Friday, July 4, 2014

Born In The USA?

Born In The USA by Bruce Springsteen

Yesterday I worked. I was on second-call. That means I was the second to last person to leave the O.R.

I worked until ten, I worked late.

After hours, the surgeons get talking...

Would you like to hear one story I heard?  

Here we go:

Reaming The Tibia:

(note--this will have one photo of an actual surgery so if you are squeamish you might want to just leave it at The Boss <3)

A general surgeon was sharing an experience from his training on Orthopedic Surgery as a medical student. There was a broken tibia to fix. This is done by placing hardware into the bone through the fracture to align the bony fragments for them to heal.

As you can imagine, bone is very difficult to work with because of its hardness.

Power tools are needed. In this picture, the surgeon uses a Bone Saw to make room for the knee replacement prosthesis. Well, my surgeon was talking about his resident when he was a medical student. There was a fracture in the tibia--the shin basically--and as a student his task was to hold the ankle. This was back in the days when residents did surgery on their own without supervision. (This no longer happens and is against the law in all of the states.)

As the resident took the Reamer, which is a drill-like device that clears out the marrow and introduces a pin or 'wire' into the space. This way the rod can slide over the pin and go into the bone...

The student kept telling the resident to STOP! You are going too far! 

The resident didn't listen until the wire was sticking all the way our the calcaneus, or the heel of the foot. 

It had crossed two joints.

The joints in the ankle were damaged irreparably, and the ankle was going to fuse.

The resident told the student not to talk about it, just to keep it to himself, which as a student who didn't know any better, he did.


Because it didn't MATTER because it was just some homeless guy anyway. -- he said.

This is a letter of thanks to all of the sacrifices that have been made generously by our soldiers back on the home front, in the many hospitals where residents train.

People don't think about this. The VA Healthcare system supports the training of healthcare workers everywhere, especially resident physicians.

Now everything is supervised, and I have worked at VA Hospitals for fifteen years, both as a student and as a teacher. It is safe.

But for those who gave of themselves in their illness, and provided the opportunity to learn?

We are indebted to you. And to your families, for your trust.

It is wrong for any human to have ever been treated like that man with the broken leg, who inadvertently ended up with a fused ankle.

Just try moving your own feet to 'step on the gas' pedal, right now. That is the movement that was taken away from that patient.

Can you imagine pushing a shopping cart and walking to a shelter without that motion in your ankle?

For the homeless, mobility is important, and the loss of that function is a tragedy beyond the imagination!

So I prayed, at once, in the O.R. the minute I heard this story, not just for the patient with the iatrogenic injury to the ankle...but for the hearts of the general surgeon who thought 'he got away with it' and the resident who 'covered it up'.

Do you see the big picture in this story?

They can't.

And they need to.

They need to wake up and realize the far-reaching impact on another, by what they did. They need to raise the awareness. And to perhaps, to do ho'opono pono in some way, to right the wrongs that they did to their patient in their 'slumber'.

Ho'opono pono--the Hawaiian tradition to 'make things in balance between two people again'

  1. I'm sorry
  2. Please forgive me
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is a message from Ross:

Good morning. I wish each and every one of you, no matter from what country, a blessed and happy day of Independence. You are awakening as a collective at a very fast rate. As my Carla shown to you with her story, there are going to be many opportunities for us to 'realize' the impact of 'what we have done'. (he shows me an image of a person hitting their head with the heel of their hand thinking--'what was I thinking???")

This is an opportunity for us, in the Higher Realms to tell you 'all is forgiven'. 

With the amnesia herself my Carla did a great many things in her anguish to irritate and annoy myself, in her Awakening, and only once did I make the choice not to ignore it and to react.

So as you are awakening, try to forgive yourselves and one another for the mistakes as they come up to your consciousness. In your heart, know it was for learning's sake, and possibly might have been written into one or both of your life contracts for you to know the power of this valuable lesson to your soul. Some lessons take time to appreciate, others, looking back, were painful but not as helpful overall in thy spiritual development. They are 'as nothing' looking back, and one may utter, 'why was that such a big deal at the time that it was happening to me?' 

Either way, know that you and both your 'victim' and your 'accuser' offer you no malice.

All is forgiven.

All will be well.

And give thanks for the ability to know the difference, like the surgeons who at the time did not know the maiming--the supreme injustice to their patient--or that in hurting the homeless they really are hurting themselves.

We are One in Life and Spirit.

And in JOY at your continuous awakening, we are as joyful as the stars in the heavens, at your Waking Up as a collective in the soul sense.

Aloha and Mahalo, to borrow a saying my beloved often says...

The energy of Love and Gratitude is the highest vibration in healing, did you not know?

So whenever you are down, and really depressed, try to take a moment to offer some Love and Gratitude to yourself for 'hanging in there' as long as you have in 3D.

The matrix of duality is melting and is going away forever.

I want you to enjoy each step forward that you make in your path to the Higher Consciousness where I and all of my colleagues who have been working so diligently to assist you, exist.

(that is my word I once used often when I was incarnate. I said it all the time, to those and knew and to those I would meet.)

With all my love to you for listening to my beloved Twin--my 'wife' and myself...