Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stepping Into Your Power As A Healer

I am keeping this short, and to the point:  We are in the middle of a change in paradigms of the healing process.

You have a choice.

You have free will.

There are no 'rules' at this time...

Option Number 1:  Tradition
You do everything by the book of how you were taught. Acupuncturists do Acupuncture. Surgeons operate. Anesthesia does 'peer reviewed literature search for evidence-based practices' and nothing more.
Nothing changes.
Everything continues the 'Standard of Care'--this goes for all families, all patients, all practitioners.

prayer is an option.

Option Number 2:  Embrace The New
Matthew Ward, August 12, 2014
Illness across the board isn’t going to disappear until the population has absorbed enough light to believe that it can be disease-free—belief creates the reality. This pertains as well to rejuvenating faulty organs and growing missing limbs—regeneration and restoration won’t happen in one fell swoop because those processes also require belief.
People who unquestioningly believe they can recover from paralysis or their heart will function perfectly without a pacemaker, for example, will manage those accomplishments sooner than individuals whose belief wavers and much sooner than those who doubt they have any capability in those respects. It’s a matter of how much light has permeated mind, body and spirit; and at this moment, most in your world don’t think that something as “magical” as replacing dentures with actual new teeth is even a possibility.
Someday everyone in your world will know not only how magnificently-designed your bodies are, but what magnificently powerful souls you are! Beloved sisters and brothers, we are eager to see you discover your innate knowledge and abilities and take your rightful place in our universal family as the multidimensional souls you are.
(hint--the body in 5D is perfectly healed in every way--that is how the limbs grow back. You put yourself completely into 5D and just do it.)

Option Number 3:  Take The Best And Leave The Rest
Dr. Masaru Emoto recommends this approach. His HADO water therapy has created amazing cures, such as for a one-year old girl with severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy who was deemed 'terminal' and now lives! He has all his patients continue with standard medical care, plus his treatment. It is like 'no stone left unturned' or in my anesthesia practice, 'a belt and suspenders' approach.
I layer energy healing WITH evidence-based medicine, the reason being that the quantum healing of energy medicine is without measure at this time! There are no monitors to 'detect' it or to 'standardize' it. So I let healing be the proof--less nausea and vomiting, less post-op pain, and faster recovery from surgery.

So I will leave this up to you.

It is with pleasure I introduce you to a new concept in energy healing--The Ross and Carla Energy Healing Bracelet.  I have designed this specially for you. It is to help with assimilating the energies of your own Ascension--it is very much like a 'Reiki Cleanse' to those of you who are familiar with it. And in our experience, both Carla's and my own, 'Reiki Cleanses' tend to be a little 'bumpy'--just like with the Ascension Process. The cleaning and opening of your energy pathways--which are your birthright but have been dormant for most of your lives, are clearing out the blocks to the Light energy which is beginning to flow through them. As a result, you may have physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual things come up for you to review, to learn from, to process and release. This can be fatiguing to you as a spiritual being who is going through Ascension.

This bracelet has been blessed by both of us, and is available for thirty three dollars plus shipping.

It is made by a master craftswoman, and every single one of them is hand-made by Reiki Master Linda Dunn in New England. So anticipate a wait of four to six weeks.

The length is twenty centimeters from the tip of the clasp to the tip of the ring, just under eight inches 

They are made of smoky quartz and rhodocrosite, with two silver beads. The closure is made of a lobster clasp in silver, a magnetic closure, or on elastic as you may prefer. Please specify your choice, and contact Linda directly to place your order at

As an added bonus to Reiki Students worldwide, a portion of the cost will be used to create a fund for Reiki Scholarship. Depending on how the proceeds go, and how successful the project, as many people we can help as possible shall be assisted--and this will be transparent and published on this blog.

Thank you for your consideration.  

In summary--the bracelet is designed by both Carla and me, and is blessed by us. It is to aid you to have a smoother experience through the Ascension Process. It is made by a genuine Reiki Master by hand, and is therefore a source of Reiki to have in your aura. It is available in three ways--elastic, magnetic closure or lobster clasp. And a portion of the sales will be donated towards a cause of financial assistance to Reiki Students worldwide.

This is a pleasure to share our great news with you today on this project!

Ross and Carla, the Reiki Doc