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On Love And Acceptance

Earth is not an easy 'school for life lessons'. The curriculum will take everything you have. Here are some tales of individuals who are pushed to their limits, and how acceptance and trust in 'what is taking place' is important for our spiritual growth.

Meconium Aspiration:

Two happened recently and our team responded with love and faith and hope for both families.

The first appeared to do okay, although the neurological injuries were profound. It was so severe that the baby could not suck, which is a very primitive (this is the medical term for something 'hard wired' into the species) reflex. The child was sent home on tube feeds with a little g-tube, and there was observation if perhaps the injuries would improve...

In the meantime, a little girl was born with similar circumstances, and coded in the delivery room. There was anoxic brain injury, and she was put on ECMO, which is the 'heart lung machine'. Prognosis was poor. In a matter of days, the family withdrew support, and said goodbye to their beloved angel, and let her go.

What kind of life exists for a family with a child with severe neurological injury?

Will the child ever know you? Or be on a ventilator for the rest of its life?

This is the decision the first family is facing. The brainstem is affected by the low oxygen at birth because the meconium blocked the lungs from functioning.  The medulla and the respiratory drive does not trigger enough for the carbon dioxide levels to be compatible with life. There is low possibility that the kidneys will compensate for the respiratory acidosis (high CO2).

In both cases the medical teams said, 'There is nothing more that we can do for your child.'

Overuse Injury:

A friend of mine, a surgeon, has a son who is so wise he says, 'Mom? Is your job just to make a drawer full of blank checks to pay people to do things for you with us because you are always at work?'

He lives, eats, breathes baseball.

He likes to pitch.

And he throws the ball hard. And fast. The past four years have been one team after another, each one more 'prestigious' than the next.

Until his arm started 'feeling not right' in his shoulder.

One day, he couldn't throw. He couldn't make the ball dribble four feet.

The coaches said he just needs ice and ibuprofen.

His mother, a physician, knew something was wrong.

It wasn't easy to get a sports specialist to see a patient who is twelve. Most draw the limit at the lower edge of adult, at sixteen. One appointment she had made was cancelled.

At Kerlan-Jobe, where all the professional athletes go in Southern California, there was ONE orthopedist who saw patients as young as twelve.

It was an overuse injury.

The boy had shattered the growth plate. And by the films you could see a pattern of many, many episodes of inflammation that had never healed. One arm had a thick space on the growth plate, the other, the non-pitching arm, was thin and normal.

My friend spoke to me with tears in her eyes, from one physician to another, with the pain only a physician mom could have for her child--she missed the diagnosis because it was not her specialty, and she thought something so serious would HURT while it was happening. She didn't know.

Bullying and Fatty Liver:

My nine-year old threatened suicide about one month ago.

He had a plan and the means were available in the house.

The bullying at school over his obesity was so painful he never wanted to go to school again, and in his own words, 'If I get diabetes my life is OVER so I will...' and he told me how he would do something in the middle of the night and I would wake up and find him dead in the morning.

Metabolic disease is a long slow suicide.

I had noticed a pattern in him of being less willing to walk and to play and to be active.

I turned to vegetarian diet, allowing him meat, to make of myself an example to him. I have seen amazing results with the RAW vegan diet.

But the more I pushed, the more he resisted.

I once bought packages of every single kind of nut there is, both raw and roasted, because nuts are healthy for people with insulin resistance.

Peanut? no--I don't like it.
Cashew?  no--I don't like it.
Macadamia nut?   no--I don't like it.
Hazelnut?   no--I don't like it.
Sunflower seed?    no--I don't like it.

Almonds? roasted, raw....I only like ones that are covered in dark chocolate.

Pine nuts?    no--I don't like it.
Walnuts?     no--I don't like it.
Pecans?       no --I don't like it.

All he wanted was chocolate and coke and lots of meat. Some fruit, but not much. Eggs and toast every day. And cheesecake. Orange juice, lots and lots of it between the various households--co-parenting, grandparents, cousins, sitters...there was emotional eating and no portion control.

I got medical help. Counseling. And a dietician.

At the dietician he shut down completely. He felt he was going to starve, he felt nothing would work, he didn't even want to try...

And I realized when someone doesn't want to participate in their own health, even if mom is a doctor, there is nothing more that you can do for them.

So although at nine, his BMI is obese, there is high cholesterol and fatty liver (which can lead to cirrhosis), he is not motivated to change.

And the future is diabetes, neuropathy, cataract, amputation, cardiac disease, and sleep apnea...with high risk of hypertension and renal impairment as well.

I didn't need a doctor to say 'there is nothing more that we can do' because I AM a doctor and I HAVE tried everything!

In my mother's heart, I grieved his loss, and my having to watch the painful results of his life choices.

I realized then and there that much as you like them and love them and want them to stay with you forever, those children of yours are on borrowed time, and belong to GOD and no one else.

The same is true for pets, family, parents, and friends.

Everyone in your life is there on 'borrowed time' and for one reason or another they can be gone or everything can be changed in an instant.

And that's the way it is.

What more can you do?

Alice In Chains:

My close friend lives in a very remote part of Texas. Spiritually we share a closeness I have not experienced with anyone before. We are like sisters, peas in one pod, mutually supportive and nonjudgmental with each other in every way.

She is dying.

The reason is complex, but the long-story short is end-stage neuromuscular disease with cardiomyopathy and impending pre-renal dysfunction.  The choice of my friend and her husband, who was a dialysis technician, is 'no dialysis'.

She sees Ross. Just like me.

We actually walked her to The Other Side once, and I said a tearful goodbye, without knowing anything about who she was in spirit and how in our past lives we WERE sisters when all three of us were alive in that time.

It tore Ross up. He sat down and cried, and I had no reason why.

So although she had her guides and angels--yes, she sees them, just like I do--tell her after she made Reiki Master in December, that in January, her life plan was the end of her life-contract----we got a little 'bonus time' together.

We made the best use of that time together than any two souls possibly could. Our healing of our spiritual scars and pain leapfrogged over each other, each 'layer' healing with the attention and love of the other, the whole time.

Today she told me she is really tired and she doesn't know how much longer she can go on; I love her so much that even if she were to pass on my birthday, I would be okay and just celebrate it as 'my birthday on Earth and hers in Heaven' from here on out.

We both know our next assignments, and Ross has assured us we will ALWAYS have contact with one another.

This does not take the pain of saying 'goodbye' away, but it does help to know that our relationship will change, and we will continue in a different way, 'next time'.

See you next Thursday, my Beloved sister of my heart....


This is an actual transcript regarding someone who is on our Reiki Request list, someone with advanced cancer, and a heroic past in service to our country.

Hola, an update on Jim Conner He is currently unresponsive for unexplainable reasons per the doctors. Please send the Reiki love and healing to him and Annabelle. Namaste Linda
  • Doctors With Reiki
  • Doctors With Reiki It is our pleasure to serve. 
  • Doctors With Reiki Ross and I took him for a little walk. Ross gave Jim a huge, shiny golden watch Jim put on his left wrist. It is to commend him for his time spent on Earth. Jim could not believe the Glory of Heaven when he saw it. He fell to the ground and wept tears of joy. Blessed Mother knelt down, and encouraged him to get up. He said she was even prettier than me.  His father was there, and said, 'Son? It's time to come home. Are you ready?' Jim was very excited. He will send messages back through me when he is done, if he thinks of them he will let me know, and I will send. It is an honor to have escorted such a fine man Home.
    • Woody-LindaLu Leonard The physical self is lingering His spiritual self is home. Thank you for the escort , his wife is strong today as they wait at bedside. Thank you for your guiding him and Ross escorting
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Angelic Reenlistment:

I have a friend, like me, who channels and blogs.

She keeps getting 'reenlisted' after her missions complete.

Just this week she was told she was at the end of her Life Contract.

But she's still here.

And in pain.

Missing the 'ride' Home when you have full memory of life in the Higher Dimensions is agony I can't describe in words.

We have no idea when or how she will 'GO', either in body as Ascension, or through Transition.

Living with this type of 'unknowing' is very stressful. I try to comfort her as much as I can.

We too will have contact after 'what happens'.

But I will miss the stickers and our chats most of all...

The desire to leave the Lower Vibrations is overwhelming for some who have a 'soul signature' that is from the Higher Dimensions.

Because Life is 'change', the 'exit points' too are constantly changing. 

Only thought love and acceptance, both of self and the 'system'--can what remaining time left here on surface Gaia, be meaningful and filled with joy in the face of the end of the Life Contract.

Extensions are permitted, but not for more than six months...and these are given on a case by case basis.

What more can you do?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow  by IZ

FYI:  Here's what IZ has to say. This is me, I channeled him.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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