Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So You Might Be An Empath? Welcome!

Good morning!

This is MORE than just the sunrise early start of day. <3

This is the start of your Newly Awakened Life!

These blog posts were written to assist the last wave of Lightworkers who were coming online:

Recently a dear friend of mine, Deshon Fox, asked me to share about my experience with his book on spiritual awakening, The Middle Theory.  I was in Hawaii at the time, thousands of miles away from my book. I said I was delighted, and I would indeed write it. In my heart, I wanted my copy of the book in my hands, so I could quote from it for you.

Then there was a lull...

Did you ever see the movie Men In Black? You know how K likes to think over a slice of pie? Well, Spirit and I, we have noodles and aloha.

So yesterday, I discovered I had the ability to manifest. Four times I made wish in my heart. And four times, the answers suddenly arrived!
  • luggage just like my new Travel Pro carry-on with the totally effortless spinner wheels, just a little bigger, except on sale, because the stuff my son and I lugged with our old luggage around Honolulu Airport was really painful for me.
  • A friend who I go to noodle place with to be there--she was, with both kids too! It was a total surprise my son heard her voice and they were seated at the table closest to the noodle counter! We had kid table--mine and hers, and 'grown up table'!
  • My tax man to explain the six-week delay in filing my return  and what to do about the scary letter from the well, come you filed this form here TWICE??? Yikes!
  • If it was okay to turn in a reapplication for practice privileges form incomplete?

So the energies ARE different.

And so are my friends--people who I didn't 'think' were like me, are starting to 'confide' that they ARE!  Cousin. Friend. Coworker. Tax man. 

They like this Reiki-Doctor-Mediumship-Psychic stuff!

I was so taken in by this 'last wave' of New Baby Lightworkers coming online, just last night I mentioned to a dear friend of mine, another blogger, that 'they are where I was in 2009! I hope they 'wake up' a lot faster than I did! LOL'

Chinese transplant surgeons bow in respect to eleven-year old donor

So there we have it! 

Deshon? Your request to me was the first signal of a much larger PULSE that is just starting through Gaia and all of her people.

And Deshon? Please forgive me--I am going to combine your book, with two others, to show how important it is for readers to find what RESONATES with them.  I get a LOT of people sharing with me their 'book' or 'video' that they found that helped them to get on their feet spiritually. 

These suggestions do nothing for me, and I am polite, but I don't go 'back' to where I was five years ago spiritually and watch them.

Remember awakening is a very personal spiritual adventure--and when something 'feels right' then you are to follow that 'lead' or 'clue' until it doesn't 'feel right' any more, okay?

It is not possible to 'wake someone else up for them' spiritually--everyone has their own vibration, and what works for YOU might not work for THEM--so offer people choices and see which one appeals to them most.  <3

My Three Treasures:

  • Sylvia Browne--The book Insight, Case Files from the Psychic World was a big 'aha!' read for me. I borrowed it from my sister! (please note that many times books find their way to you). I saw myself in it. I was like her! And I read with interest all that she had to say about being psychic. I saw her as honest, complete, and very useful as a resource in my awakening that I didn't realize WAS my awakening at the time.  this book helped me to identify I was 'different' and that it was 'okay'; it provided no framework for me to change my thinking other than acceptance of what I recognize as 'who I am'.
  • Deshon Fox --  (I had to put him in 'The Middle'!)  Somehow I made a comment on a Dalai Lama Facebook post, and Deshon sent me a message that said, 'I think you could benefit from The Middle Theory'. It couldn't hurt. I ordered his book online. And it was wonderful for me: a book written by an engineer who is spiritual enough to put it into terms I could understand and apply to my life. About expectations in life, from family, from parenting--with examples. I STILL apply them every day, especially now with my son. Be honest with your kids--even if it's about mistakes from the past--because they will SENSE your honesty, from your open heart, and it will give them the information they NEED to guide them with their life choices they are coming to you for advice. With Deshon--he's no Sylvia--you can message him on Facebook, follow him--he's THERE and AVAILABLE--not just some person on TV who has since passed but used to have a waiting list for months to get a response from her. So with The Middle Theory you get not only the best 'woo woo crystal spirituality type energies' explained in a totally acceptable for everyone--engineers and get a really fine person with an open heart who cares about you. Personally. (I am giving you this link to his story--not the home page--my preference is for a website not to have music--this one home page kind of does and it's really cool and everything--but it was hard for me to make quiet so just read around the website if you are like me, and if you like the music cause it really IS cool, then you can leave it on Home page to motivate you <3 )))
  • Gunter as channeled by Margaret Mc Cormick: This book is filled with light codes and activation sequences. The words Gunter -- someone like Ross, an advanced teacher who is not incarnate -- the words Gunter (goon-terr) puts together are for your deep awakening. You can only read one short chapter a night, and not more, or else the awakening won't be complete. Your body has to assimilate the new energies each night after you read them--you can't rush it. (Deshon's book I think is kind of like that too--I couldn't read it all at once, as I was sensing energy changes for the better slowly happening to me when I read it. At the time I was 'lost'--and struggling to figure out my purpose, yes?)  This book came to me for free from Margaret when I went to her lecture on Channelling and Negative Attachment Removals.  This book changed my life. I am not sure if the first one is in print, but the second one is available on kindle through Margaret's site, and it's wonderful too:

Peace by OAR 
(this was suggested by Ross--I've never heard it before! It's lovely.)

Also, Blessed Mother promised me she is going to give a channeling soon especially for you.  She wants to remind you to use the Search box in the top right hand corner, and use her name as a search word--some of her old messages might be helpful to you now too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Ross:   Carla and I are happy. The happiest we have ever been as a couple. We invite you to share our energy, our joy, and our delight at having found one another again. The Light energy of reunited Twins is very powerful. We make our energy freely available to you, to fuel and guide your awakening, and for your enjoyment in the whole awakening process. It is with great joy I give to you 'our news'. Namaste.