Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On Healing: The Importance Of Letting Go

One of my favorite things in the world to do is snorkeling. I love to float in the water, look around, and see fish.

Today, when I went, I realized there isn't much difference between my being in the water, breathing through a snorkel, and this:

Thalasso Bain Bebe par Sonia Rochel

Furthermore, it has been said, that the act of going 'under' anesthesia is the closest thing a person can get to going fetal--the anesthesiologist breathes for you, all drugs are given through your circulation, and you just 'float away' until the surgery is complete.

In Reiki, there is trust in the healer, just like with the surgeon and with the anesthesia provider (MD, CRNA, or anesthesia assistant).  My cousin, who is the son of very strong Christians, enjoys my blog and gives me support, quietly, so as not to make waves. I completely understand given the situation, and I am grateful for the support.

Recently, his sister was hospitalized with pyelonephritis. 

He asked me to send Reiki for her.

That kind of quiet trust, between the healer, and those who come to them, in my heart, is one of the most beautiful, special, and fragile 'flowers' of spirit on Gaia.

I cherish it.

I have had horrible things happen to me, that landed me in the Emergency Room where I work. Or in surgery there. And in my heart, I love and appreciate the ability of others who know what to do when I am sick, and to make me feel better.

(They also know how frightened I am to be on the 'patient side' of things, for as a caregiver I have seen 'too much'--and manage this delicate part of the situation beautifully, too. I am so blessed in everyone who has ever been sent my way to heal my physical illnesses...and my spiritual ones too.)

I want you to think of the 'balance' between healer and those who seek their care.

I want you to remember to give thanks for them, and to help them make ends meet.

I want you to be totally honest and straight up when it comes to sharing what the healer needs to know in order to help you feel better.

And with 'old school' energy medicine--which is 'new again'--and conventional medical treatment from whatever healing tradition feels 'right' for you--the double layer is all the more reason for the one who seeks balance and healing to relax and 'let go' and see how you do. <3

Always keep a 'timetable' in your mind, and if your symptoms do not resolve in a reasonable amount of time with one technique, go ahead and seek another. Most treatments should show improvement in a few days, at least partially, and should be clear to you and everyone involved. It can be an energy, a new feeling of peace, a plan, a new way to look at the situation, improving symptoms, weight loss, or even a miracle!

You never know what to expect!

And it can't hurt to keep trying.

I always think of illness as your body--the 'teacher'--trying to get your attention with a 'lesson' about 'balance' in the energy realm. 

There is always something to learn, and always something to everyone...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.   Here are some people playing in the 'womb' of Gaia, the Ocean <3

Snorkel Haunama Bay: Go Pro the White Edition

P.P.S. in case you are wondering about the new Sheldan Nidle mention of the Light Boxes, that everyone is supposed to go into? Well, I went some time ago--August 2012. Here's the scoop, and THAT tool LOTS of was so worth it, too.