Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trading Sleep For Money

I love you.

Today we are going to talk about something not one of my readers really 'gets' in as far as the feedback comments go.

So I am going to educate you gently about a very important concern to humanity in general.

Our physical bodies are designed with the following 'needs' or 'drives':

  • food and water
  • companionship
  • sleep
  • air

In four minutes we die when deprived of oxygen.

In about forty-eight to seventy-two hours we have extreme physical and psychological repercussions when we are deprived of sleep. (This is actually a tactic used in torture, and also in mind-control programming).

We can go without water for about a day, or two. And for food, about a week.

In medical school we are trained to put the patient first.

This means that when you are on duty, and the patient is not doing so good, you take care of them before you eat, drink, sleep, or go to the bathroom. The only thing that isn't changed is access to oxygen, however,  in the O.R. on a sick bowel case or a peri-rectal abscess or a burn case, you choke while you breathe...

So this article is written for all those who provide essential services: truck drivers, pilots of any kind, healthcare, police, fire, and emergency services. I think the military and also hotel industries work all night too. And I know in my heart, those who are financially disadvantaged and work three jobs are pushing their sleep requirements to the bare minimum, too.

we trade our sleep for money.

And even if you switch to sleeping days so you can work night shifts--our bodies are designed with their circadian rhythms to sleep at night, not work. 

I can't tell you how many times post-call I have been woken up by the garbage truck, the gardeners, the sprinklers, a phone call, or even a loud truck.

Here comes the part where I strive to be my opinion, it's time to face the problem and come up with a solution, instead of saying 'thank you for your service' to these individuals who live lives that are in service to others.

It's time because it takes a toll on their health.

It's time because their family life suffers. (we used to let a night shift hospital friend sleep days between shifts at our house when my boy was little--his early childhood was SHHHH! Don't do that! You'll wake up Lorrie!)

It's time because night work gets additional compensation--a 'differential'--across the board, yet people tend to look at the income and judge that without understanding why it's a trade-off.

How can we solve the situation?

Go With Biology Across The Board:
Pilots, truck drivers, and resident physicians are under legislation to limit the work hours because it is a well-known fact that reaction time and mental functioning in humans decreases after sixteen hours of work.  In fact it decreases to as if one has taken one drink of alcohol--this is the degree of impairment.

One hospital in my area has an additional anesthesiologist work an eight hour shift at night as relief to those on duty. They give one four hour 'break' to the OB guy, and then another four hours to the OR guy. This works with the biology of those 'on duty' to minimize the adverse health effects of their work shift. This four hours, plus whatever they can get at home, is 'enough' for long term career responsibilities.

(Many resident physicians used to have car accidents because they'd fall asleep on the road on the way home after their shifts.)

I have worked as a 'Nocturnist' in a local ICU. Ideally that would have been my only work. But I was moonlighting. So know that although their ICU Day staff had 'relief' by our night team, sometimes those at night have not slept a full 'day'.

Realize We All Deserve A Good Night's Sleep:
When one suffers, we all suffer. There is no escaping this. We need to re-think how our lifestyle in society 'melds' with our basic biological needs. The negative energy and karma as a collective of all of our Combined Consciousness is limited because we are content to 'let the other guy do it' and not realize that from an energy standpoint, all of our auras are linked and those suffering are holding us back from our greatest possibilities.

Zero Point:
I ask for this one several times a day. I ask for it incessantly. Earth is a 'school of learning' where the illusion of linear time was created to enhance the learning experience in a three-dimensional world. It was to make sure we can all do things in a coordinated fashion.

Very advanced mystics and those who connect to the consciousness on 'other worlds' are very aware that time as we know it does not exist.

I have friends who can stretch the timelines to make a deadline. They can see and manipulate the grid just enough--not major---to get the time they need.

If you've ever fallen, or had certain moments in your memory (mine was winning five thousand dollars in one minute on a game show)--you will notice how time slows down, or stands still--in your perception. And also, in the opposite idea--'time flies when you are having fun'.

When we get to the vibrational state that is called Zero Point--the Illusion will end, and Time will not exist.

It turns out that the love songs 'until the end of time' were prophetic, were they not?

In Reiki, there is no barrier that is caused by distance or time.

Reiki healing is 'quantum' in a way, because the Consciousness of the Healer can affect the physical, emotional, and spiritual body of another even if it is separated by distance or time.

Reiki level 2 is all that is needed to learn what is called 'The Distance Symbol' and anyone who knows how to use it and is attuned to it (HSZHN are the initials--we do not share Reiki symbols or names on the internet--except when I am guided by spirit to teach)--can heal both their past and future in one fell swoop! 

(My favorite is sending it ahead to important meetings so all I have to do is 'step in' to the Reiki energy that is waiting there for me in time.)

Next thing we need to discuss is parenting and THAT associated sleep deprivation!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The last solution--I think Ross helped me remember--is to change the physical body so that the drives are different. There are many Galactics who do not require sleep the way our bodies do. Adama from Telos in Agartha, for example, does not sleep. He rests, but does not stop working to liberate surface Gaia...