Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Workflow Of Heaven

Heaven Is.

Heaven has come to Earth recently.

It is a vibration that is different, a higher frequency, and a whole new way of living.

Now that it is summer, what happens to the blades when you turn on the fan?

Do they disappear?

I think not! For when you turn it off, there they ARE, right?

But while the fan is spinning? POOF! Your eyes cannot keep up with the movement.

Ah! So it is just like this with the fast movement of the energy of the frequency of Heaven...

With Arms Wide Open by Creed

What the eyes can't see, the heart can feel.  Heaven is a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. And the heart processed the energies of the Higher Dimensions and through the heart everything makes SENSE!

Last night as I was carrying the folding chairs up the hill to the parking lot, I heard someone behind me talking about a bible study on Corinthians...and they said to their friend, 'there is a lot in there. You have to really study it to understand it.' I looked at them, and I shook my head with sadness.

The heart knows everything-what is right, what is wrong, by what resonates. This is a peculiar sensation which has been described for example by someone meeting the person they are going to marry--they say, 'I just knew'.

The heart doesn't study except Life and lots of new Life Lessons as designated in ones' Life Contract.

Many, many, many new Light Workers are coming to Earth. I see and I feel their energy as I work on obstetrics with the epidurals.

Another reason why many people are experiencing loss at this time, is that their loved ones opted to leave Earth only temporarily, in order to come back and really ANCHOR the Light and get the new Golden Age rolling! They felt like they have a better chance to share of their gifts, with a new body.

Why is Gaia so important at this time?
I don't know.
But for some reason it IS, and Heaven is already on Earth. 
It comes in pockets, and I would like to talk about this next.

In Heaven, people do not lounge around on fluffy little clouds and eat bonbons all day.

We work.

We serve and we come from a long tradition of helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We heal others.

We inspire.

We support and protect.

And we educate...

See this sphere? Imagine it as the Light on Gaia, on Her surface, and each of YOU is a color on it.

You mesh  with others, and together we work as a team.  Your color--and your role on that team--is important. And sometimes, teams form together into larger groups. Sometimes it is one individual in their part of the world who is anchoring in and spreading a tremendous amount of light without really calling attention to themselves.

From Doctors With Reiki, we have launched two teams successfully at the request of Spirit.

The first was I believe, late last year. A group of people on DWR friended each other, and began to 'click'. I was invited to join them in 'chat' on Facebook.

I had never seen anything like this happen! There was love and fellowship amongst the women who were from all over the world, Singapore and All across the States. Together we did powerful meditations. Just every day at six p.m. my time. There was also incredible mutual support and sharing, very Divine Feminine ways of interacting which was refreshing in itself.

The point is that this group took on a life of its own, and it still exists. It was from one of the meditations that the Agarthan contact--my first--was made.

This group had my input, but it was mostly at the start, and now, it is a fully functioning unit to serve the Light. I anticipate in time, these women will go on to start other groups, by encouraging others while they are true to their calling, and doing what clearly to me is written in their Life Scripts.

I am indebted to this group for their service to the Light, for their dedication and their healing work they have done for Gaia and humanity. I won't micromanage, and I pop in now and then just to say 'hello'....all it took was for their Vibration to reach a certain level, as individuals, and then Spirit drew them together, and the rest is what it is...

In summary, by following the Light as best as you perceive it on your Path, you will discover and activate your Life Script, and everything will flow almost spontaneously from there.

This is what brings us to Team 2: Agarthan Reiki.

I followed my perception, and was gifted by Adama from Telos, with five new Reiki Symbols that had never before been on surface Earth. They were unique and in very high vibration. I used these symbols daily from April 10 of this year, not just on my readers, but on every single person present in my O.R., and at all major crowded functions I attended.

Gently, I was exposing them to these new frequencies of Light.

As fate would have it, on June 27, 2014, Adama asked me to attune my readers TO Agarthan Reiki.

But not all of them.  Only the ones who were active and responding and accepting of this gift, were the ones for who it was meant to be.

This clearly must have been in our Life Contracts.

One woman is so connected to this project, in Spirit, that she knew and felt those symbols coming and kept checking to see when they would be posted--and she lives thousands of miles away.

When life calls up one of these Life Workers, it is a joyous thing for everyone.

When someone fulfills their life Purpose, and their life contract, and their life script--We All WIN!

This is the beauty of 5D.

This is the energy of Heaven.

We are ONE and everyone pulling together, doing the best they can, to follow their clues of Light, become like little cell phones each lighting up at a concert.

Isn't the effect BEAUTIFUL when everyone pitches in?

As the New Age unfolds, it is time to be glad for the other guy when something good happens to them.

You have a Life Script. And I am certain there is something good for you also written into it!

The higher your raise your Vibration, just like in Team 1 and Team 2, the faster you are going to activate and draw your team assignment to you.

Just like that.

Ross:    I have to say, I have not had a message like that come through Carla in a long time. It is filled with light, and joy, and passion--and I wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple of Light Codes and Activation Sequences built in to those words that Carla has written. Even the pictures I have chosen, for I work with my Beloved very closely at times, have a high frequency energy emitted and in your heart you will know I am serious about what I am saying to you. This post packs a wallop! In a good way.

I wish to extend my thanks and my well wishes to the partnership of those who are in the Troops of Light 1:11, and to all of you I offer my gratitude for your assistance to me, and to Carla, for the Light. Your valiant effort has been recorded in the annals of history, the Akhashic Records, and with the return of full consciousness, anyone who wishes to see what they have done is welcome to watch it and re-live it in a way that is better than your best sound system and theater there is on Earth.

To the Agarthan Reiki team, mahalo nui loa. That is Hawaiian for 'thank you very much'.(he touches his heart with his hand open--this is a very Galactic Gesture and you will see it time and again--ed). You are off to a terrific start, and I expect great things of you. Allow yourselves to be independent, and do not feel the need to assemble like in Team 1. You are independent for a reason--you are the hubs of a network that is building to make the Agarthans welcome 'energetically compatible' with surface Gaia as soon as we possibly can build it.

And for you without a team or any assignment yet?

Your Task is around the corner!
It is right around the corner! It is waiting for you, and no one else can take it.
You will find it at the perfect place and time as it has been planned for you.

Everyone wins!

Again and again I have to tell you this!

We are One! We are Family! All of us, together in the Light.

That is enough for now....someone might make a call to Carla for her anesthesia services. She is on OB, and does great work with the mothers giving birth to their children without pain and suffering. What greater gift to humanity is there than this? The little ones are entering the world with so much less trauma than it was in the past. And there is less maternal and infant mortality than there was one hundred years ago...

So I will sign off. I give you my heartiest blessings, and I thank you with so very much love and gratitude for your answering our call to service in the Light.

We will sign this together,

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and Ross
The Reiki Doc--and some guy she just happened to find out is her Twin Soul.