Monday, July 21, 2014


I was just taking a shower, and in spirit, these eyes came to me. It was a male, white, about in his sixties, pale pasty complexion, blue eyes, and a 'piggish' nose--I could see both nostrils easily. His white/grey hair was not at all of the style of this day.

He kept showing his face to me.

He felt frustrated and like he was going to get in trouble and he couldn't say why.

He was not from the Light. He was from the work I did today. And he was getting busted for what I set loose that wasn't ever, ever ever supposed to be get free.

And I looked at him. I said, 'I guess I am going to have to Love you then!' as calmly as I could in spirit with as much of the growing confidence I have been getting since about six thirty p.m.

And he went away.

I just had an interruption. I was looking through Google Images trying to match the face. Just when I found it, my boy said, 'Mom? When are you going to cook dinner?'

It's nine at night.

The kitchen is closed.

I cooked a 'snack', washed the dishes, and tucked him in.

In reverse order I will share the 'strange things' that happened today:

  • the face in the shower.
  • unlocking the front door and not being able to go in. We had to slip a flipper under the door. The little spring and stopper had fallen and gotten jammed under the front door. 
  • seeing a mason bumper sticker, my first one ever in Hawaii, and realizing that the driver--even if they are a 33rd level mason--are my brother or sister in being alive, too. I practiced unconditional love with very healthy detachment from their possible actions which aren't so great.
  • my son whacking his toenail on coral while waist deep in the ocean at Waikiki Beach, and breaking a huge chunk off it. It was the biggest display of tears, complaining, and not being able to walk I'd seen in a while. It so happens every time I go to have fun, somehow, he 'takes it on the legs' and it's the end of the activity and he limps home. (This time, as I pondered how this could be, again, Kamehameha 'popped' into my consciousness, and said, 'accept this as your FATE!' I did. And things got better.)
  • Hearing Spirit guide me to go to Kapiolani park when I first woke up.
  • The worst thunderstorm and lightning I've ever seen in Hawaii that kept me up all night, and blocked my plans to both swim in a waterfall (flash floods) and snorkel (stormy waves).

Today was ukelele festival--the forty-fourth annual--at Kapiolani park.

I love the ukelele and I wanted very much to go.

My son and I had our first warm malasadas ever sitting by this duck pond behind the bandstand, where we heard beautiful ukelele music.

I ate poi too.

Did you know some ukeleles cost over four thousand dollars? Mine is like eighty dollars--and those nice ones sound real good! LOL. The only song I've memorized so far is Happy Birthday. LOL.

My trip to Kapiolani Park was on 'assignment'.

Kapiolani Park was made by King Kalakaua. It was a gift for the people. 

Have you ever been to Waikiki Beach? Have you seen how all the property is totally piled up on each other (look above at the first picture)? 

Even my son remembered the one time we drove past it in 2012--he remembered the Tiffany's, and the other very exclusive and expensive stores that make it a Rodeo Drive of the Pacific...

Then there's acres and acres of park.

Do you know what's under lots of those buildings and all of Waikiki beach?

Ancient Hawaiian Religious Sites.

Not just one heiau here or there. LOTS and LOTS of them.

Kamehameha did human sacrifice. He sacrificed his nephew, who was a lover of his favorite wife, way up on Diamond Head heiau. (Ironically, she, Kamehameha I's favorite wife, Queen Ka'ahumanu was a pu'uhonua--a high chief or chiefess who could forgive kapu breakers of their crimes.)

And at Punchbowl? There were more. The kahunas would prepare those intended for sacrifice down by the waters--I think by the heiau under the Diamond Head Lighthouse or possibly where I swam today--to 'lie still for their chief'. And they were ritually drowned.

Their bodies were carried up the hill to Punchbowl, because of the strong updrafts the burnt offerings (dead human sacrifices) would catch fire really quick. (there were more Heiau and kahuna places there).

It wasn't done often at the heiaus. There were more for healing and for other purposes such as 'making things right' as in ho'oponopono. But it did happen and later in the culture it happened more and more to appease certain gods...

I went to Kapiolani Park today with the intention of helping to free King David Kalakaua who I 'sensed' was in some way 'trapped' energetically in the area. He is family, like a brother to my soul in a past life...ohana.

I was told 'when you lay down it will be time to assist'.

I lay down on a towel at the concert.

Spirit used the presence of the many people there as a 'spiritual shield' to protect me. There was very loud and not of the 'Light' music going on at the time while I was working too.

I connected to Source. I called in the Archangels. I knew where Ross was at all times, but this was my work.

I called all the human sacrifices, all the souls, that were in the area. 

They wouldn't come.

I showed them my Hawaiian soul, my identity I had, my heritage, and I sincerely apologized to them, and promised them it would never happen again. I said, even now we continue with the slaughter of animals, and this isn't right too. 

They saw I was sincere, and started to go to the Light. 

I found King David, and he wasn't sure if he should stay or go. I said, 'You can always come back, and for now I am clearing everything.' 

BOOM! in a second he went up!

I then called in all other souls in the area, offering them nurturing, warmth, love, and protection. My father, Kamehameha, came in, and showed his support of my healing I was doing for every soul that wanted to go Home. Father showed he had changed, and was of the Light. You see, Queen Ka'ahumanu was my mother, and I had been cloistered until being married off to someone who in my opinion was an asshole who cheated on me. I don't know my name. I do know my mother was his favorite wife. Father told me this in October 28, 2012.

The archangels continued to escort the souls, while I gave a blessing and a healing to everyone at the ukelele festival, and then it was done. There was a lot of clearing and stabilizing, and even the team from Agartha was doing energy work on the area from below. I also saw many of my Hawaiian spirit family, including Queen Lili'uokalani. I fell to her feet, and I wept at her suffering. She bade me to get up, and I took her hands and I kissed them. For with only a stump of a pencil that she was given while she was locked up in Iolani Palace for two years, those hands and that heart wrote for us the beautiful Aloha 'Oe...I also smiled because Iz was there too. He shows up sometimes to me. Most recent was last Thursday when I was on Ko Nau Lani in Waianae Harbor at sunset...

While I was in line waiting to try some of these hot fresh malasadas, one song on the ukelele concert caught my attention: Here Comes The Sun. George Harrison was making his presence known, and I was super happy. I've seen him too, and written about it.

I looked up randomly, and then there was this funny cloud!

It just stayed there, and I felt it was trying to get my attention! It was thin and looked, like, a RUNE! It was puffy but long and well, sort of reminded my like a pretzel 'rune' because it was like sticks in a design of sorts.

I looked at it, and I looked at it, and then I saw the shape and thought, well in what order am I supposed to draw it?!

Then I knew. By claircognizance.

And I was told the Reiki symbol's name--Contentment.

Then the cloud disappeared.

How appropriate to learn this symbol over a malasada truck at a ukelele festival! 

This symbol is for my use, to heal you, and when the order is given, if it comes, I will teach it just like I do the others.

This is the face I saw.

His name is Clarence Hyde Cooke. Of Castle and Cooke, number four of the top ten landowners in Hawai'i. 

Who are the top three? 
  1. The state government
  2. The federal government
  3. Kamehameha Schools, founded by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop.
And Princess Pauahi?

She was the last of the line of the royalty, of Kamehameha's bloodline.

She met and fell in loved with a commoner, Charles Reed Bishop, at missionary school, and was encouraged to pursue this relationship by her missionary teachers Amos Starr and Juliette Montague Cooke--ancestors of Clarence.

Furthermore,  the Reverend Charles McEwen Hyde called King Kalakaua a 'bully and a coward' and encouraged his overthrow.

It was confirmed later that a secret organization had formed, called, The Hawaiian League, and consisted of the most powerful businessmen in the area and their pastors. They were all white, male, and mostly protestant. ( -- you might want to read this link to find out more about how Princess Pauahi inherited much land, and what happened to the wealth of the richest woman in all of Hawai'i upon her death at age fifty-three.)

Here is more of Clarence, from wiki, too. (

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. when I stepped off the plane, and walked to baggage claim, I walked over the large Hawaiian 'virtues' and one had really caught my attention. I even wrote about it Nau'opono--the cultivation/fostering of deep justice.  No wonder why the song about King Kalakaua, He Mele No Lilo, makes me soul remembers.
It is my hope, that with the rising energies and confidence I feel now, that King David is free, and my ohana are having their truth told at last.

I also believe that underneath all of those fancy buildings, those 'religious sites' have continued their purpose through the 'secret organization' that is known to conduct in our day and age human ritual abuse. If you would like to know more, I suggest starting here: