Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Visit

Late last night, as I was falling asleep, and saying good night to Ross, I felt a loving presence of a male, who placed his hand gently on my right arm. It wasn't Ross, as I saw him clearly, then this white blurry energy that was connected to the hand was there too.

I didn't know who it was?

I asked Ross, who said, why don't you ask him?

So I did...

It was my father! I didn't even recognize his energy signature! He has been gone five years now. And I really miss him. I cried and I cried just to be in his presence again. I cried like I did when I was little, because I knew and I trusted he would make things better for me when I was overwhelmed. He knew what to do. He always knew what to do, especially when I was scared of anything. And when I was little, I was scared--a lot! Of practically everything!

I asked him through my tears, are you better daddy? (mentally he wasn't in the best place incarnate--very 'lazy' toward the Light, although a good person in general).

He was.

Then I asked him, why did you die so soon?

He explained how he was at a  point in his incarnation, where he only would have racked up more karma, and gotten worse. It was like a stop-loss for him. Once he reached a certain level, he got sick and he died, so that he couldn't lower his vibration any more.

That made sense.

I told him how worried I was about my son, and how I didn't know what to do! (behavior problems). Father reassured me everything would be all right, and he would help me. As he said, 'I know kids.' (he was a sixth grade teacher). I relaxed just to know I wasn't on my own with this, that he shall help me too.

Then my grandma Lucille came. She is so much sweeter now she is in Heaven! And I hugged her and was so happy. She really cares about me. Before when she was alive I was just one of eleven grandchildren, and on the tail end of them too, if you know what I mean.

Grandpa Gilbert showed himself to me. In mediumship once with Tim Braun, he has said, 'I never really knew her.'  This time he was more warm. I offered him a candy--I forget what kind but I knew he always liked it. And he offered me one back, a Coffee Nip. They were his favorite.

Then Aunt Edna showed herself to me. In life we were very close. I was named after she miscarried and my parents asked if it was okay to use the name she had selected for her baby. It was a beautiful name. She said yes, and I always had a special bond with her. She was my confirmation sponsor too, helped me shop for my wedding dress, and threw me both my wedding and baby showers. (In our past life, I was Emma Houle, my great grandmother who died when my grandmother was four, and Aunt Edna was Emma's mother.Our three souls always reincarnate together. My grandmother and grandfather have reincarnated, I know who they are, but the people in the family they 'came back as' do not know so that part I won't share for their sake.)

I also saw briefly, Aunt Gertrude, my uncle's mom, and I was really glad to see her. She still had the same voice--a little gravelly--and always filled with love.

Then I saw the Great Aunts--Yvonne, Maud, Louise, and Alma. They were reminding me 'you are a Boucher!' of my strong, strong, very strong New England roots. I loved their being my like, four foot tall 'cheerleaders' and was greatly buoyed up by their support.

My Aunt Jean and Aunt Annette came, and I was delighted to see them.  I commented about how so many of the family is now dead!

Uncle Rene walked toward me. He had been paralyzed from a broken neck he had in a motorcycle accident way before I started medical school. As a result, he was always around, and I would call him for emotional support when I was going through my divorce in medical school. He was an engineer in life, and always very rational, but the accident had made a nice balance in his emotional side too. I poured my heart out to him many a time when I thought I just couldn't go on any more. He said he didn't know the answers, but he's been there too, and it gets better.

Uncle Rene picked me up gently, and lifted me up like a barbell over his head so I would KNOW just how strong and healthy he is now. And I did!

Then Roy came. Roy passed of lung cancer not too long after my Aunt Edna. His wife Sally and her were best friends in high school. The two families raised their kids together. Roy showed up once here--just so you could get an idea of what he is like.

Then my nannu Filippo came. I totally lost it. We were very close in life. I was so happy to see him, someone from my mother's side. Aunt Teresa came, along with her sister, Jenny, who we called 'subbichenza'. I apologized to Jenny for being beaten by her husband. I didn't understand then, but I do now, and I felt so bad for her. She reassured me, and her husband Paul, even though I am still afraid of him, showed himself as 'better' and not like he was. I apologized to Uncle Frank for refusing to talk to him during my mediumship with Tim Braun--I had paid a lot for the hour, and I didn't want him, who was so mean to everyone--taking up the time with his message to my mother.

Then I saw my Nana Peppina, my great grandmother, who I had never met in life. She looked just like the pictures, and I was very delighted to finally had a chance to meet her. I met her husband, Nanu Giuseppe, too.

Then I wondered where my Nana Angelina was? I was closest to her in life, closer than my own mother. She came, and looked beautiful. I had a very short time with her, then she and Nana Filippo told me in Italian it was time to sleep.

I fell asleep in bliss surrounded by a circle of love from my ancestors.

It was a gift from Ross to me.

I thanked him with my heart, and drifted off to sleep.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reik Doc

This was my gift to her for a very tough lesson she had yesterday. Everything will be all right, and I wanted her to relax and heal gently with the reminder that all is not 'tough assignments'. It was her break, and she responded to it very favorably. I want you to know when it comes to seeing the deceased, it is easiest at bedtime for them to make the connection to your awareness. Simply put out the intent, just like Carla did for All Divine Assistance and HELP! at some point in your day, and remember, they can hear and they will arrive just as soon as possible. You also might not be aware of it, as they have been watching Carla for some time, with interest, and she is not aware of this until when they showed themselves to her last night.
They are also in the orbs in your digital images. For some reason they capture them with this technology. So if a ball of light shows up in one of your photographs, you just might want to ask Source, who that loved one is?