Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Token Doctor

Today's lesson is a series of tales that are designed to uplift the spirit and increase the consciousness.

The Token Doctor

A nurse took me aside as I came upstairs in the early morning to Labor and Delivery for an epidural. Another mother had the baby coming quickly, and although the obstetrician was on their way, they might not make it in time. Would I be willing to deliver the infant?

I knew full well all of the nurses on the floor knew exactly what to do. But because of my training,  as the 'token doctor' I would be present 'just in case'. I put on my gloves and suddenly the OB doc rushed into the room. I gave silent thanks.

But then the charge nurse realized since the  baby was coming early, would I mind being available to assist and possibly intubate, since the neonatologist was on the way?

So I joined the NICU nurse and the RT, and watched as the baby, eyes open, took its first breaths and began to cry.

They were okay.

And I knew why the baby isolette caught my attention first thing this morning, in the hall, and why I blessed it at the time without understanding why.

For this standby, for the Reiki I gave in silence with an open heart, I was not paid...in earthly dollars.

But in Heaven dollars of love and appreciation? I earned much.

She weighed three pounds, three ounces. She is a baby Ascended Master!

The Mystery Of The Sandwich And The Apple

It was nine p.m. and I was just settling into the call room with my blanket, when the phone rang. It was the nurse, asking, 'Did I wake you up?'

No, she hadn't.

She had seen a sandwich and an apple someone had left in the hall outside the changing room. She wanted to make sure if it was mine I got it.

She cared that I might have gone without dinner.

The next story explains why that sandwich was left...


I was at the front desk listening to our gay receptionist share about his experiences at the street festival in Belgium where the men--both gay and straight--dress like women and they look GOOD! ---when a commotion began.

There was a deep late deceleration on the monitor. And the baby was not coming back up.

I went straight to the O.R. and prepared my drugs. The patient came in the room. I dosed her labor epidural with the stronger anesthetics for surgery before they moved her to the bed.

I had mixed my lidocaine 2% with bicarb to help speed the onset. It was an old trick I learned in residency.

Within one minute they were starting to prep. The baby needed to be out. NOW.

My local anesthetics take ten minutes to work.

In a flash, I reached for my open alcohol wipe, and tested right above the first swipe of prep--Is this COLD? Do you feel it?

The answer was 'no'. I breathed a sigh of relief. The patient could stay awake and did not need general anesthetic. The next minute we cut and not much longer after that the baby was born, normal and healthy...

...it was a miracle! Thank you Archangel Raphael.

The Healing Table

Yesterday I ate lunch with five Vietnamese doctors.

One grew up in London. After I shared with him about my boy's being bullied at school, he said he was the only asian at the school. He played soccer, and that helped give him friends. But it wasn't until the Big Guy picked a fight with him, that things improved and people respected him.

First off, with the Little Guy, people sympathize with him, and hoped for him to win.

And second? He used his martial arts in the fight. And because he was asian, everybody there thought he was Chinese, and therefore, an expert in Kung Fu 'like all asians'.

Although in his opinion, the fight was 'a draw', from there on out, everyone at school called him 'Bruce Lee'.


'Is that all you're going to eat?' the young asian doctor asked as he sat down to my left, setting down his plate with pork, mashed potatoes, gravy, and carrots with peas arranged beautifully on his plate.

On mine was mixed lettuce, tofu, and spicy cucumber mix stacked very high on my plate.

I realized that his meal is as society and the 'food pyramid' recommends--it's 'habit'--and my carbohydrates, protein, PLUS micronutrients were the 'new recommendation' based on my awareness and my own definition of 'health'


As I put my tray aside, the vice-president for the hospital gently took me aside. Vietnamese, she and her husband were seated at the same table and hat shared lunch with me. She asked for my son's name. She wanted to pray for him, with his weight and his bullying. She says prayer every day.

I smiled and hugged her in warm acceptance! I almost cried tears of relief in front of my colleagues there.

I shared that I have a special devotion to Blessed Mother. She asked, in surprise, 'Are you Catholic?' I said, yes I was.' (baptized and went until this time in 2012--look up the work of Kevin Annett to see why I left).

I also shared that our hepatic surgeon asks for Nimfa to circulate for him on EVERY CASE, because she prays for his patients, and it 'works'. (He is the one who takes the Lord's name in vain when things don't go well in surgery  http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/01/dont-have-cow-doc.html)

I was sure to ask for her son's name. It is Christian. He has depression. I offered to pray for him every day too.

It's Time For A Walk:

I woke early yesterday with a flash of the image of the face of a dog I know. Ross was right behind that flash, holding a leash made of this gold chain, and Ross was jangling it. I could hear the sound of the chain as only a leash can make.

I knew.

Although I didn't want to know, I knew Bobby was going to die. Today.

I asked his mom if it was okay to make a Reiki Request for him. She said yes.

The kindness and love I saw for him, the outpouring of heart and healing energy, was tremendous.

I was in contact with the family throughout the  day. I asked, 'can you feel the Reiki?'

They did.

And it made a difference for everyone involved.

Bobby passed, and his mother gives thanks for the Reiki.

Transition is a gift. It clarifies the connection of our hearts, as one leaves and one stays. The bond between us gets a special focus, and time to be enjoyed with all of our consciousness. One supports the other, and at the end...well...because I am a medium...I get to enjoy 'the whole picture'.

Today I relayed messages back and forth between the dog and his family. They planned where to bury him, and with what object to 'take with him'.

It was a good passage...

Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc