Sunday, August 17, 2014

Freedom Mortgage

Freedom Mortgage was a sign I saw on the way home tonight. Is it an oxymoron?


In fact it is an excellent introduction to this delicate, very 'touchy' point I have to make with you about spirituality. Your spirituality. And my own.

We are constantly growing and evolving as spiritual beings.

Let me begin by saying I had one of the best days I have ever had. I was with friends. I was at one of my favorite places on Gaia. And I was happy.

At the same time I had the opportunity to do much spiritual growth.

Earlier today I saw this film on YouTube, a recent video uploaded on Ascension Pioneers. You know, I used to watch a lot of this when I was following the YouTube channel Komurosan--English videos  read by a synthesized voice of the latest channeled messages from the Galactics. (After that I did KP, then straight to the 'sources' on GalacticChannelings--reading was faster and they were uploaded quickest on that site.)

I stopped watching Polona frankly, because I was sick and tired of her delight at finding her Twin Soul.

I was jealous.

And here I am years later, lovingly reunited with my Twin I could LISTEN to her message today, and laugh at my behavior that I had back then.

Her message is good, it is at a level for pretty much everybody. And I want you to pay attention to when she describes the feelings of Ascension one has after one has 'done the work'...

An Example
I am white.
I am a white girl who grew up in Southern California.
I am a white girl who grew up in Southern California at a time when girls were raised to be 'nice'.

I have a unique social perspective and outlook because of this.

Ever see this movie?
(it's a trailer from Mean Girls)

Well, even though I wasn't any good at it--being a 'plastic'--I was a 'brain' instead, I knew full well the 'rules' of 'girls world'...

Everybody did.

So now it gets delicate. Let me preface it to say that my 'perception' is what we are talking about here, and not about what was 'intended' or 'actually happened' in this 'example', okay?

I pulled some strings to treat my favorite family to a day of fun at the Safari Park where I have been a steadily increasing donor over the last twenty years...I really went out of my way to plan an amazing day with my best friend and our families.

Another woman invited herself and her kids at the last-minute!

In 'Girl World', Southern California-style, this is about the biggest act of aggression one female can do to another.

It was so severe even my son, when I cheerfully mentioned the last-minute change in plans, burst into tears. He wanted to stay home. And in my heart of hearts, I did too.

Rationally I knew the girls were best friends--the children--and that nobody meant any harm by this sudden 'addition'...

But even though I was asked, 'Do you mind if they come?', anyone who grew up here in this hostile culture that makes women go anorexic and bulimic in high school--knew that no one, even if it was their worst enemy inviting themselves--in this situation would say 'no'. 

You can't. 

You say 'no' and they 'win'.

Freedom Mortgage
I have been in my own bubble of wonderful vibration and co-creation of 5D, like Polona describes, for some time now. Weeks, perhaps? Maybe longer? I had wanted it to stay with me and not be challenged any more, ever.

5D is 5D, right? Once you arrive, it's like, bing bing bing bing bing! Welcome to 5D!

And metaphysically they close the door behind you, and that's it.

Well, not really. Some of my friends are drifting back and forth between 3D (here on Gaia with a physical body) and 5D (back Home where they came from with their consciousness) and spending longer and longer in 5D with more vivid and meaningful interactions through their 'meditations'.

(I pop back and forth often, because technically I am a lot higher than 5D--in spirit--but I am physically here in this 3D world, and I spend most of my life never having a clue I really wasn't 'from here' with my soul's natural 'vibration'. For the longest time I thought I was 6D going on 7D. It's actually somewhat higher than that.)

This is the FREEDOM. Higher dimensions have a 'vastness' to them, and a lot more abilities that 3D people lack--telepathy, all the 'clairs', animal communication, self-healing on a quantum energetic level,  even defying the aging process itself.

And just like anyone who owns a home knows, a MORTGAGE is a lifetime commitment to financial 'tyranny' to borrow a phrase from David Wilcock.

MORTGAGE is about as 3D as it can possibly get.

So the title for today's post is about today's OPPORTUNITY for me to see for myself just where I AM on this 3D-5D spectrum by this 'third person' putting me into a threatened 'perception' in my 3D 'culture' or 'Southern California Mean Girls World' that I was brought up.

And I had to fight it.

But there was just enough interaction for me to get to the point where internally, I had to say, 'I don't want to be in 3D, I don't want to follow those stupid 'Mean Girl' rules any more, if people want to drive all this way to see animals and hang out with us--well, not really with me or my son--but hang out with our group, in 5D they have every right to be happy.'

And it's true.

The other lesson, which is more important, is that as much as you concentrate on FREEDOM, and line up a day with people who are on the same FREEDOM path as you, there is no way to avoid spending time with others who are of the vibration MORTGAGE which is densely, deeply entrenched in the illusion of 3D: house-car-job-security-compensation-worry-mainstream media/government have your 'best interest at heart'.

And as if to test the validity of my choice, one sudden change after another kept testing my resolve.

But you know what? Highest vibration wins. And I wanted my 5D to stay with me no matter what 'curve' got thrown my way. I relaxed. I opened my heart. I was polite, kind, friendly. And I let it go.

After all 5D, is 5D. 

And--you can't wake anybody up...they have to do their own work.

Plus, I have proof that  5D is just as uncomfortable to 3D as the other way around. The 3D one, who is nice and kind and sweet and nothing in any way wrong with her except for being in a different mental/spiritual 'bandwidth'--well she got a headache and she usually doesn't.

You think that was her crown chakra getting a jolt all day from being around my vibration? It just might.

I was videotaped today feeding a giraffe. And he walked away. The photographer burst out, 'What did you SAY to him?!'

I was having a telepathic conversation with him. I told him my identity. Who I really am. And that I am here.  (An emissary of Divine Feminine energy, so to speak--but I gave him my title) LOL. 

The poor thing got all worked up and went to sniff the nearest female, just to check if I had 'done something' to her by being here, Now!

(((Big Smile)))

We backed up the truck a little, and let him think it was a new truck with a new bucket of acacia leaves.. He bought it. And he came back and finished the bucket with the rest of us.

What Matters More
The look on the faces of our beloved friends, and the best friend of their daughter, made it all worthwhile.
Watching my boy feed a rhino and pet it with love.
Helping each other through the crazy 'challenges' of the Jungle Rope Safari--which in a way are an excellent example of our own 'challenges' we take in the 'curriculum of life'.
Enjoying the misty trails.
Going on our first zip line together, mother and son
Hearing the children laughing together and playing and being kids.

These are forever.
These are the moments we treasure in our hearts.
These are the memories that stay with us across our lifetimes.

These are the promises of the Higher Realms.

This is the reward of allowing Life to heal you, and teach you more about yourself, about your spiritual level of development, and your heart, and your 'conscious ability to commit to your own soul growth.'


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc