Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Message From My Mother

Yesterday I called my mom. She said it was her favorite day, August fifteenth.

I thought it was the festival for the assumption of Mother Mary? She grew up in a small village in Sicily.

Actually, she said, it was the harvest festival and it lasted three days. But she was happy because on August 15, 1962, dad asked her to marry him.

I remembered the fancy steakhouse in town they took us to once, and showed us where he proposed. My sister and I were in wonder at the history that took place in that otherwise not very noticeable place from the outside. It was wonderful to be in, and enjoying dinner where they decided to marry.

I asked if Dad got on one knee?

He did.

And he had a beautiful velvet box with a ring in it.

You know what she said?

I am not going to wear that ring! It's not new. Somebody else wore it.

Father was flabbergasted. How did she know?! (I think it was psychrometry and claircognizance on mom's part, because she didn't know how she knew, she said. She 'just knew'.)

So it wasn't a yes and it wasn't a no, it's a 'I'm not going to wear that ring'

She shared that father had left for Korea, and asked a girl he didn't really like but had been seeing, a friend of his sister Edna, to marry him. She accepted. But she was too loud and he didn't enjoy being with her. Times were different and it was the right thing to do.

In Korea, he got a 'Dear John' letter. And when his tour of duty was done, she gave the ring back.

So Dad went to Mr. Jones, and took mom, and showed her a certificate that the ring, the new ring, had never been worn and was only for her. Mr. Jones made a point to tell her it was only for her.

Then another time, he took mom to the 'Celestial Garden' in Chinatown L.A. to officially propose.

He got down on one knee again.

This time she took the ring.

Here is a link to the garden:

Of all the places in the world for this to happen, why in a Celestial Garden, that is Japanese?

The man who designed it also designed one of my favorite hideaways in Medical School, the Japanese Garden at Balboa Park. I would go there when I was very stressed and it would do wonders for my soul.

I also used to study at the Zoo. I liked to read while sitting on the bench by the waterfalls for the gorilla exhibit. San Diego let students have unlimited pass to both parks for only twenty dollars a year. I have never forgotten this kindness.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.   Ross:    Good morning to you. Salutations! Everything is on its way, at the best possible time and place. I want you to have patience with us, and also with yourselves with the awakening. This is not something one can throw into the microwave and press a time for it to cook. The awakening of the masses is delicate, like a soufflĂ© --and like a warm chocolate lava cake soufflĂ© --after dinner it is worth the forty-five minute wait for them to make it. That's why you order that dessert early in the restaurant, before you eat your meal.

I hope you have enjoyed Carla's story from her mother, her Earth mother, Nikki. I want Carla to know that her temper--that of her mother--was harsh but her heart was in the right place. Many people auditioned and applied for the task of raising you, my beloved. Your mother had the ability to show you the way to us, unobstructed.

For those of you who have not read of it, Carla literally grew up attending UFO conferences at Giant Rock. As a child she could tell an extraterrestrial incarnate/human form. As often they were present at these gatherings. She turned her nose up at them and wanted nothing to do with the conferences but to ride on her father's shoulders and see. And also to ride the swings.

Carla's parents brought her up close to nature, at a nudist colony, on the weekends too.

They did their job perfectly, and helped mold her to be who she is today.

Darling? I am sorry for the temper. Your nana Angelina was the refuge for you from that. As also was your uncle Beni. Write the letter (One where I tell him I love him. I've missed him. I haven't spoken to him since Nana got sick and was taken from his caregiving to a nursing home. It wasn't good. I won't say anything more about it than that.).

My darling, I will. At once.