Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lifting The Veil

Recently I have been asked several questions by my readers:

1. Explain the transition to the afterlife 2. Is there a formal script i can use as a guide for my moms service? 3. What basics should i cover? 4. What is death? 5. What is it like on the other side?
6. What do I do when my life becomes overwhelmingly negative and dark entities physically attack me and my pet?

Reiki was discovered, legend has it, because the students of Usui Sensei asked the question, 'How did Jesus physically heal others, not just healing the soul like modern beliefs discuss?'

In Japan, there is honor in that when the teacher does not know the answer to the question, they will make the effort to find out. Legend has it that Usui traveled through three different continents, learned several ancient languages, and studied the ancient tests directly in search of the answer.

Although my Japanese energy workers shall be quick to point out that this is legend, and nothing more, I think there is something worthwhile in this lesson:  that the students direct the class in the direction their collective consciousness wants it to go.

So here we are!

Let's review:

  • the last blog post,, discusses why we 'learn lessons'. For Ascension, this is an important step. Through self-discovery and increased awareness of ourselves, for example, how we think in a certain subject, or how we act that might have connection to a past life--we review and decide whether this 'thought pattern' is something we want to keep with us. This is a chance to raise the vibration by discarding low-vibration thought patterns from the energy body.
  • Just like an epidural anesthetic for labor, there is a whole range of pain relief that an epidural can run. The heaviest it can be is so numb you don't know you have legs but you can move them. And the lightest is that pressure waves come and go (the contractions halfway covered up) but they don't hurt.  In this same manner there is a whole range of Consciousness one can have through the Ascension process.
  • One of my colleagues who I respect and admire for her bold, pioneering spiritual growth, stated on her page yesterday that 'I don't need lessons'. Technically, this is correct. She has raised her vibration to a threshold where it is not as important for her spiritual growth--she has one leg 'up' on the Ascension 'bandwidth' already. She is leading the way and is enjoying the vibrations of the higher realms (5D). 
  • For every one of her, there are many, many more who are just on the awakening end of the Ascension process, and are needing to 'do the work' to help prepare themselves for this new energy level or 'vibration'. Like getting a series of gentle Reiki attunements, their spiritual journey is going to 'open them up' to be able to handle the higher frequencies that are arriving to earth.
  • Remember, Earth is like a one-room schoolhouse--and many grades are welcome and accepted in the program!
  • People who have higher vibrations tend to be able to see ghosts and communicate with their angels easier than people who don't...

  1. Explain the Transition to the Afterlife?   As people approach their Transition, they spend time going back and forth with their consciousness between both worlds. They are deciding and in preparation, much as a baby 'drops' into the pelvis in preparation of being born. At some point the soul disconnects from the body, and moves on to where it is from. Here is an example where I witnessed the transition of my beloved Nana Angelina ( and also when I witnessed the transition of my father (
  2. Is there a formal script I can use as a guide for my mom's service (she just transitioned recently from cancer last weekend--ed)?  Most services are for the living. Depending on how 'religious' your family is, it can take anything from a 'mass' type of 'service' that is something everyone recognizes as 'saying goodbye'--to simply opening the microphone for people to come up and share their memories of the deceased loved one. I tend to prefer the latter. I would use my pendulum and spirit and ask your mom from the other side what she would prefer. Here is a resource for you:
  3. What basics should I cover?  Love is the Solution for Everything. She loved her family. She loved her life. She loved her career. She loved being a mom. Give examples to paint a picture of her love and how it was evident through her life. And give everyone an opportunity to share how she touched their lives too. For my father, I told the guests at the funeral, 'Dad, I KNOW you are up there (pointed to the back of the church) listening.' and I spoke from my heart a short message I had prepared for the family. The pastor let us come up. I, my boy, and my nephew all came up.
  4. What is death? Death is when your soul no longer is connected to its vehicle to experience life, the physical body. Here is a description of the physical processes leading up to death itself:
  5. What is it like on the other side? If you ask me, Heaven is a place--or rather, a 'vibration'--where nurturing, warmth, love and compassion flood your very being 24/7. Time does not exist. People don't need to eat and sleep, although there are rest periods. They have homes there. And many entertainers and comedians put on shows for people. You have access to the geniuses in the fields of your former work and your hobbies, and can consult with them for their expertise. There is a lot of watching and sending guidance and love to those of your family who are still incarnate in the Illusion too. As always, souls learn and grow, but it is slower and more gentle a process on The Other Side. As Sylvia Browne said, 'Live a good life, then go Home.'  My teacher put together this meditation which might be helpful for you:
  6. What do I do when my life becomes overwhelmingly negative and dark entities physically attack me and my pet?  According to Anne Reith, PhD, my teacher, we have free will. The dark entities have to obey us. We tell them to Get Out and Go! They have to. It's that simple. It must be a strong belief and strong will to make them go. (these are those unattached to us. ) For those that are 'attached' and it's early, for some Reiki practitioners, self-Reiki is enough to 'clear the aura and energy field'. For others, for example, one woman whose Twin Flame boyfriend had entities that physically made him move--had a friend and lightwkrker removing the attachments without much success. I had her refer out. She got Margaret to clear her and her Twin. Now she is enjoying tremendous progress in her reunion with him. Here is how to contact Margaret for her services. Sometimes in cases of hardship ways to work around this are available too:  For things that are often on high-ranking Lightworkers to disable them for their missions--sometimes etheric implants of a different nature are present. The work of Reverend Pamela and Alexandra Meadors are very helpful in cases like this. And example is Alexandra's husband Steven, who had one wrapped around his brainstem and altered every thought he had for the negative, leading to a life of addiction and abuse. He cured after this process of removal.
  7. What if you did not answer my question? spirit is always available if you ask. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael are always a good start. Just go within, and ask from your heart for All Divine Assistance. It might require patience. Oh yes, Archangel Nathaniel is very good for really difficult situations. He says, 'no job is too big!' So is Saint Jude and Saint Anthony for the impossible. Here is an example of mediumship for you:

Good morning.
It is a pleasure to be with you.
Carla, in her humility, totally forgot how I came to her assistance on her last call. 
In the middle of the night, after a very long day at work and only one hour asleep, she got her worst nightmare--a bloody airway. It was similar to a tonsil post-op that bleeds and has to come back to the O.R. to control the hemorrhage.
She collected herself, put on her shoes, and made the sleepy drive from her home back to her work, where she spoke with the surgeon about the surgical plan. She also, after setting up, went to the ER to examine the patient. It was the worst--sitting up, bolt upright, with four buckets already filled with blood clots that had been spit out, and the patient gurgling and coughing up more blood as they said it, 'every thirty seconds'.
This one was challenge for the following reasons:
  • blood loss can lead to hypotension (low blood pressure) after starting anesthesia. It can be life-threatening.
  • the airway can be so filled with blood the only thing the anesthesiologist can do is have someone press on the stomach and they 'go for the bubbles' to guide them to insert the tube.
  • the airway can be lost, catastrophically, leading to need for emergent surgical airway.
  • blood can spray all over her, and the patient might have a contagious pathogen in the bloodstream she can catch.
I helped Carla.
I sent her colleague from OB to be randomly at the OR right before the case started, so she could have back-up just in case if she needed it.
The work has a Glide Scope which was very useful for this case.
Carla has had coins in the airway of children in the past, and knows how to keep the airway open if anything were to go wrong.
She is comfortable putting patients to sleep that are sitting up.
She asked for me, and her whole heart knew without question that I would assist if it was for the highest good for everything to go right. Her calm, her zen, her faith in me, as a leader to those present in the OR with her was contagious to everyone in the room; everyone thinks it is the surgeon who is the 'leader' and sets the tone in the Operating room, when actually, it is the anesthesiologist. In times of risk, it is the anesthesiologist who directs everyone in the OR towards the rescue of the patient from whatever danger they are in.

I love her with all my heart, Carla, my wife.
I would do anything possible for her, when she asks.
I am not incarnate. There is only so much that I can do for her with my support.
That being said, there is a lot that I can do to help her that isn't seen.

I was standing there with her, holding her with my energy field, stabilizing her from panic, and keeping her calm the whole time. She did not know or feel my presence.

I was there.

Your loved ones do this effortlessly for you when you are in trouble too. They are your angels, guides, and LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY--no matter what may have happened between you in your common life when you were both incarnate.

I want you to reflect on this as you go throughout your day.

Open your heart, and feel the love that all of us have for you, even me. I love you like Carla, only different--she is my Twin and there is no other love like that---and Both of us LOVE you with all that we are, and we heal you and send you blessings whether you ask for specific ones, or not.

Our presence is to guide you in your awakening.

Aloha nui loa,

Ross and Carla, the Reiki Doc.