Monday, August 18, 2014

Paddle Out

Today's message is simple.

To catch the waves, one has to 'paddle out'--to use your arms to get you and your board to where the waves break.

This message came in many forms--a license plate, teachers from Salty Grom Surf School (a 'grom' is a junior surfer) telling their students in the water near us to 'paddle out! paddle out! paddle out!', and spirit nudging me to go to the beach by my boy telling me we should go.

You just get on your board and paddle out.

I did this today at Bolsa Chica with my boogie board--and I did duck dives under the waves as they crashed while I was paddling out.

I caught some good ones : )

The trick is, once you 'paddle out', you have to wait and see for the wave that's right for you to catch it.

Our Ascended Masters are experts at riding the energy waves like this one here at North Shore Oahu in winter.

We are the groms.

We ride the one to two foot waves for beginners.

And they are happy to be teaching us.

All we have to do is paddle out.  To make the effort to be IN the Ascension Process, to direct our energies and our consciousness to the place where we can ride the energies of co-creation in the universe.

Creator has provided the wetsuit and the board and the leash and lots of sunscreen with the energies that are surrounding us.

This is the best surf school in all of Creation!

So why not have some fun, take a chance, and paddle out?

(I splash the 'water' of energy next to me and smile at you to make a point)   Come on in! The water's fine. You will get used to it!

(clears his throat)
I have thought very much about what I would like to say.
I want to share with you my energy of 'what the fun is like' while you are 'surfing' the energies of the higher realms. Of what it is like to be at One and in balance--just like going up on your surfboard and enjoying the ride.
I have a longboard for you--that is the most stable, and the easiest for the waves to catch.
I am standing in the water right behind you on the surfboard.
I am an experienced 'surfer' and have enjoyed 'riding the waves' for centuries, for all time, actually...

I am safe and you will not get hurt.
Just a little wet if you fall off and lose you balance--but mastering it a little more at a time with each attempt is also half the fun, isn't it?

So I will watch for the wave for you. And when the time is right I will give you and your energy a great big SHOVE for you to catch the wave with it.

And although I will be shouting so you can hear me over the roar of the ocean--stand up! stand up! stand up! --I will be happy for you to simply enjoy the ride, be it on your tummy, on your knees, standing up and falling off the board, or riding it all the way in.

I am happy for you to have this wonderful experience with me as your guide and friend.

And you don't have to pay me. This is an all inclusive 'resort' when it comes to Gaia and the planetary Ascension process...

It is my pleasure to be here for you at this time. As also it is for Carla.

I want to talk about one more symptom that might be plaguing you with the energies of Ascension--as your vibration increases, you will find that keeping track of a schedule is a little difficult. Time will stretch for you, and your interest in punctuality and appointments will wane.
You will also get things mixed up (for example, thinking a class is on a different day, and missing it).
You will have to double-check and come up with a system for yourself to compensate if these things start to happen to you.

It plagued Carla today, and it greatly lowered her vibration. There was a release of her rescued sea lion pup this morning, and she was on her way to the beach to witness it when her work called asking her why she was not at work today? To all of her ability, through her checking and double checking, she had mistaken the assignment for today with that of last Friday. On her phone, the schedule had been sent to her 'junk' folder all last week. Because the schedule was light, and she was at another facility, and she was sleepy still from having a lot of work on Friday, this 'slipped through the cracks'. Her boss was not pleased, nor were the others, for in anesthesia a provider must be the three A's--Affable, Able, and Available.

So be kind to yourself when these things start to occur. They are a sign of advancement to 5D, and a welcome sign. That being said, you must take extra steps to compensate for this tendency to 'mix up dates and times' as you draw closer to--as the romantic ballads all refer to it--'the end of time'.

In the higher dimensions, time is different. It will make sense to you later, but I thought it would be appropriate to bring it up to you with this message today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and Ross

P.S. of all things, my one patient was a fisherman. He doesn't like sea lions at all because as he said, 'once you hook the fish they come and take it off!' But we did agree we both share a love of the ocean. He also has lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol by starting Transendental Meditation. He has no clue who I am, but I disclosed that 'I am very into plugging in to source and I am happy for you to have discovered it.'

This is the number five longboard surfer in the world, JJ Wessels