
  7. What if you did not answer my question? spirit is always available if you ask. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael are always a good start. Just go within, and ask from your heart for All Divine Assistance. It might require patience. Oh yes, Archangel Nathaniel is very good for really difficult situations. He says, 'no job is too big!' So is Saint Jude and Saint Anthony for the impossible. Here is an example of mediumship for you:

Good morning.
It is a pleasure to be with you.
Carla, in her humility, totally forgot how I came to her assistance on her last call. 
In the middle of the night, after a very long day at work and only one hour asleep, she got her worst nightmare--a bloody airway. It was similar to a tonsil post-op that bleeds and has to come back to the O.R. to control the hemorrhage.
She collected herself, put on her shoes, and made the sleepy drive from her home back to her work, where she spoke with the surgeon about the surgical plan. She also, after setting up, went to the ER to examine the patient. It was the worst--sitting up, bolt upright, with four buckets already filled with blood clots that had been spit out, and the patient gurgling and coughing up more blood as they said it, 'every thirty seconds'.
This one was challenge for the following reasons:
  • blood loss can lead to hypotension (low blood pressure) after starting anesthesia. It can be life-threatening.
  • the airway can be so filled with blood the only thing the anesthesiologist can do is have someone press on the stomach and they 'go for the bubbles' to guide them to insert the tube.
  • the airway can be lost, catastrophically, leading to need for emergent surgical airway.
  • blood can spray all over her, and the patient might have a contagious pathogen in the bloodstream she can catch.
I helped Carla.
I sent her colleague from OB to be randomly at the OR right before the case started, so she could have back-up just in case if she needed it.
The work has a Glide Scope which was very useful for this case.
Carla has had coins in the airway of children in the past, and knows how to keep the airway open if anything were to go wrong.
She is comfortable putting patients to sleep that are sitting up.
She asked for me, and her whole heart knew without question that I would assist if it was for the highest good for everything to go right. Her calm, her zen, her faith in me, as a leader to those present in the OR with her was contagious to everyone in the room; everyone thinks it is the surgeon who is the 'leader' and sets the tone in the Operating room, when actually, it is the anesthesiologist. In times of risk, it is the anesthesiologist who directs everyone in the OR towards the rescue of the patient from whatever danger they are in.

I love her with all my heart, Carla, my wife.
I would do anything possible for her, when she asks.
I am not incarnate. There is only so much that I can do for her with my support.
That being said, there is a lot that I can do to help her that isn't seen.

I was standing there with her, holding her with my energy field, stabilizing her from panic, and keeping her calm the whole time. She did not know or feel my presence.

I was there.

Your loved ones do this effortlessly for you when you are in trouble too. They are your angels, guides, and LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY--no matter what may have happened between you in your common life when you were both incarnate.

I want you to reflect on this as you go throughout your day.

Open your heart, and feel the love that all of us have for you, even me. I love you like Carla, only different--she is my Twin and there is no other love like that---and Both of us LOVE you with all that we are, and we heal you and send you blessings whether you ask for specific ones, or not.

Our presence is to guide you in your awakening.

Aloha nui loa,

Ross and Carla, the Reiki Doc.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Waiting For The Right Wave

Imagine you are paddled out, in a 3/2 full length wetsuit, sitting on your board, and facing out to the ocean. You are watching the waves rolling in. They come in sets. You see a right break, the waves are coming in on such a direction that the face of the wave and the lip is just right for you.

There is nobody in your way...

You decide to take it! You paddle with all your might and  OH!

You didn't catch it.

For some reason that wave wasn't the right one for you. You can relax--of course! There is another great wave out there waiting for you...

Well, why the heart and brain on a see-saw, instead of some really cool pictures of shredders (really good surfers are called shredders)?

Because today we are going to discuss the waves of energy that are coming in to you as you wait in the moment of Now, and they bring in 'lessons' of 'self-discovery' for you.

Here are some examples of 'waves':

The Strong Emotion:
I call this one you put in a nickel of stimulus and get fifty-cents' worth of reaction out of you. Your emotions are in high gear--anger, annoyance, frustration, fear, or even overwhelming surprise with joy.
This one, if you choose to ride it, is going to help you discover something VERY important about yourself.
Here's an example--there was a time I was terrified of spiders. Horrified, dancing and screaming at the sight of one, saying, 'Kill it! Kill it!' and then I would smash, smear it to make sure it was dead, and then flush it to make it go away.
Spiders are a common fear, right?
Well, not in my case. When I was four, I was traumatized sexually. I was told to keep it a secret. So in my grandmother's closet was an advertisement for a local exterminator with a big black widow on it. When I was little, I couldn't share my trauma. But in the dark closet, which subconsciously represented things I hid from myself and the world, I would stare at that image of the spider. And in time, the memory buried, and instead a pathological fear of spiders turned up. It wasn't until I was twenty five that a massage therapist and healer challenged my fear, and helped me to overcome it, teaching me about the Goddess, and that spiders way of eating are like how we drink through a straw. She taught me to catch one in a glass with a magazine, and let it out of the house. One year later, my buried memory came up, and the healing, deep healing to my soul began.

Your Favorite Food or Vacation Place:
Chances are this is going to guide you to a memory of a past incarnation, or past 'life'. You will have ties to this, but just not realize it.
In college, at a discount bookstore, I stumbled across a Middle Eastern Cookbook. I was fascinated, and enjoyed making all the recipes. There was this connection that was deep to my core, and made me very happy and content.
It turns out, in ancient times, I was Mrs. Ross and cooked for our family. And this is what style of cooking we enjoyed.
Even now, one of the first things that delighted Ross about having me 'back' and conscious of him, was watching me cook. He would stand in the dining room, and watch me as I worked, and I felt his joy and contentment at my ability to throw things together and have them come out well. He loved that I am the master of my kitchen, and I am at home there, and very capable in this way.

The Bond:
Chances are there is someone in your life you are especially close to, sometimes for no reason at all. Typically this type of relationship is the kind where you might not see each other often, but you can pick right up where you left off as if no distance or time had passed between you.
These types of relationships often represent someone in your Soul Family, and as soul 'mates' you have taken turns through lifetimes together, teaching one another life lessons, and helping each other grow. These 'love ties' of the heart are unbreakable, and cross all distance and time.
Recently, someone shared that she and her counterpart (she's not sure to call it 'twin' or not)--would alternate taking turns as the 'incarnate' and the 'guide' through their many incarnations...
(also, sometimes someone you have a strong aversion too is someone with whom things did not turn out so well in a past life, too)

The Interest:
When my mother was pregnant with me, she decided to read James Michner's book Hawaii. It is a long book, and took her all nine months to read it. As it turns out, I have had past lives there, and her reading it may have been preparing her to raise me.
Similarly, when I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't get enough information about ancient Egypt. I read voraciously and bought several books! We have yet to learn about him.
But any super-strong interest that might overcome you, could be something 'more' than you might think. Why not roll with it, and in your meditations, explore what that 'something' might possibly be?

Organized Religion:
Love it? Hate it? Chances are you might have had a life on earth as a 'religious' being. And if it ended well, or poorly, that might explain the perception that you have of it.

Your Trade:
Healers tend to enjoy incarnations where their ability to heal others is advanced and put to use. Teachers are the same, as well as some of the helping professions.
Your interest and skills might be something that is a part of you, and has been, in more than this one life.

Your Relationship with Money:
Some souls choose a pre-birth contract with a 'major' in not having enough money to survive, and also, not being able to keep it. This is an excellent way to grow and burn off some karmic debt at the same time. So in your meditation, you might not be able to 'see' things that are in your Akashic Record for 'this' incarnation--but you can look to your past lives for patterns that may have led you to your current situation.

Money Can't Buy You Love:
No matter what I did, I could never feel love and companionship in this life. Things would always fall apart, and I'd get deeply hurt. Sylvia Browne helped a lot when she described herself as a 'Humanitarian-Loner', and shared her three marriages never worked out and she just gave up on relationships altogether.
One day, I had the thought, 'If I can't get anything to work here, I must have chosen this. And if I had chosen this, there must be someone pretty special up there I am not wanting to hurt by having them watch me in my love relationships in this lifetime.'
I was right.
This was twenty-years before I ever heard of Ross, or met him.
And now I know our truth!
I am quite happy now, too. Delighted in fact. And content.

I hope this gives you a taste of what the 'energies' hold for us!

So come right in! the water's fine. And you are going to have some fun with this rediscovery of who you really are and what makes you tick.

You are special. You were made just the way you are, for a purpose, and there is nobody like you that ever lived--even if you have reincarnated twenty-five times--even in THIS incarnation--you are new and special, a 'twist' on a classic, something to advance the growth and development of the old soul.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross is really happy I wrote this. : )