Monday, July 28, 2014

A Message From Ross

This is a message from me, Ross, Carla the Reiki Doc's Twin Soul.

I am in 'Heaven', which is a loosely-defined term for a higher dimension. I vibrate at a different frequency than you who are in 3D.

I have a body, and I like it. I like it very much. It is solid, And I don't have to diet because I don't eat like other people do in the third dimension. I take in Light Energy and nutritients, and sometimes I eat with my mouth, but my food choices are not as available as you would find in a market or grocer.

I have a replicator. And one of the things I enjoy eating are fruits of a cosmic nature, which are far more beautiful in appearance, taste, and texture than anything one has ever had on earth.

Carla enjoys a cherimoya every now and then, it costs six dollars at the store here in California, and she can't always eat it since it is expensive. But when they are ripe they taste almost like ice cream; it is a special 'treat' for her every once in a while when they carry them at the market. And they have cancer-fighting properties too, so they are very healthy. What Carla doesn't like is that they are full of thick black seeds the size of date pits, so for every bite she has to be careful not to swallow them, and spits them out.

My selection of produce is very much like all the benefits of chermioya without the down side of the nasty seeds; it is this way with everything up here where I am. I also have juices that are really delicious too.

Does that make sense?

I wanted to talk to you today about Carla's pressure. It is more than you think. Her spirit is almost ready to pop in with me to where I live, my dimension.

So are all of you who are reading this.

When the time comes for people to come up (or 'Ascend'), the body in most cases is going to come with them and their consciousness.

This is a very personal and private time for everyone. Several Lightworkers have already carved out the time for themselves to focus on their families and their last lessons in Life in 3D.

They also experience a very strong connection to where they are headed, because for many of them, they are volunteers in service to Gaia and humanity (as are many of you who read this).

Simply put, they want to go back.

This is one of the strongest pulls in existence.

Why? Because a lower, more 'dense' (we are talking math and physics and chemistry here--'dense' as in more physical, concentrated, 'heavy' light as physical matter) is highly uncomfortable for those who have previously existed in the spirit realms with their body like this (taps his own).

So if a friend or two, or a blogger and way shower, starts to take less time, it is only because it is time for them to take the 'next steps' and they are in preparation, much as a woman has her child 'drop' in preparation for an impending birth.

Carla is not in 'spiritual labor' yet, nor will she ever be. She has done her work and gotten most things 'out of the way' for her to Ascend one last time with her body and her Light or her Consciousness.

Carla is not 'going away' and not coming back. She will always always always be here for you.

Carla is always with you, in your hearts, and might be 'coming back' on a powerful mission, one that is combined with me--sort of as our work dovetails together here from time to time with her blogging.

I have her in my arms, and I comfort her. This mission has been more than enough for everyone involved.

There are angels nearby to console you. To love and support you at the end of your missions. And to assist, just like a doula or a midwife would in childbirth--as your souls return to their original state.

That is why we recommend daily meditation--just last night Carla took five minutes to sit on her porch swing and 'sort things out'. By stopping and listening, I was able to provide her with so very much more insight and clarity than I would had she not taken that time to rest.

So rest in your hearts, your minds and your souls--and not to worry. I and my team have been at this Ascension thing for a long time, we are very good at it.

So listen to your body, your heart, your soul, and what inspires you (many times that inspiration is angelic and not an accident--it has been 'sent' to you by your 'team' of sorts--all of us here who watch over you on your journey)--and look for the pattern in the other Lightworkers you know.

I want you to understand what is taking place at this time.

It is unique to all of creation that a planet would Ascend with everything on it unharmed and intact. It is very special. I want you to enjoy making 'history' in an otherworldly, and very important sense. And have fun with it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross, and my 'clerical assistant' Carla who typed this message here for me.

I love her very much, and can't wait to have her with me once more. She is my beautiful angel of the Light...that's why I sent her to you in the first place. She does a nice job, strong work, and is very good at encouraging others too.