Friday, August 1, 2014

Healing With Pegasus

Every day for the last, oh, almost year, I have sent Unicorn Healing Energy daily to my readers. I was deeply moved by the Unicorn Healing that was sent occasionally from Reiki Fur Babies. I also had been certified in Unicorn Healing--LOL--it was actually a self-attunement because Sarah Sheperd had sent me the materials and not yet attuned me. As I read them at a local Starbucks, I saw all kinds of things in spirit. And when she went to attune me later (she lives in London) she saw I was 'done' already! She offered me a complimentary 'other' attunement in its place. Here is her link, in case you are interested.

On December 23, 2012, I was walking down the stairwell in the hospital at work, when I saw my first unicorn with my 'sight'.  Around this time, Meline Lafonte started seeing them too. Unicorns are a higher dimensional being that lives with the elementals in the etheric plane. As Gaia was ascending to a certain frequency of vibration rapidly at this time, this type of communication became possible. Here are a few other 'unicorn' related posts:

If you notice very carefully, in every photo I have posted of a Unicorn, there are no wings. This is because when I first met one, I asked to touch its wings, and I was told directly and firmly that unicorns do not have wings...

On July 30, 2014, my friend and fellow blogger Ming shared she met a dark pegasus during her first acupuncture session (

Her friend Coryelle Kramer saw it too in New York, where she lives. Sometimes all three of us 'connect' with similar beings of Light in our spiritual 'visions'. Her acupuncturist felt a very powerful presence, and asked Ming what she was seeing. He saw it too. This time I was like, 'wow, that's cool'. I also asked Ming what is the name of this being?

It is Storm.

Almost immediately after communicating with Ming yesterday, I got this message:

10:30 a.m. 

song on radio in the O.R. --Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen

Storm from Polaris

(he waited for me to catch up with my charting, making sure the patient is stable. I felt him subtly laughing--he thought our medical technology was old, archaic, 'barbaric'.)

S:  Are you mine?

C:  Yes.

S:  Do I have your attention?

C:  Yes.

S:  I can heal EVERYTHING.

C: (I grin with excitement)

S:  You like it?

C:  Yes!!! (I feel like it's Christmas)

S:   I want you to write what I say:

all is right
all is well
I see
I saw
I now share to your heart.

S:  I want you to say that for your patients not just for today, but EVERY one you take care of in your healing in the future. And I want you to share this too. I am STORM from Polaris.

C:  (I offer him carrots and apples. He's really surprised at my thoughtfulness).

S:  Those are delicious! Thank you!

C:  Can I touch the wings? (they change the sheen of colors over the dark base color like a chameleon, but he is black and very highly intelligent)

S:  Yes.

C:  (super soft, I delight and enjoy touching them.)

S: (he gives me one feather) I have to go.

C: No! Wait! (I lay on my stomach with my hands out, stand up, and say 'Thank you' and 'Go!')

He looks over his shoulder and waves his right hoof goodbye...

Ross came to me right before I woke up this morning. There was a presence with him, to his left. It was big, fuzzy, and male.  I blinked and focused my 'sight' and much to my surprise, saw a white pegasus looking at me. 

I asked Ross who is it? He said I have known this being, but only in Spirit, in this incarnation. He also suggested I ask him who he is.

I did. And I was BLOCKED! The Pegasus spoke, I couldn't understand the name. I keep feeling and searching with my energy to 'sense' his. Still 'blank'! I was frustrated at the Veil. 

The white pegasus offered me a ride. I was crying with joy and disbelief, like, 'you would let me ride you?' (unicorns don't get ridden--at least none I've seen! LOL). Then I was like, where do my legs go? He said, behind the wings. I asked, 'how to I hold on?' He said if the ride gets bumpy, hook your arms under where the wings join the body, and hold tight! He took me flying all over the earth, and I saw beautiful sights. I didn't enjoy it as much as I could, because I kept trying to figure out the name of this creature, and the connection to me. Who was it???

This pegasus was very patient and calm.

I offered him carrots with water, which he enjoyed. He did not want the apple. 

I asked can I brush you?

He grudgingly said 'yes', but turned out to enjoy it. I looked with my physician's eyes and training over every inch of him, taking in the wonderful sparkle of his deeply intelligent eyes and beautifully made horse-like features. I combed the mane, used a curry comb on the body, combed the tail, and picked out the hooves. There are no horseshoes. He really like the hooves being cleaned and shined. I enjoyed the pegasus smell, just like I always wanted a horse and used to do this to the rental ones where I took my riding lessons.  I was surprised because he knew the 'squeeze and lift' signal so I could work on the foot, not because he was trained, but because he was telepathic. 

Then I knew his identity.

I was shocked!

He slowly  made the image go back and forth from pegasus to human face and body, and I could see the resemblance. I watched with wonder at this new secret that unfortunately I am not allowed to share at this time.  I also learned the name, it is Owuee (oh woo ee).

Then I had a lot of questions about pegasus:
  • their ears hear like ours do
  • there is no rain, so they don't need shelter, but a 'home' of sorts exists
  • I was shown their cities and meetings
  • pegasus has very high vibration comparable to unicorn but it's a different purpose
  • there is no pain, except once he experienced it when in human form I slapped his face in anger. He said this was a gift, and had never felt it. It is like peppers--the sting and the spice--in a way are pleasant. In the Higher Realms I am known for my, well, my personality being outspoken and 'spicy' or 'bold' in nature.
I wanted to give Owuee something. I offered a flower for the mane. No. I offered a shamrock in the mane for good luck. No. I gave a single drop of my blood, a true rose--and wouldn't take no for an answer. I put it in the mane like a flower, but hidden so that no one could see. 

He gave me one white feather, in my heart center.

I was astonished as I felt the silver cord we have had for some time between our hearts dissolve.  Was this over?!

Then is transformed to a white feather cord, which was able to transmit much higher, finer, vibrations. 

I was overcome with profound gratitude. I confided, 'Thank you for saving me the way you did, I was in deep doodoo, wasn't I?'

He laughed, at my choice of words. He was expecting something more 'colorful' (I swear a lot in the Higher Realms, apparently, too)

I asked him what his lessons are like? He let me peek. He is contemplating the energy of Magnificence. (It feels like being on the beach--everything fresh, alive, and in total perfect balance and harmony, and always new.)

I thanked him for being there for us. For myself incarnate, as he's shown himself to me in human form. And for my Twin, as his friend and close associate, in my absence. 

I was given a message for Ming, which I have since passed along.

It is my understanding that the healing words in bold, italics, and underlined are permitted to be used by everyone for healing purposes. They only need to be said once, per patient, and are very powerful.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.   This is Ross. I do not want this message to surprise you. It is magnificent in its accuracy on life as we know it in the Higher Realms. Do not be concerned if it does not 'make sense' or 'seem applicable' to you in your understanding at this time. This document is of historical interest. It is also a calling to those who are on this mission. The words will deeply resonate with them in their heart, like a big Aha! instant. And the message will 'stick' with them. They will deeply reflect on it in their daily meditation state. Ask for me, to guide you, on what is asked of you on your mission at this time, if these experiences happen to you. (he kisses the top of your head) I will always be present to assist and be of guidance to you, from my heart. No matter how much time I spend with my Beloved Carla (we had our first anniversary yesterday--I have been married to her for six months in Galactic time, since our original ceremony on board ship)--no matter how much time I spend with my lady--I will always be quick and ready to come be of assistance to you. It is possible like this at my level of existence.

Namaste. Peace.